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CCTV and public display

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Hi all.

Hope someone can help me .

I work in a venue where children are in a environment where they are undertake a learning role and the venue is set up as a real world.

Now for safeguarding and security reasons we have an extensive CCTV system which goes to a control room.

Now we have an airport area that like in the real world children and adults pass in the entrance and go in, as they are passing we have CCTV large monitor (TV Size) displaying the live feeds of the CCTV of the venue and all the activities so as children go though entrance they can see what is going on in there live at the time. Its the same images being relayed to the control room.

My question is are we breaking data breaches and if so please could someone detail which breach? 

The area will be signed with CCTV signage explaining we are recording and for the purpose of safeguarding the children if that is correct?

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7 hours ago, horni said:



Hi. Then the answer is no …. Recording children in the uk at schools or nursery/ day care. 

It means nothing putting up signs 

but your problem is two fold 

storing images/video on a unlicensed control room ….. I call it unlicensed as you have not given any SIA information…. Which you need to have in the uk …. You can’t store public without it 

also all staff and control room operators need by law a DBS check (certification)

if you have none of the above in place then it can be very costly 

I am also uk based and seen this problem before……. North of you a childcare business had cctv fitted to watch children….. they also stored the footage. This was done without parents permission…… it ended bad with lawsuit from all 23 parents  


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