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Low speed XVRView app and 0 fps

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i hope some one can help me 

i have a go vision dvr with 4 hiksvision colour cameras. 
my XVRView app works fine on wifi. 
But on cellular i get 0 fps and only max 200 kps.  
if i press the hd button the speed drops to 0. 
i have reseted my dvr played with the encode setting with no improvement . I have a 1 gb upload and down load speed since a weeks so my app should work better. 
before i had 0.5 upload and 12 mb down and my app worked better than now. 
i have opened the port in the router with no luck.  Or i do some wrong here?
i am considerring to buy a new dvr maybe hikvision to solve this issues. 
any help would be epreciated before i go this route

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