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IP camera system battery backup

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Hello i am installing an 8 camera hikvision ip camera system and wondering how i can include a battery back up to the design if the power fails. The 8 cameras will be connected to an Ubiquiti NanoStation WiFi Point-to-Point Link Kit at one end and at the other end it will be connected to a router ( like in the attached picture only with 8 cameras ) 

I will only need the battery backup to power the side with the 8 cameras and one of the access points. 

If anybody could help, Thank you


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Hi many people have problems with 5 iP cameras with the nano so 8 your pushing it …. You might have to drop the camera resolution to help the data push


but I think you would be better and less cost if you alter your install design….. and I say this for two reasons 

first if a power cut at camera side you will loose valuable footage …… all 8 cameras will need to reboot once battery backup takes over …. Can take 5 to 10 minutes

second …. It’s not very secure….. knock out the nano and again no footage


i would also move your nvr to camera location 

If nanos go down you still have footage 

Also with nvr at camera location you don’t have to worry about data size as much as you sending data only from nvr to laptop in monitoring location

then you only need ups backup for nvr and nano …….. this will also extend your battery backup time

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Hi, Thank you for your reply, I was worried about the nvr being at the camera location incase if somebody broke in it could be stole and all the footage would be lost, but you have given me very good reasons for it being at the camera side now too,

Can you recommend any ups backups for an 8 camera ip system or even 5. I am in the UK

 Ideally it would need to be ip66 rated for outdoor use as the shed where the cameras are at would be damp and dusty.

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