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    Hi. Your link does not show a tracking ptz however it does have motion detection which is useless on a ptz just like a ptz with a microphone motion detection will only work if your ptz stays static then it will do motion but if you put presets into the ptz ....... every time the camera moves you will get a useless alarm ptz audio ........ built in microphone on a standard fixed camera is good on a ptz all your going to hear is two motors as ptz moves also making audio useless unless it stays static ...... so you may as well just buy 2 ptz cameras with the right size lens anything that uses the HIsee app is junk just like the app ..... and it does not work on new iPhones
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    hi not a problem .... glad it work for you. any other problems just pm me
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    Hi. Qvis can’t give reset codes to a 3rd party for security reasons could be a bad employee wants to start stop or delete footage. I can give you the code if you give location and type of security type ...... home / warehouse/ shop also do you have remote view and which app are you using
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