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Telemetry trouble

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Hi guys

I am looking at a CCTV mobile unit which has an Indigovision system running 2 x MIC 400 (they may even be 300's) cameras from a server and 2 x workstations. The computers have all been scrapped and I'm trying to just get the cameras up and running on a simple camera/keyboard basis. First, I have tried using the Indigovision keyboard. The telemetry connection at that end is an RJ11 connector marked RS232 and I have hard wired the other end into the MIC control unit using the A and B rx terminals. Protocol is Pelco P, baudrate 9600. And I get no response. 

I then tried another keyboard which has an RS484 output but still no camera control. 

I even tried connecting the MIC control telemetry to a RS484 output from a DVR but still no joy.

I'm clearly missing something obvious here - it should be so easy. Any suggestions?



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