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Help with new system

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I have problems with neighbors and need to catch on camera. I need cameras to be hidden/unnoticeable.  I researched CCTV systems and had more questions than answers. They have been dumping oil under tree 15’ behind garage and theft, etc. The police can’t do anything because I don’t have any proof.

I need to cover cover outside of house, behind detached garage 35’ away and shed 11’ away parallel to garage. The house is T shaped.  I was considering 8 camera system. There is a large tree 5’ to side of garage and 3’ to the front so there are a lot of large roots close to the surface.  It might be possible to get direct burial cat 5 cable to the garage just buried beneath the surface. The cameras on the house can be wired and I prefer it be a wired system. I read that wireless camera systems aren’t that good.

I am considering an 8 camera POE NVR or a hybrid/wireless system and I can add the cameras of my choice as needed. There is electric to the garage and shed.

Any help is appreciated.

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Hi Ipman,

Thanks for responding. No I haven't done anything with it yet. I started looking into it more then I got side tracked with various issues and some health issues.

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I find systems and packages to be unworkable. 8 identical cameras, 8 identical lenses - one size fits all in some world, but not mine

Cameras do not gather information. lenses do that. bigger lenses have a better chance of getting more detail with less light than smaller lenses. bigger lenses are inherently harder to conceal. bigger lenses inherently require bigger cameras

I prefer the small black square cameras that take 12mm X .5 thread lenses. unfortunately, they made a change a few years back and the newer cameras are less useful than the older cameras. they took the IR cut filters off the face of the sensor and moved it to the lens. if you pop the filter off the lens you get an excellent low light camera, and white trees on blue grass in the daytime.lrg_pinhole.jpg

but not this camera. the cameras to get have a longer lens mount. you can't put a wide angle lens on this camera

I have 24 of these in use, and 6 spares. some of them have been in use since 1996.


( the system will not let me post that as an image )

note the threaded area looks like a top hat or stovepipe. that gives you enough thread for a wide angle lens. put them up under the eaves, they are almost invisible.

for detecting the presence of but not the identity of intruders: wide angle. for determining identity: long lenses at eye level. no distortion.

with these 12mm x .5 lenses the focal length is essentially 1/10th of a 35 mm lens. 1.7 or 1.8 is a fisheye lens, 2.1 is wide angle, 2.8 is wider than usual, 6 mm is human eye like, anything higher is a telescope.

DVRs: I prefer more 4 channel DVRs to one 16 channel monstrosity that puts postage stamp pictures on the monitor. I use Annke DVRs, which have NTP protocol, but it does not work. You need accurate time to make the evidence useful in court. NTP protocol is meant to do that.

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Yeah, I installed a cheap 8 channel wired system I purchased from NewEgg, $230, where I used to live. That was about ten years ago. The system worked OK. The cameras weren't good at all at night. I ended up purchasing $50 separate boards and lenses but I don't remember where I got them. I think it was from http://www.SecurityCamera200.com   I purchased cheap $5 plastic domes from Ebay to put them in. They allowed alot of light and worked good at night time when the outside lights where on. They stayed with the house when it got sold along with all the paperwork for them. Now I have to relearn everything I learned 10 yrs ago, and then some because I have to figure out the wireless part to the garage and shed.

SecurityCamera2000 inventory has been out for the last 6 months.

Those cameras you show look small enough I could probably hide in the tree or a bird house. They would never see them. I could use camo paint to hide them also.


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Hi. Using covert cameras is just going to limit you to camera choices plus your not having the benefit of cameras you can see being a deterrent 

turret cameras are small pick dark gray so they don’t stand out 

you are right with your choice of system 

IP is your best option and will safe you the time and money on getting cables to your garage . Simple power adapters from TP link will allow you to run upto 4 camera at garage using your already installed power cable

just plug one into recorder and plug camera into other in your garage 



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