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  2. Hi to all, does anyone know what happened to URCCTVSTORE? I have some mini nvrs which where never used and now i am looking for latest firmware updates and protocols and i cannot find anything!!! Please anyone who has N6200-8E and N6200-4E latest firmwares and I12 protocols, who is kind to share.. thanks in advance!
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  4. I think Tom has the better solution.
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  6. Hi. I would look at optex duel sensors they are a standard used on boats large and small
  7. i would think about going old school. cover parts of the deck with outdoor carpet and install pressure switches. that way the weight of a bird does not trip anything but a person would
  8. I have setup a Tiandy NVR CCTV system on a large houseboat. We have also setup a security system. The houseboat is unattended a great deal of the time. We need to detect trespassers on the front and rear decks of the boat. The owner has had troubles with uninvited guests using the decks for parties etc. So far no breakins but that will be only a matter of time. PIR's fitted front and rear were causing many false alarms as there are often birds like brolga's and pelicans wandering on the decks. I decided to try and use the cameras to detect humans on the decks. I setup tripwire sensors on the Tiandy cameras but these are also being tripped by the birds despite specifying people as the target. I was wondering if the Forum gurus maybe able to offer any possible solutions which will eliminate the false trips or suggest any other solution that maybe available. Regards Graeme
  9. jeromephone

    School Football Field Camera System

    a school system we do work for just installed a commerical system that provides the camera wireless and setup streaming I believe it was called Pixellot
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  11. tomcctv

    LED String strobe light

    Hi look for alarm box strobe lights on amazon also it’s not always good to alert people to a location of a camera
  12. tomcctv

    School Football Field Camera System

    Hi. What is your budget. Broadcasting is going to be expensive just on its own ... network infrastructure to allow many people to watch a system to be security and broadcast are two completely different systems ptz is fine for security but not to follow player and ball running down a pitch A standard ptz can’t keep up. the closest type of system would be a high MP camera with E-ptz and you would only need 4 cameras for the whole system. but you need a good system
  13. fishingmaniac

    School Football Field Camera System

    Anyone with experience designing a new school football field camera system? I’m wondering how many cameras and their locations to best provide 100% coverage and if these can be used to broadcast games too? Would fixed work or would you need PTZ? These would primarily be used for 24/7 security.
  14. Can someone tell me how my router's upload speed has influence on the ability of my wireless cams to connect with the "network? I realize that the upload speed has a very direct impact on streaming images "to the outside world" - but does an upload speed also influence a camera's ability to simply connect? I'm sure there's much more to it than I currently comprehend. Thanks much, Jim
  15. where i can get the strobe lights for IP pole camera lot's of companies are using blinking blue & red Mini led strobe lights Quote
  16. My elderly DVR suddenly rebooted by itself yesterday, upon (automatic) rebooting it does the usual system checks and passes them. The background video display is distorted (as if it's running at an incorrect sync rate), but the overlay graphics are fine. It then pops up "sys err 01-014" a few times before rebooting (and then doing the same again). Can anyone shed light on this error code?
  17. Found a multilanguage pack for latest SIP FW 20190305 in another forum: General_VTOXXX-data_EngDthFrnGerItlPorSpa_P_16M_SIP_PART_V4.300.0000001.0.R.20190322.bin So dutch, french, german, italian, portugese and spanish prompts are available now. Same for almost all VTH's: vth5221d_4_3_multilanguage_file.bin
  18. SurGuy


    The 2K @ 30FPS turrets that we sell are definitely our most popular camera. 200ft night vision and they record audio. The 2K image is great too. The Dahua part number is IPC-HDW4431EMN-AS-0280B-S2 and ours is MTT4104.
  19. Hi,I have the Hikvision DB-120A-IW 1080p doorbell camera setup correctly to my Hikvision DVR and the Hikvision Hik-Connect App on my iphone.For a long time everything worked fine, including the motion detection and getting a screenshot notification on the app every time somebody came to the front door.But all of a sudden, the notifications have stopped working. Although everything else still seemed fine, such as getting a 24/7 live connection to my DVR and being able to get a live feed using the app.I reset and reinstalled the doorbell and the notifications worked again for a couple of days and then stopped working again.Why is this happening?The doorbell has a good strong wifi signal as it's only 2-3 metres away from my wifi router.Cheers
  20. Hi everyone,I can not configure email on my dahua dvr. I have try different ways but the same thing test error happen please let me know how to configure it and i have some questions?1.Do i have to change anything in TCP/IP part?2.Is it a must to use a static or dhcp ip adress?3.What about dns server?4.How to fill email part in dvr menu as in the photo?
  21. Good Afternoon Can anyone offer me guidance on how to retrieve my online cctv user name and password for an Alhua CCTV system. Attached I is a screen shot of the of the log on page
  22. Kmag454


    I’m interested in turrets due to the fact I need the wide angle and the majority of the cameras are facing towards the sun therefore dimes wouldn’t be my best bet
  23. SurGuy

    Dahua Supplier

    Montavue.com is a US based Dahua OEM
  24. SurGuy


    You will have better luck with an NVR. Higher resolution, frame rate, more features. I would also advise that license plates are all about where you mount the camera, especially at night. If you get cameras with good IR light you should be able to ID at night. 4K cameras will also make a digital zoom much more useful. I don't know a ton about hikvision, but the company I work for is a Dahua OEM and I can tell you they make quality cameras that won't break the bank. I would be happy to recommend a system if you let me know what style of cameras you are looking for (bullet, dome, turret, etc).
  25. scottransell

    Hikvision cameras on I phone

    I am having a issue with my Hikvision system. I have a Hikvision NVR and thirteen Hikvision cameras hooked up and all working great. When I am at home I can use my I phone to view remotely through the wifi with out a problem. The issue I have is when I go away from the house I can't see anything the cameras time out. I have installed all the proper port forwarding numbers to access them remotely but still when using iVMS-4500 other then in the house off the wifi it doesn't work. Before I was using EZ camera view before and had no issues with that but something changed and I lost all of it. I know there is something blocking it but not sure what. I have put the four numbers in my ISP as well as my router. I read something about scanning something on my NVR which I have seen a bar code for this so was wondering is this something I need to do or is there something I am missing to view my cameras outside of my place away from the wifi
  26. Hi all After following these forums for quite a while, i think i will take the plunge and finally get a cctv system for my home. I have narrowed it down to these three systems, however i am only a novice, so please feel to suggest other kits, or advice as i am always willing to listen/learn. The first kit is from amazon Which is 4 x 4MP ColourVu IP Dome cameras in white DS-2CD2347G1-LU https://cctvdirectonline.co.uk/4mp--colorvu-8-channel-poe-camera-kit-network-cameras-and-network-vidoe-recorder-18557-p.asp or do i go for the Hikvision Darkfighter 8MP -DS-2CD2385G1 https://cctvdirectonline.co.uk/new-8mp-hikvision-ds-2cd2385g1-i-8mp-ir-fixed-turret-network-camera-13802-p.asp
  27. Good morning all, firstly thanks for taking the time to read this. My dvr has just decided to stop working, cannot access my cameras, a few months ago i updated the firmware and everything has been working fine last week i tried viewing but remote playback and it said cameras offline, so i went to my dvr checked and and all the cameras and they was working ok so i did a reboot it shut down fine but then nothing came back, the power light was on the tx/rx was flashing but it said no signal, i have looked on sadp and that isn't showing anything either. I have tried to reflash using tftp server but that isn't working either i am at a loss. I just wondered if anyone has any other options before i throw it in the bin. Oh and i have tried another hdd as well. Thanks Mick
  28. hi there need some advise, I already have nvr with 8 camera, was thinking to add couple extra indoor with SD can these camera have to be connected to the nvr as I don't really what to get 16 channel one or can the camera be view separately on an other app or the online please
  29. I've read this one is locked down. Is there anything with a similar form factor that is ONVIF /Blue Iris compatible. I'd like to have a portable cam that I can place in my house and power off a USB battery pack when we are out of town. https://www.amazon.com/Wyze-Indoor-Wireless-Detection-Assistant/dp/B076H3SRXG/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=wireless+camera&qid=1571665183&sr=8-5
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