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Help with camera cable

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As you have guessed i am new to your forum, but eager to learn.

I need to find out what cables and connectors i need for the 2 different cameras around 7 years back.

Would the usb-dvr be of any help? Likewise would the radio av receiver be any use?

 Lastly could i use an old laptop to view what the cameras are watching?


Many thanks in advance


IMG_20230813_162057 (2).jpg

IMG_20230813_161649 (1).jpg

IMG_20230813_163812 (1).jpg

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Hi. The problem is the age of your equipment…… your transmitter and receiver are around 18 years old (I have old ones in my lockup)

then you will have problems with your usb recorder …. Again too old …. It’s a basic cif recorder. But the problem is if you don’t have the drivers that came with the USB recorder …. The software then again you will be wasting time and money…. You may also have a licence problem when loading onto a pc or laptop

by the time you have bought the power supplies you need for all camera and another for each of your transmitter and receiver 

mall you will end up with is a poor system

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Thanks for taking the time to reply. i do appreciate your information and advice.

I failed to say i do have the power supply for the smaller bullet camera, and possibly may have the power supply for the larger camera.

The reason iv dug they out is my car is being damaged. Could you advice me on what i would need to get/buy to make what i have a workable system.


Thank you


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