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How to Fix Hikvision Not enough SMD Resource Issue

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This type of error shows on the Hikvision DeepinMind series of recorders that feature smart events and analysis. For example, you may have added three IP cameras into the NVR and set them up on the region’s entrance smart event (or any other smart function).

Then you’ll get a message on the screen that reads “Not enough SMD Resource” on each affected channel. Moreover, you can’t even add more channels. As we said, this error shows up on various DeepinMind product lines (logo or OEM models).

This error is caused by the lack of CPU resources to run all the cameras in IA analysis mode. Basically, the recorder can’t support all these cameras and is limited by the processor.

Depending on the model and firmware, the NVR may support 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6 IA channels, and the rest must be regular ones. However, the issue may be caused by other factors that can be fixed by adjusting the settings.

Let’s dive a little bit deeper into the problem. If you’re doing an installation and come across the SMD resource issue, then there are a few things you can do.

First of all, get the right model of the NVR and find the full specs of the unit. The spec sheet will note the number of supported channels.

For example, models such as 7616NXI or DS-9632NXI-I8/16S support only two channels in AI analysis mode. The rest have to be regular.

So, before purchasing the cameras and the NVR, you need to research them well and plan how many cameras are going to use the smart features. Typically, in a 16-channel NVR, only 1-4 channels can be set in smart mode.

Update the Firmware

Sometimes the error is caused by outdated or incompatible firmware versions on the recorder or the IP cameras, especially if the cameras are old.

If you stumble upon this error, then you should check the firmware version and update it to the latest version (for both the recorder and the cameras).

Check the device’s model on the sticker and download the respective firmware on Hikvision’s website. Be careful to get the right firmware, an incorrect firmware may brick the unit and cause you problems in the long run.

If you’re not sure, contact Digital khi muốn lắp đặt camera or your local dealer/seller and provide the required information to them.

Upgrade the recorder

As we mentioned in the opening paragraph, Hikvision NVRs are limited in the number of channels that fully support AI features and analysis.

You need to check the specs before purchasing the hardware to ensure compatibility between the devices. If the supported channels are not enough for your project, you may consider upgrading the NVR to a more advanced version (better CPU resources) that fits your needs.

You may contact Hikvision USA or your local dealer for advice (or just check the specification sheets of each model).

Adjust the video settings

However, there are situations where you can adjust the settings to lower the resource requirements and make the NVR easier to handle all the connected cameras.

If you have all cameras on 8MP, max bitrate, and framerate, then you can lower these settings a little bit to make room for all the cameras (the issue is similar to the “No Resource” error, as shown here).

The bandwidth depends on various parameters such as the resolution, bit rate, frame rate, etc and by lowering their values you can make the recorder better manage cameras.

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