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CCTV DVR stuck in upgrade loop

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My QVIS QUATTRO DVR suddenly keeps trying to upgrade. After some time the DVR restarts and tries to upgrade again. This upgrade loop can only be stopped by removing the IP cable. Of course no video can be watch remotely without internet connection hence my question how can this auto upgrade loop be stopped when IP cable is connected? In the manual a SW upgrade can only  be done via USB interface therefore it is strange why the IP cable has influence on this upgrade process. The manual does not mention any auto update setting.

Some cases can be found on the internet with other DVR recorders but no solution is provided. I would expect that this issue impacts many DVRs and hopefully someone found a solution.

Support from QVIS advices to replace the DVR as no support will be given for QUATTRO DVRS because the device is too old. 

See attached picture which shows the upgrade message.

Looking forward for your help.


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Hi. Yes your right the Quattro does not have auto update it was a manual setting


this was a problem with the Quattro a few years back and there was a firmware fix… but now not available 

can you tell us which remote app you are using as the Quattro could use 3 types 

but yes you can stop the update by changing some IP and port settings

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18 hours ago, Phil3840 said:

Hello, thanks for the hopeful answer :-) . I use Explorer v2.2.2

Hi ok that means you have the xmeye unit

when you set your system up did you use the qr code

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