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Help with chosing a new DVR

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Hi all. I am a newbie and need your help. I have some "old" IQ CCTV about 6-7 years old DVR which is still going strong. However due to very recent changes that Microsoft enforced, I am unable to connect to my DVR UI as it used Internet Explorer and want work with any other browser. Now, I would like to replace this DVR with something new and I am seeking your advice. I am after following funcionality:

1) 8 BNCs+

2) resolution 1080p+

3) being able to access UI and watch live cameras view vie web browser (Firefox, Edge)

4) being able to watch live camers via mobile app

5) being a hybrid would be a great benefit but not essential.

I have purchased Falcon FALC-4K-8BB with firmware version 1.3.4 and sadly it will not work with "modern" web browsers, it wants some outdated ones (for instance FF version 55 or older, sic!)

Could you suggest something that won't cost arm and leg? Budget up to £200 prefered ~£150 for bare DVR, as I will purchase a new HDD/SSD myself.

Thank you for your help.

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Hi if in the uk I would look at the viper (TVT) 8 way 5mp dvr BB 

I have many of these systems out and never any problems 

it is the only unit on the market that is fully controllable via phones pads and pcs

semding footage is as simple as an email direct with 8 cameras you will get 29 days with 1tb 

the app used  is SuperLive plus 

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