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Which cameras to use?

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In the next 1-2 months i am planning on installing security cameras outside around my house. I been thinking of getting

Reolink 4K 16CH PoE Security-Camera-System H.265, 8pcs 8MP PoE IP Security Cameras Outdoor, 16-Channel NVR 8MP with 3TB HDD, 24/7 Video Surveillance and Recording for Home and Business, RLK16-800B8


In total i am planning on installing 10 cameras. Is that the best i can get for around $900 or is there something better one can recommend(if i have to pay $50-100 more for something better i am okay with it). My main requirement is as clear picture as possible and that it support POE.


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my problem with those cameras is that you can't change the lens.

if you are as old as I am, this is the best description I can provide: think of CCTV lenses as 1/10 the focal length of 35mm SLR lenses. these cameras appear to come with 4mm lenses, very similar to a 35mm focal length SLR lens.


  • in my experience the most useful lens is a 2.1mm. a 2.1 gives you area coverage, with a chance at recognizing the person in the image.
  • a 1.8 gives you vast area coverage, but it's "whodaheckizzat?" even if you know the person.
  • a 6mm gives you face recognition, if the guy stands in a certain spot for a while. you have to give them a reason to linger

this system, like all canned systems, is one size fits all.

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I'm looking for a different thing. Not a system. parts pieced together. I am an old school electronics tech, ergo a scrounger and cheapskate. my system is massive but inexpensive.

most of my cameras are visible only if you look hard. my cheap camera of choice:


I use these lenses:




wide angle lenses are far more useful than narrower lenses.

DVR: you absolutely must have NTP: the system sets its own time. if multiple DVRs show noticeably different times, the defense attorney can supress the evidence.

I use 4 channel DVRs. even a small tv works with 4 images displayed, and you don't have to decipher location from 16 images on the screen.

Bummer: DVR network interfaces don't work with any of my browsers in Linux. I can change settings but not view video.

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