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How to control CCTV cameras from two places.

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Hello everyone. Noob here?… and also new to the forum, so I Apologize if I created this topic in the wrong place. 

I need help figuring out a system that fits our needs. I’m helping/volunteering to install a cctv camera system in our church. The place has two assembly halls with an Audio/Video team in both sides. We want to install one security system for the entire building and have it controlled/viewed by both A\V teams separately. I know That there is the option to hook up two monitors but I’m assuming that it would just Mirror on both sides?So if one side zooms into a camera, the other side will see that too. We want each side to have their own separate control of the system. Is that even possible? Or can there only be one side controlling the cameras and the other side just have the mirrored display?  

if this is possible, is there specific systems we should be looking at? For example IP cameras? Thanks! 

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Here is how it works-
1.At each location where security cameras are needed, a DVR and cameras are installed. CCTV Camera Pros highly recommends HD over coax type cameras. These are hard wired from the camera to the DVR using spools of RG59 Siamese coax cable or pre-made Siamese CCTV camera cables like these.

2.Each location must have a high speed Internet connection, like cable or a direct fiber connection, and a network router.
3.The DVR is connected to the network router using CAT5 or CAT6 network cable.
4.The router is connected to the Internet connection modem.
5.Port forwarding must be setup on the router at each surveillance system location. This is what allows the CMS software to connect to each DVR remotely.
6.The central monitoring location needs a PC that is connected to a high speed Internet connection.
7.The PC will have central monitoring software installed on it. Check out this article to see how the central monitoring software included with iDVR-PRO DVRs is configured.

For furthermore information visit us.

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4 hours ago, Security Home Camera said:

Here is how it works-

Then you type a load of crap ….. infact you know nothing of cctv installs

then you spam to sell junk

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