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How to install a security system like a professional

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Modern wireless security systems seem simple. There is no need to install physical cables, devices are connected in minutes, the system is set up intuitively in a mobile app. Such security alarm system is popular with young people. It does not require a contract with a professional security alarm company and monthly monitoring fees. But security alarm systems are different from household appliances. In order to ensure that the safety alarm works reliably and accurately, its installation still needs to follow some strict procedures.
How to install a security system like a professional?
1. Remember to buy professional security equipment. Professional security equipment is generally manufactured by professional security manufacturers. First, you can choose well-known brands of security products. Second, you can check whether the product description includes product features, performance, data storage, anti-sabotage, etc. Third, whether the product seller provides technical services.
2. Remember to study the products well. You can view the products from ebay or amazon and have a general understanding of the types of security products.
3. Analyze your home security needs. The home security includes against burglary, flood and fire. On the basis of the previous product learning, arrange the security detection and alarm devices to be installed according to the three aspects.
4. Location study and radio signals testing. Determine the correct placement of devices including alarm panel. Test the wireless signal interference and make sure the wireless transmission distance is within the range described for product. (generally <=100m or 300 feet)
5. Install the alarm device according to the manual. For example, you need to install the PIR intruder detector at 1.8-2.2m height and if there is pet, you need to avoid the installation angle to exposure to pets.

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