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Hi All,

I am currently working with a client who owns a company in NJ and has an office in MD.... The owner wants to set up a vidoe conferencing suite, so that he can conference with his employees in the MD office... Need one cam/mic at his home and a cam/mic/LCD display at the office....


I do enough CCTV jobs, but have not done a video conferenceing job yet... Any suggestions... We were thinking of setting up PTZ panasonic IP cams at each location, but I would like to integrate audio over as well without echo and delays....


Any suggestions would be appreciated.... Oh also, the owner would like to keep the overal cost down, so Cisco is out........ thanks.

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Well cheap I recommend messenger for video conference hehehehe


Let's see, you actually have a bunch of solutions that you could implement. I would try this one:


You would need 2 Ip cameras with audio integrated. One of the cameras may have a LAN and WAN dual config in it.


Hummm in one location you must have a computer (doing the recordings, audio and video) and one camera, both plugged into a router. The Router should have internet access and the necessary doors open according to the software installed in the computer.


In the other location you just need an internet connection plugged into the Ip camera WAN. Or, if there is a network, then plug the camera into the network using the LAN slot. In this case there should also be a router that must have a door open (usually 80 for the cameras) routing all traffic coming trough that door to the camera Ip.


Then the computer with the recording software in the previous location gets one camera locally trough the LAN and the other trough the internet WAN.


Now, in each location you just need to install remote clients. One local (LAN) remote client where the computer is located and another remote client (WAN) where you installed the special LAN/WAN camera. One selects the image and audio of the opposite location (you can have the view and audio for both cameras at the same time, but for video conference with would be a mess because of the audio echo).


Looks more complicated than it actually is

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8 X 8 has a lot of voip stuff, and video telephones.


I can get you a contact if you want to find out about their video conferencing stuff.

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