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  2. Hello to all,After firmware update I can't log into my NVR.It is a Dahua DHI-NVR4208-4K NVR, older model of Dahua and anywhere I searched for support was different models like 4208-4K2/L.After the firmware update it remembers it's IP Address, but now I cannot login - available accounts for login: 888888, admin, 666666There is a button on the motherboard, but holding it ~30 sec. doesn't make a change.Tried all the previous passwords, or even the factory defaults but I still can't log into.It is on the 3x UI.Thanks for helping!
  3. Passi


    Hallo, Ich benutze einen 8 Kanal avc 796ha. Das Problem: Bei Kanal 6,7 und 8 wird " Bild gedeckt" über das Kamerabild geschrieben. Warum ist das so und wie kann ich das ausschalten?
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  6. I have a couple of icatch DVR's that seem to work, however, I can not finish bench testing because the admin password is unknown and it is not 123456 I know there is a way to get a temporary password by using a formula with the the run time or date on the machine I don't remember the steps
  7. Over the passed year, I have been using several 8MP Hikvision ColorVu bullet cameras to do biodiversity field research in the mountain forests of Western North Carolina. These cameras (DS-2CD2087G2-LU) are able to record beautiful color footage in very low light situations better than any other camera I know of, and this is exactly what I've needed to be able to do. So far, my setup has been: camera connected to TP-Link router, POE adapter connected to AC power bank and to the camera, ThinkPad laptop (Windows 10) connected to router, Verizon Jetpack wireless broadband modem for internet connection, and two portable AC power banks. And I've been using the Hikvision SADP tool to launch the camera, then, in the Live View browser tab, I've edited the cameras' configuration settings and controlled their recording. This has worked very well for me. Now, I need go deeper into the woods and record in more remote areas of the forest, where there in no cell service and no internet access. So, I need to set up everything to be able to record to the cameras' memory card, and/or to my laptop's hard drive. This seems like it would be something that is fairly easy to do; but I haven't found any clear and accurate instructions on how to do this, either on Hikvision's website or on the wider web. I'm hoping someone here might know either specifically, or even generally speaking, how to do what I'm needing to do.
  8. gm3guard-nospam@mypostoffi

    Floureon system

    Hi I have been locked out of my floureon CCTV system. Tried to get a reset password from Floureon and like many other have had no reply from either E-mail or facebook. Has anyone got an idea on how to resolve this issue
  9. Alex9087

    Password forgot

    Hello everyone, not sure that I posted on the right forum, I lost the password, I'm trying to upload a picture to show better the model, but keep saying that the file it's too big, however it's a oyn-x kestrel 1080, could anyone help me please? Many thanks.
  10. IEEE 802.3af and 802.3at only use two of the four pairs. As long as your camera uses one of these PoE/PoE+ standards, you should be able to use one of these splitters. One splitter has a female RJ-45 which connects to your second camera through a patch cable. The figure on Amazon has it backwards- while it would work, who has two cameras really close to each other.
  11. Hello Friends, i noticed that my IP Camera doorbell thingi does not send push messages to my mobile anymore, that happens all the time and often a restart of the system helps out but once per year .... there is no function anymore... it seems that the android app dissapears in the google store ... no gDMMS Plus anylonger ?!?!??! so how can i update the app or can revive the push functionality ?! is there any solution ? P.S. looking via internet at the cam is possible
  12. I have a KGuard H.264 SHA-108v2 DVR with 6 cameras attached and displaying on an in-house monitor (ie no remote/web access). They all work fine during the day, but at approx 9pm every night, three of them no longer display/record..and then, without any intervention, they come back on again at approx 05:30am next day. There's no obvious issue with power supply to the affected cameras (eg no timers on the electricity supply and the infra-red LEDS on the cameras are still on), no-one else has access to the DVR and I can't find any timer-related settings for the individual cameras or the DVR. Can anyone offer any suggestions re cause and solution? Also, is there any way that the OSD can be set to switch to full screen when motion is detected on one of the cameras, rather than having the grid display? It works in full screen for each camera when set in 'camera rotate' mode. Thanks in anticipation Mike
  13. Haggis!!

    Player for .dmd video files

    Paul, Are you able to share one o fthe files? I may have a solution for the .dmd files.
  14. abel1303

    Best Wireless Camera

    It offers HD video quality, night vision, and two-way Mini Crossword audio, allowing you to hear and speak to anyone near the camera. It is wireless and can be connected to your router for easy setup and remote viewing using the Ring app.
  15. Attempt to record video footage onto the 128GB card and monitor the rankdle camera's performance. Check if the camera can consistently write data to the card without any issues or interruptions.
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  17. Hi, I have just bought a Sannce cctv recorder system and could do with some advice please, the DVR did not come with a hard drive, so i need to install my own, this is something i can do ok, but I need to know the names and types of the cables that i need to connect the drive to the PCB of the recorder. any help please, thanks in advance
  18. Hello Guys, Currently at my home running with Xiaomi wireless Camera x 2, Dahua Camera x 2 , Imou wireless Camera x 3 , ACTI camera x 2 and I have a Xiaomi Smart Home with some wireless PIR & door sensor Act as home alarm system. The problem is - CCTV even Dahua NVR or Imou Apps Smart alert only allow you select by period schedule to do trigger to your phone (which alot of time is incorrect , because we doesn't have fix time period) a) the only time maybe is sleeping time (1am-5am) , if I configure alert trigger base on this period , Day time CCTV won't alert I was thinking whether possible to do integration between Xiaomi Smart Home Arm or DisArm integrate with Dahua / Imou or others system , Objective is during Alarm Arm mode only to do push notification I'm not sure possible to use Home Assistant to close the gap
  19. I'll swap them over. Wouldnt be able to get long power cables dropped in where the new cameras are going
  20. creakyislands

    Can’t find a compatible DVR

    I’m trying to integrate into home assistant so I can move away from the 3rd party cloud app. Based in the UK
  21. Hi they are compatible…… poc just means power over coax …… all you need is a power supply to each camera
  22. Ok thanks. Had given supplier my pvr unit and told me they were compatible. I'll return them and look for poc Thanks
  23. Hi …. All you need to do is add power to the cameras you have listed …. A seperate power supply because the cameras you have listed are not POC
  24. tomcctv

    Can’t find a compatible DVR

    Hi why are you looking at using RSTP feed ? we’re are you located
  25. creakyislands

    Can’t find a compatible DVR

    Does anyone have any suggestions? These are the cameras but I can get close to check the brand. IMG_1440.pdf
  26. SerengetiLion

    Cameras keep going offline

    I wanted to tell everyone how I solved my problem of the cameras keep going offline. I went into the system menu and factory reset everything. After that they haven't been offline since, that was a few weeks ago.
  27. I have a DS-7216HUHI-K2 / P hikvision 16 4k channel pvr. At present I have 9 PoC cameras connected (with all 16 ports enabled) to the system. I wanted to add 2 more but am struggling. Ive created new leads from the same cable, and bought in pre made leads, but the cameras are never detected or come on. I'm not sure if the new cameras need to be enabled, switched on etc to make work? Or if there is only specific cameras that work. I've tried x3 different camera models and none worked THC-T250 5MP 2.8mm Turbo HDTHC-T250 5MP 2.8mm Turbo HDUHD 4K 8MP DS-2CE78U1T-IT3F UK Is there a specific camera that works with this pvr or is there something I'm missing in the setup to enable the cameras?
  28. tomcctv

    HD-CVI bullet camera to SD?

    Hi …… HD and SD. Are high def and standard def ….. this would not help you … cvi tvi ahd are all digital signals and can’t work on your capture card as it’s analog only als HD and SD is not a analog option if your pc is only used for your cameras then 4in1 dvr is the better option and much better quality plus view from any device dvr and monitor is the same as using pc and monitor any 4in 1 will work just make sure it’s a 5mp 4in1 dvr. also something to look at …. Your cvi cameras don’t need a power supply as there power over coax so will start saving you money on power over time
  29. Paulski

    HD-CVI bullet camera to SD?

    No the computer is only being used for the one task. that was my thought to buy a cheap 4-1 DVR, use the OSD to change the camera setting from HD-CVI to CVI using the DVR and then unplug the cameras from the DVR and back into the computer. will any 4-1 DVR work or do I need to look for something specific? thanks! paul
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