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  3. Hello, I installed my own dvr and cameras several years ago. I work in IT, but I'm not particularly versed in surveillance systems and could use some assistance. The DVR I installed is an Everfocus ECOR HD 4F. At the time I only had three cameras connected to it...and everything was working great. The three cameras are: 2- EX760 1 -ED910 I recently needed to add an additional camera. So I went with this one. EZA2580 eX.HD series When I plug the new camera in, it doesn't work. But if I unplug one of the old cameras, it does work. I can get 3 cameras going at once...but not all 4. It doesn't matter which cameras or inputs I use either. Can someone please help me figure out what is going on here? If I need a new DVR, can you recommend which one I get for this camera setup? Thanks all!
  4. Did you ever get your password sorted?
  5. PS I tried admin and blank password. I am able to view my cameras on my phone via XMEye. It logs in automatically. I believe I did set up a password for XMEye but cannot remember it. Thank you in advance.
  6. Mr Integrator, I too have a Floureon DVR model# A6808MH serial # 2020211985601 and no way to access it. I have attempted to contact Floureon support thru email a dozen times. Can I ask that you do the same as you did for the OP? It would be greatly appreciated.
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  8. I purchased a "new in the box" 4 camera system with dvr. There is no disc with manual. I have all cameras hooked up and working but can't figure out how to get it to record or connect to my wifi. It isn't located close enough to run a ethernet cable. Does the dvr have a hard drive included for recording or do I need to purchase one? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I attached a pic of the label from the box.
  9. tomcctv

    sde-4001n android software

    Hi. Your system would of used the Ipolis app the wiseview will not work on your system your problem is having a 15 year old system as apps had updates your dvr unit did not. Support stopped for your system in 2015 Unfortunately you can use your system as is with windows viewer (but support has ended) and your other problem is your cameras are not compatible with a modern dvr ….. if I remember your cameras are connected via rj10 plugs
  10. dovermts

    sde-4001n android software

    I tried that too? It still dont work.I have tried port 80 554. Not sure whats up. i can remote view with internet explorer fine. What settings are you using for ports ? I have 554 and 80.
  11. jk10200l

    sde-4001n android software

    WiseView is the only one that works for me on all mobile devices.
  12. cranz32

    AVTECH Help with password

    try this : Password: KLkwYXEN
  13. I have a sde-4001n Samsung DVR system I am having a terrible time trying to get an android app that will connect to the unit. I can use internet explorer on a windows PC to view cameras so i know my router and network settings are good. I have tried the ipolis app and the wisenet app. i can connect with the ipolis app but i never get any video. I tried to contact samsung and wisenet but neither responded to my emails . Does anyone know what app would work for the system? I am ready to throw it out. Very frustrating Thank You in advance
  14. I made the mistake many years ago of buying a Kare/SANNCE H.264 Digital Video Recorder with 4 x POE IP cameras. I am ditching the box, in favour of my own software and storage (pi 3B+ running motioneye OS with attached 1TB drive) and thought I'd start by buying a 5 port POE+ switch which, not being a POE expert, when I read was backwards compatible I thought would have a reasonable chance of powering the cameras. Nothing doing, so I'm researching pinouts and POE standards currently. Penny has just dropped that these 4 "POE" cameras, probably similar to SANNCE support post below are blooming 12V so a. have I wasted my time buying a POE switch and b. what would you do to connect the Pi to the 4 cameras and supply power to the latter only? I'm not finding much when searching for 'sPOE' as termed below. thanks for any advice :-) Applies to: All PoE NVR There are 2 kinds of POE security systems in the market. One is the standard POE which is using 802.3af or 802.3at(POE+). The voltage is usually 48V. Another is the sPOE which doesn't support 802.3af nor 802.3at. The voltage is usually 12V. Only standard POE IPC can connect POE switch, while the sPOE can't due to technical reason. Some of our systems are standard POE and some are sPOE. Here is the list. Therefore please check your system's model number which is at the bottom of NVR. If the model is a POE type, the cameras with that NVR can connect to the POE switch. If it is sPOE type, the cameras with that NVR cannot connect to the POE switch and it must be plugged into the NVR directly. Model Type NP41F sPOE N43SU sPOE N44SU sPOE N48PZ POE N44PS POE N48PS POE N461X POE N48PI POE N44PI POE N46PI POE N441Y sPOE N481Y sPOE N9004 sPOE
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    Casino Systems

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  16. Isaac ma


    What causes HD CCTV system to drag during a local playback
  17. Isaac ma


    Hello guys! I am an Engineer in Electronics security(Zimbabwe) Kindly share and discuss developments & challenges here and direct to me. Thank you
  18. I have about 8 dvr/nvr hikvision that I have gathered over time while I dumpster dive they all work but I need at least one to work fully functional because I really would like to use one with ptz control and other features I have tried the support and email from hikvision but I just don't think iam fully understanding what to do I don't have wifi or internet at this time is that a requirement to reset? Please help I've been trying over or close to a year to just at least get one of these going the proper way it would mean a lot to me thanks in advance as they say. Hikvision nvr ds-7716ni-4/16p serial 768951424 canices-3(a)nmb-3(a). (2)dvr ds-7208hghi-sh serial 673119377 01. Ver.code: xaontc (3)dvr ds-7208hghi-sh-2t serial 545023349 ver.code:vlbjrp
  19. Hello. When I log in to my account of ICsee app, there must be 2 cameras connected, but I don't see them. I live now in Georgia, but Cameras are in Russia. I shared my account with a friend from Belgium, and he didn't face the problem which I have. What's the problem with ICsee app?
  20. Me too. hello! sorry help me to reset the password of my DVR Hikvision model: DS-7204HGHI-F1; Device Serial No: DS-7204HGHI-F1042019118AAWRD75381875WCVU. I wrote to the technical service but they did not answer me. please help me.
  21. hello sorry help me to reset the password of my DVR Hikvision model: DS-7204HGHI-F1; Device Serial No: DS-7204HGHI-F1042019118AAWRD75381875WCVU. I wrote to the technical service but they did not answer me. please help me.
  22. Two wireless SVC3 cams were working fine. Got a new dual-band router from ATT with the fiber install. First cam responded well with SVC3 client and I joined the new SSID with no problem 2nd cam seems fine with SVC3 client except it always fails to connect to the same SSID. I tried choosing the SSID from the list and tried manual entry. Cam connects fine with LAN cable, just not WiFi Both are set to the 2.4Ghz band and I tried the 5Ghz band Any clues?
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    Casino Systems

    Hi guys. Great thread. Thank you!
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    Coin op video games, and pinballs machines!

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  26. Hello, Recently I setup an NVR for the company I work for. All cameras(which are 5 in total at his point) are connected via internet switches all around the company so they´re connected to the local network, as well as the NVR. When I log into the NVR from my web browser using the local IP address, everything works fine. I can view all live video, playback, etc. However, when I log into the NVR using the public IP address for my network, everything works, except for live view and playback from the cameras. It simply says "Live view failed" or "playback failed". I will list here all the settings for my NVR/Cameras and internet. NVR is DS-7732NI-K4 from HikVision. All cameras are from HikVision as well. NVR ip address: Port settings for the NVR HTTP: 3333 (default: 80) RTSP: 554 (default: 554) HTTPS: 443 (default: 443) Server port: 8000 (default: 8000) Camera ip addresses: Port settings for the cameras: HTTP: 80 (default: 80) RTSP: 554 (default: 554) HTTPS: 443 (default: 443) Server port: 8000 (default: 8000) Enhanced SDK service port: 8443 (default: 8443) WebSocket port: 7681 (default: 7681) WebSockets port: 7682 (default: 7682) Ports forwarded on the router: Port 3333 for IP address - TCP protocol Port 8000 for IP address - TCP protocol I tried forwarding port 554 instead of 8000, but tit didn´t work that way. What must I do in order to be able to log into the NVR from the public IP address and be cable to view all camera feed?
  27. Does any solved this issue? I also have same problem.
  28. Currently have 12 IP cameras running in a Blue Iris system and have been trying to integrate some legacy analog cameras using encoders for over a year now.. Purchased two different rack mount, multi-channel, encoders that I have not been able to get functioning. The rack unit IP addresses show up in my network, but not able to view video or identify the individual IP channels. One encoder unit is an Axis with 3 different multi-channel cards and the other is a multi-channel Verint. Not much success Googling the web for reference materials on setting up these devices, other than owner manuals. Changing the analog cameras to IP ones will be difficult due to their current installations. I understand current NVR/DVR systems that have analog inputs will not integrate individual IP video channels with Blue Iris, so I have not tried that. Obviously trying to prevent buying more and more things that do not solve the problem or achieve my goals. If anyone with experience can help with known issues using encoders with Blue Iris or with these encoders on specific OS platforms, I would greatly appreciate some input and will provide specific details as needed.
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