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Geovision - Support IP Cameras yet?

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With the Geo Video server, you can add two cameras. Does it have a cat5 on the back, and two USB? Couldn't see the back in pictures.


If so, you still have to run cat5 to the network or add a USB wireless adapter. Does any USB adapter work?


Also if using this standalone, you could add a USB HDD for storage? And even use this by itself as it has a web server built-in?


What am I misreading here?





Yes the GV WEB SERVER has 1 Cat5/LAN/WAN port for networking.

It also have 2 USB ports, but if it will work with wireless USB adapters I am not sure, but think so -just a config challenge I think.


Yes it is made for having a external USB HDD for local storage, the HDD must be formated to LINUX so you can not just use it with for instance Windows. In other words the USB HDD will be "locked" to the GV WEB SERVER or another Linux system.



Actually you can use it with windows. It formats the drive with the ext2 drive format so natively you can't use it with a windows PC. On the CD that comes with the IP Server is the add on that allows windows PCs to read the ext2 formats, so you can use the drive with windows.

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