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PIR Questionable Performance

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Hello - I've used three separate PIRs for a few years to trigger certain cameras.  For a long time they were reliable.  Now I'm wondering why one in particular is not working properly.  My RECORD parameters can be all of the usual... (Motion, Alarm, Motion and/or Alarm, or simply Alarm).  Even when I select only Alarm - I'm getting frequent triggers on that channel when I don't suspect there are any actual triggering events (heat, for example).  This is a curtain PIR on the back of my home and I know well the area it's looking at.  It will pick me up when I cross the PIR "path", but it's triggering many times both day and night when I can't imagine there is a cause.  I've got zero "motion points" defined in the actual camera, and the cameras (two triggered by this PIR) do not appear to trigger by motion - as I would hope they wouldn't.  

So, I'm wondering why the PIR is doing what it's doing now - when the wiring is still correct to the alarm input terminal (as has been the same always).  Any ideas before I consider a replacement PIR?

Thx - Jim

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