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Has anyone here been satisfied with Aventuras customer serv?

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I have been reading various forums and reviews on Aventura Technologies. It's kind of hard to find anything on them, and when I do the articles never really say anything good other than their ability to produce a good DVR system.


Has anyone here ever bought anything from them, or heard of someone who has?

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Yes, We have been dealing with Aventura for the past four months. We build and sell the DVR's as well as use them for our installs. the recording quality is great, and all in all is a good, stable DVR... As for customer support, it has been 50/50, as sometimes you get a good person, sometimes not. The only problem that we have had is that they continue to develop new patchs for problems with their software, but will not release a new version of the software with all of the fixes.... contact me with any other questions.



andrew @securityconceptsonline.com

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