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No audio from Dahua IP camera microphone

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I have recently purchased a Dahua system components, comprising:
4off ipc-hdw3849hp-as-pv 8MP IP cameras and a DHI-NVR4104HS-P-4KS2
I am configuring the system on the bench before installation and I have come across a problem that has me confused.
I am using the following setup .
NVR connected to monitor via HDMI
NVR connected to local network.
A camera connected to NVR via CAT 5e cable (other cables on pigtail cable are not connected)
I can view the camera from the web interface, DMSS iphone app and NVR display.
The video feed seems OK and when I select the Talk function, I can talk through the camera speaker, but I can hear nothing apart from static noise from the camera microphone.
I also do not hear anything when using the speaker icon (neither on nor off)
I have turned on audio in the NVR. I have tried both the config tool, and the NVR interface.
I have tried a second camera to confirm it was not a hardware fault.
What am I doing wrong?

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A rather late reply, so apologies if you have found a resolution.

But, with these cameras, you will need to log into the camera's web interface, go into Setting > Conditions > Audio and switch the Audio In Type, from Line-in to Mic.

This should sort your issue.

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Hi rbdining

Do u have check the configuration of this ? Maybe can solve.

Smart PSS > Device Configuration > Camera > Select the camera will setup the audio > For the main stream and sub stream, check list the "audio setup" and choose "AAC" in the audio encoding.

Don't forget to active the sound icon of the live view display on right top corner.



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