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Colourvu LED Light Issue

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Hi all I have just got a new hilook colourvu camera but this has a bright LED light at night that I wish to turn off.


I have searched Hi and low and the advise is to go through the PTZ menu that will bring up the camera menu and you can change the settings there.


The problem is I have tried this on 3 DVR's and not one allows you to get to the access to change.


This is currently connect to videoswitch VI R4316 with is basically a Hikvision DVR which videoswitch have added there name to the case instead of hikvision.


Any help really appreciated 

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Hi. It’s a 12 year old dvr ( not hik)

your problem is you have a camera that is backward compatible with your dvr but only as analog 

to switch off light or make changes or go to camera menu you need to be on a HD analog dvr which takes cvi or tvi cameras

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Hi, I have an unit of Hikvision 5 MP ColorVu Fixed Mini Bullet Camera



It comes with Smart Light (Warm supplemental light ). The issue is whenever the Smart Light is turned ON, the is no video captured by the CCTV, and no video is recorded by DVR. Only can hear some "flicker noise" recorded.

The CCTV works fine, everything is normal when the Smart Light is OFF.

Hope someone can enlighten me what the root cause is, and how to fix this issue.

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