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  2. Hello, it looks like I will need help to unbrick a Dahua IP PTZ. It is labelled as an IC Realtime ICIP-2001HD-IR but shows up on the network as Dahua and is basically a rebadged Dahua SD6982 type unit... kinda old but it **WAS** working 2 days ago before the update. I had contacted IC Realtime support who offered me a firmware file, it showed "UPDATE FAILED" and I then eventually had to use the manual reset button on the camera body and then navigate via the IPv6 address to access the webUI - however the camera would still show a video feed via he local CVBS connection; the only thing that had changed is that during the camera startup prcedure, the camera ball would tilt down as normal and then tilt up to maximim elevation and then judder around for ages as the gearing caught up with the on-screen information showing the elevation not being at "-1.5" but at "57" below horizontal, not corresponding to the *actual* position..... I did get the unit back on the network and contacted IC Realtime support stating the update did not work, they sent me a different file which not only DID NOT WORK but now has screwed up the unit so there is no local CVBS video feed. The camera still does it's startup routine, and the PTZ movements can be controlled locally using RS485. On the network the "Advanced IP Scanner" programme finds the camera at both *AND* at but both are shown as "dead"... using the "Advanced Port Scanner" programme find *NOTHING* at either of those addresses. Attempting a connecction with PUTTY brings a fatal timeout error on both addresses at port 3800, and using the Dahua IP Config tool to attempt a connection over the same port also brings a connection failure. My network is through an Amazon Eero so the network segment is 192.168.4.xx - does the camera network connection have to be through the Eero router or would a direct connection to the computer work? I'm not sure if there's any particular entry in PUTTY which is needed to connect to the camera. The original link for the port scanner utility is dead - http://tinyurl.com/q53pojg
  3. Squiffy

    New Cameras

    I upgraded from my really old cameras to a few Zosi 2MP cameras last year. Cheap and cheerful, I wasn't expecting much. but they've been excellent for my needs so far.
  4. Hello, I am replacing a few old analogue cameras and have come across a little niggle when it comes to one location. The outgoing camera is a Pelco Spectra IV and will be replaced with an IP PTZ, but the Pelco has a time task schedule set up to switch the AUX1 output on and off at certain times, as security lights are connected via a suitable relay to the Aux output - this has meant the lights can switch on and off at times of useage after dark, the time task programme can be altered remotely as and when sunset times have changed, and the lights can be switched on remotely if there is activity outside of the normal periods of activity.... as far as I can see, any IP PTZ cameras that offer a Time Task feature only do this for preset/scan/tour and do not offer switching the AUX1 or AUX2 outputs on a schedule independently of other operations. Is there a way to work around this so as to keep the scheduled switching of the lights but with an IP PTZ camera? For example, are there fixed turret/eyeball/mini dome IP cameras which have a time task function for their Aux output (as this could be installed next to the PTZ and simply focused on the door, for example).... or could a signal be sent from the DVR to the IP PTZ (the liklihood is that a Hikvision DS7200HUHI-K series or DS7300HUHI-K series or iDS7200HUHI type hybrid DVR will be used as there will still be analogue cameras in use)
  5. some cameras do offer a noise reduction option in the audio settings, I have a Wisenet fisheye cam with this option though I have yet to test how effective it is. It may be that other hardware is available that can then provide audio line out which you can then plug in to the camera - mobile phones and noise-cancelling headphones have a second microphone fitted to the back of the device which is mounted specifically to pick up background noise which is then fed to a comparator type circuit, and those frequencies/noises picked up by both the 'dialogue' microphone and the 'background' microphone are then cancelled out. If you are able to source such a device then you could located the microphone designed to pick up background noise slightly further away from the area of interest.... depending on how good you are with soldering and small electronic components, you could experiment with a hands-free headset from a mobile phone and take it apart so as to replace the dialogue microphone with wires coming from your own unidirectional microphone for the area of interest and then site the circuit (with the background microphone still on the board) slightly further away. I cannot guarantee it'd work, but I've generally found that experimenting here and there can bring sometimes surprising results.
  6. Hello, I'm wondering if anybody here has a quick way to download newer firmware for the IP camera in the title, as mine randomly restarts itself without warning.... sometimes it might be 3 or 4 hours between restarts and other times it can do a restart 3 times in 20 minutes - the system log shows "Sentinel time has expired" which I believe is an issue that can only be resolved by a firmware update. I did searches for the firmware and version is shown on the Avigilon website as if available to download, but the links simply redirect to a Motorolla login page - and to create an account requires a business email, business name, and USA Zip code or Canadian province information of which I have none of those things. Other websites appear to "have" the firmware and yet simply redirect to the Avigilon FTP server which also asks for login credentials. The current firmware version is so any version higher than this is what I'm after.... it is the 2.0C-H3A-DO1 type camera (not the IR version) Thanks
  7. Switched on my CCTV monitor this morning and, lo and behold, the camera is now visible. I'd changed absolutely nothing in all this time, so it's baffling. Reading elsewhere, it mentions that Tapo themselves have to enable RTSP on the camera (an automated process), which sounds odd, but would appear to be the only logical explanation. Just to clarify, there's an enable RTSP option in the Tapo app, which I'd enabled ages ago. But then it seems you have to wait for Tapo to actually make it effective, in this case, a matter of months... 🙄
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  9. corviarbob

    jennov mvr question

    thanks. i did make support contact and they said this unit will not be able to see my other nvr or the combo dvr/nvr. but it did find the cameras i have directly connected to my network. so i managed to get cameras on the jennov that will work. the other thing i do not like at all is the screen has a very narrow viewing angle. you have to be directly in front of it to see the feed good. if your just to the left-right-up-down the images are cloudy or they start to dim. kind of like some laptops, they must have used a cheap laptop screen. if i could find a 10 ' 0r larger tablet that would connect to my network with a lan cable i would sell the jennov unit and go back to a tablet. they are much thinner and have a wide view angle. but for now it is what it is. thanks
  10. dopalgangr

    jennov mvr question

    I have several Jennov products to include that NVR you have. The cameras connected to the NVR ethernet ports are on their own separate network. As far as I know the NVR can ONLY access those cameras directly connected to it. They also have a great tech support the generally get to you within 24hrs and most times you can chat with them live.
  11. You should try Dahua DMSS app from https://software.dahuasecurity.com/en/dmss, https://dmsspc.com/ or https://smartpsscam.com/. All of them are giving the same app. I hope that helps.
  12. titin0595

    Sauna IP Camera

    I have this question for anyone who can answer it, I am installing cameras in a place, but there is a concern, about the location of one in particular, the sauna room due to the temperature, the temperature in that place is going to remain at 200 °F , this camera that I bought supposedly can stand up to 140 °F, here is the link to the specs on the bottom, is there some enclosure or something I can put on it, to isolate it from extreme heat, the other question would be to try and see what happens, the housing is completely made of metal and the dome is a type of vandal proof plex Glass, my only concern would be in case of a short, in case the components inside start to melt, in case of a short that would shut off the current flow in the port of the NVR that goes to the camera, please help me if someone has had the same problem. https://pic.ltsmall.com/software/d7fb7b569a35db849fd60bbf6a5edc07/CMIP3142W-28SDA Spec.pdf Startup and Operating Conditions -30 °C to 60 °C (-22 °F to 140 °F). Humidity 95% or less (non-condensing)
  13. Hey, So one of my cameras in the last few weeks has been working intermittently and now have stop all together. I assumed it was a loose cable so checked that and took the camera inside to try with another cable. The camera seems to light up but the IP does not come up. I put it into the back of the NVR as it is usually powered by a POE but the NVR does not seem to recognize it either. Camera is a Dahua IPC-HDW4431C-A Any suggestions on how to recover it or should i consider it dead?
  14. I have the following task to perform:1: To mount 2 cameras with audio - easy task2. To be streamed live on the website of the municipality - 3. To have a calendar on this web page / Embedding scripts , CSS, HTMS and etc....will be done by the site programmers, I am asked for a streaming solution / from which to choose to display recordings from the cameras - such as NVRAny ideas how to get it done. I have targeted the OBS studio software to stream both cameras to the web host company. Any other better ideas.
  15. I have four IP cameras and I cannot see any of them through my web browser. I have them all connected to my router which is connected to my main router via ethernet. Could this be my problem that my router is connected to internet via the main router and not direct to the internet.I get different errors depending what browser I try and use. I have tried Firefox- Microsoft Edge- Chrome and Pale Moon and all come up with the same or different errors. The system is Windows 10x64. Also they are all connected and work with Blue Iris ver 5. Thank you for any help.
  16. corviarbob

    jennov mvr question

    i just got this jennov nvr with built-in monitor model v1908f85-8e. i was told by the seller that i would be able to see all my cameras i have on my network with this unit. so i set it up and it will not see the cameras that i have connected to my dvr/nvr unit. that unit sees all of my cameras. also i have 2 other nvr units that will see both the ip cameras and the dvr cameras. this jennov nvr is on the same network i checked the box to get this one to align to my router and then unchecked it so it will not change back to what it shipped with, i did that for all the other dvr and dvr/nvr units. thanks for any ideas
  17. Hi this still depends if windows based of Linux based ……. Most Linux based DVRs only store the recorded data on the hard drive …… will still run without hard drive fitted but no storage
  18. Hi, thanks for the reply. Not really a big deal to setup again, just wanted to know if this was normal or not. It is a generic DVR without markings. I'm guessing the only thing that is saved on the motherboard is the simple 4-digit password but all settings otherwise were on the HDD.
  19. Hi it depends on your DVRs operating system …. In your case it sounds like an old windows based …. In this case settings are stored on the hard drive…….. hard drive is split in two known as a partition… one part master (for settings and operating software……. And other part is storage (recordings ) usually found on geovision or avermedia
  20. With respect to an older standalone CCTV DVR from around 2010,: Anyone every have to reconfigure the recording settings after replacing the units HDD? It seems to revert to a factory default when a new HDD is installed? Is this normal?
  21. dopalgangr

    Dahua NVR5208-8P-4KS2 power issue?

    So it was the power supply that was the issue.
  22. Need to run cables through the roof for cameras; do you guys know who sells something like this?
  23. I have multiple Dahua DVRs and each one has multiple user accounts. Each time I want to edit a user account (remove access from a camera, change password, or simply remove the user) I can't, and I get the error that says: "user is in use now" as shown in the image attached below. To solve this, I have to manually go to the user's PC and close the SmartPSS software(or manually log out from the DVR) to be able to make the new changes that I want. How do I make changes to users that have the SmartPSS software already running, or at least be able to log them out without having to do it from their computers? Dahua DVR models: DHI-XVR5108HS-4KL DHI-XVR5116H-4KL DH-XVR5116H-4KL-X Software: Smart PSS Thank you.
  24. nmos

    Subway POS Integration

    I have a customer with several Subway Restaurants, currently using DTT (Geovision based) systems and he would like me to set up a video surveillance system at his newest site. I've worked with some video surveillance systems before including Geovision but I've never done POS integration and it looks like there are several options. The existing DTT systems appear to be talking over the local network without any data capture box between the POS and printer. The Subway POS appears to have some Geovision specific integration built in. Does anyone here know how the POS integration is typically done with the Subway POS software? Do they typically have the Geovision Text Sender tool installed on the POS or is the native Geovision integration sufficient (what I suspect). If the latter can someone point me at what I need to configure on the Geovision VMS side? I currently have a demo Geovision V17 VM set up remotely for proof of concept but ultimately there will be a Geovision NVR on site. Any advice or pointers to documentation would be appreciated.
  25. krassyg

    Hikvision Event Playback without iVMS-4200

    Solved, the setting was buried in the NVR Event settings, Linkage Method "Notify Surveillance Center".
  26. Is there a way to do event playback outside IVMS-4200? Don't see it in Hik-Connect or in the browser, just want to make sure I am not missing some buried option in the settings that will turn it on.
  27. Came home yesterday and could not access my Dahua DVR. Found that the power supply was on (fans running) but the lights on the motherboard were flashing and the system was not completely booting (nothing at all on screen). Power supply is the Delta DPS-200PB-185B, getting 11.5v on the two yellow contacts of the 4pin Berg style connector to the board. The P2 cable shows less than a volt but I am unsure of what the voltage should be on that one (red and white wires). Before I purchase a new power supply does anyone else think that's the issue here? I have short video of it but it's 112mb and can provide a link if needed. Thanks
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