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CJC-8308 Password Reset\Default Password

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Hi there

This is my first post on this forum, so please be gentle.

One of my employees. who was in charge of setting up one of my premises' CCTV system has put a password on the DVR meant for that site, and now he cannot remember the password.

I've tried entering passwords like 111111 and 666666 to unlock the DVR, but a error code 81f5fc is returned when the login fails.

The DVR is an unbranded unit, from what I can tell, and only has the inscription 'CJC-8308' on the front, and the phrase 'H.264 DIGITAL VIDEO RECORDER'.

I have the serial number of the device:

S/N : 354201408270168

The date on the DVR is the 01/01/2000

A picture of the DVR is attached to this post

I've prowled the forums trying to find a solution, but I can't find anything that works like it's supposed to.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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