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exacqVision demo/evaluation

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I'm putting together a small security system for a local business here in Columbus Oh. I decided to go with the idea of using IP cameras and POE, just for the simplicity over a traditional surveillance system. (I do have a bit of experience in traditional systems, the IP systems are quite new to me)


So far, I have a few Axis 211 camera, maybe looking for a cheap camera to monitor the room that will house the PC, and in the future I might add a PTZ. The total amount of cameras currently would be 3~4, 5 in the future.


So now it comes down to what software to use. Before starting this project I checked out a few different software packages that I could demo, and came to the conclusion that Luxriot could do what I needed and kept me within budget.


While trying to solve other issues, I came across people talking about Exacq software, and it seemed people often times liked it over Luxriot software. Also liked the idea of integrated video overlay for POS, but not required.


How do you go about getting a demo of ExacqVision?


Their web page says that there is a demo version (can't seem to find it anywhere) and that authorized dealers can get a fully functional 4 channel copy for no charge ($600 value).


My next question in that line, is how much does it cost. Looking for 4 camera solution with ability to expand in the future. $600 seems a bit high, but then again, that value is probably talked up.


Any help or info - even just about the software, would be greatly appreciated. As well as other software recommendations.




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I wouldn't necessarily consider $600 much for 4 cameras with professional software. You have two tiers of surveillance, one being cameras of the Axis nature and other being the $100 Linksys or Trendnet cameras.


Software works the exact same way, so you'll get what you pay for. Often the cheap cameras and software do enough, sometimes they do not.

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If you go to the Exacq website they and contact them they will send you a client that connects to a pair of servers and several types of cameras. They will also put you in tough with their local rep.

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We are starting to use the Exacq hybrid servers to upgrade our digital recording on existing matrix based analog systems. These are in correctional facilities. We are also using a software only version in one of our institutions using Axis encoders, HP Servers and external iSCSI storage. We tested a lot of VMS software applications and there are many good solutions out there. The Exacq works very well, provides very good video quality, and is easy to operate. The system provides quick and simple access to recorded video as well as simple off loading of clips. Regardless of the version you buy the client interface is common. Exacq continues to make improvements to their software and have updates every 3 months or so. Sales and technical staff are very helpful. A big bonus in my opinion is that they can provide a solution for the analog world as well as the IP and megapixel world including the newest H.264 compression.

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