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  2. couper

    Couper could use some input on cameras

    I'm all set...... but I need to disable the microphone function on some cameras asap!
  3. Hi, I had the same concern as you. Can you try name: Admin pass: 222222222222 (not in telnet but in the normal administration console)?
  4. couper

    Couper could use some input on cameras

    Managed to get it downloaded to the wife's smartphone but what I downloaded to my pc has no content. I have the program but no camera's
  5. Bncrpt

    Major camera issue bizarre!

    Howdy all! Stumbled across this forum on my search for a solution to a ridiculous issue. Have been wracking my brains since installing my old setup in our new house. Older Hik dvr and OzSpy HD cams. New BNC cables used( And have tested with old ones same issue) have also tested with different power supplies, no change. Basically running 6 AHD cams, 4 of one spec (4.0mp, 3.6mm lense,720p i think)and 2 of another spec.( 2.0mp, 3.6mm lenses, 1080p) The issue is with the 4...All show an extremely narrow field of view , lot narrower than I remember them being yrs back! Almost as though zoomed, or only part of the image. I will include some screen grabs as an example, showing what it does randomly...now keep in mind I have the cameras mounting under eaves and basically parallel to ground as high as roof allows just to show what is below it.( almost like the camera is viewing at a downward angle rather than straight out thru lens if that makes sense?) The two cameras I'll use as demo show side gates, however will randomly flick to showing what you would expect to see considering they are aimed high, for a couple seconds here and there! Pic shows the usual narrow image of gates, then flicks to a completely different picture showing the front yard/houses etc Keep in mind the cameras are hard against the eaves so this isn't camera being moved up lol Any advice or suggestions on what could be causing this would be appreciated I'm stumped... Thanks guys! Todd
  6. tomcctv

    Couper could use some input on cameras

    Hi. Support can be hit and miss on any product .... most of the time there reading from a manual and have never been hands on with there own product.... all depends on how good the service operator is ..... 3 weeks before he or she could of been working at McDonald’s software you need I will pm you and instructions
  7. couper

    Couper could use some input on cameras

    Hi Tom, Hope you had a great Thanksgiving....we had a nice time here. My system is in. My camera placement worked out very well and I think the resolution is awesome. I am however having a hard time trying to download or even find the app to view on my windows 10 laptop. The page I found has an android icon and an apple icon but no windows 10. I'm gona try calling them on Monday but I have called about 2 other items and the women I talked to in Tech was far from helpful......I'm being nice. The paperwork that comes with the system is not very good either. Any idea where I can find what I need? Awesome advice on what to buy Tom.....the pictures are very clean & clear. Couper
  8. Yesterday
  9. Colin Duncan


    Hi i have a property where the tenant has left.The cctv system is oyn-x. When opening the menu it says admin and then asks for a password.I don’t know this - can it be reset ?
  10. James2020

    New Hikvision Setup

    Hi Guys, noob here so go easy on me. So we have recently upgraded the DVR and cameras at one of our sites but kept the existing cabling and we just don’t seem to have full control over the PTZ cameras. Specifically stop limits and timed patrols, whatever I set just seems to be ignored. I am unable to set stop limits from the DVR interface but I have all other control, I can set patrols but they are not timed I have to do this from the actual camera itself. DVR: DS-7316HUHI-K4 PTZ’s: DS-2AE4215TI-D I went into the menu of the actual cameras and setup limit stops which work when moving the camera manually but not for the patrols I have setup. With the timed patrols they work on some of the cameras but others are often just sitting static for no apparent reason. I left all the settings as default when setting it all up, were there specific settings I should have used? Think I'll stick with IP in future.
  11. supermansteve

    Mr Mcguire

    I have bought a secyour cctv system when first it asked of username :- admin password:- left blank. it was fine for a few weeks then when I went on to check it then asjed for password and now stating it was wrong, so need a default password, can any one help
  12. Hello everyone, I'm trying to upgrade a VTO (3211D) using files from here https://www.ip-phone-forum.de/threads/dahua-vto-vth-firmware-link-sammlung-anleitungen.305121/ My current version is 3.20.9999000.0.R 1st trial try is on this one General_VTO3211D_Eng_P_SIP_V4.300.0000000.5.R.20200323 http://www.mediafire.com/file/xlrdd...11D_Eng_P_SIP_V4.300.0000000.5.R.20200323.zip But I keep getting upgrade fail at 50% Thanks to the advice I found on this topic: I tried with congiftool5.0 or VDPconfig or configtool 3.2 I tried with the zip file that I renamed .zip.bin, or the main .bin file inside the .zip I tried to change port tcp 37777 to 3800 with the web service but after reboot, VTO goes back to 37777, not sure why. I didn't see how to change port from configtool I tried older firmwares also But it keeps failing What am I missing ?
  13. Last week
  14. Shelton

    Forgot password

    Hi I’ve had my dvr system for a bit now and I went to view the recording for the first time and I forgot my password how can I reset it. thank you
  15. supermansteve

    Mr Mcguire

    I bought a secyour cctv system, I have username as admin, and the password is Blank. In the last few days it is now asking me for pasword. I believe i need a days password can anyone help out
  16. Thank you for your kind help, the model is HDBW1100RP-VF-S3, I don't think it matters a lot.. I would more focus on the possible cause and how the video signal differs from AHD to CVI, thank you. The reasonable price for a converter 4ch was only for 720p, and for me a real 720p is enough..
  17. kuraishi911

    magic dvr u-series

    i have a magic dvr u series that took some kind of hit or hack and now it just boots to a splash screen and no furthure. there was some sort of hack that caused this. Question is How do i reload the firmware on unit. Cannot seem to get any docs or instructions on this. Their support system isn't exactly the best.
  18. metallimaniac

    Mini nvr questions

    As i read in this thread, there's a lot of ipcamera protocols you can add to your mininvr simply by installing an update (here's a bunch of these https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ggnp0vodplxux7q/AADuEJzbEWcBUJ7U6ZkNeIY2a?dl=0&lst=) the screenshoot you've post is about streaming from your nvr to another device such as your vlc player on your PC My problem is that i can't find RTSP protocol when i'm try to install a new camera. Thanks for the reply!
  19. metallimaniac

    Mini nvr questions

    Hi i have an escam version of n6200-8el , i need to add the RTSP protocol but every link i've found on this post belong to a site that does not exist anymore (urcctvstore). Maybe that site is not accessible from italy or maybe is down, is someone able to pass me this particular .update file or link me to a site were i can find it? i didn't find it in; also the second link does not work THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!!
  20. Hi. Which cameras are you using ? why only on 720
  21. Hi mates, thank you for your kind attention, I hope to find someone here who knows how AHD works and how many chances I have to solve this problem: To help a friend broadcating his businness I bought for him some unexpensive Dahua Cameras, they are varifocal and suite perfectly what he's planning to do, I've bought also a video aquire tool from AHD to USB3 (4 channels, 720p). SInce the datasheet declares AHD output as possibility I bough with confidence.. an analog camera teorically is "stupid as possible" so the signal will not be manipulated, just the transmission change.. but actually not, Dahua found a way to worse its video signal AHD probably for not being convenient to buy without a CVI dahua recorder. Strange because TVI keeps the same quality of CVI.. and TVI is its main competitor Hikvision.. so why? I hope an hardware issue. I've made these tests using a Dahua XVR, with PTZ menu I canched the output, and as you see even the OSD become unfocused. It looks an horizontal signal reflection on the right, but it can be a downscale of the lines, maybe, like it happens with 1080N for example. What do you think? There is anything to put on cable (like a termination resistor) to solve this? There is any way to convert externally a CVI to AHD? Do you have any documentation describing the 2 standards? Thank you a lot for your considerations
  22. Suleman


    Please I have this dvr and I need help to reset it
  23. animateme

    Remote Playback - extremely slow

    Hello, I updated the firmware and it seems like the playback runs a bit smoother than before, although it still freezes after a few seconds of playing. I will let it record some more, after the update, and check later to see if the results are better. I also changed to H265 in the video encoding Sub Stream settings. I have a question regarding the setting for the Stream recording. I currently have it set to record both streams, Main and Sub. I assume that this is the way it should be so that the Sub-Stream is used when playing back remotely, correct?
  24. tomcctv

    Remote Playback - extremely slow

    Hi. Not a problem let use know how you get on
  25. animateme

    Remote Playback - extremely slow

    Got it! Thank you so much for your help. I will try the firmware update and hopefully this will fix the playback issues. Greatly appreciated!
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