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Bart Krasuski

Hikvision DS-K2604T Four-Door Access Controller

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I have Hikvision DS-K2604T Four-Door Access Controller. Brand New controllers. I closed the business and sold it.
The DS-K2600T series access controller contains network
and RS-485 interface, which supports TCP/IP and RS-485
communication protocols. The communication data is
encrypted to improve the security of the system. The
controller also supports offline operation and is designed
with tamper-proof switch.
Price 590$ / pcs.
I have 4 pcs.
Lower price when buying all

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Hi. How long have you had them retail now is $370 … 4way ….. 2way $260

also can I point out a problem 

why is the system protected by a 60amp c type MCB …… so has no protection

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