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  2. OK, update. I added a Poe injector PFT1200 but still it freezes the Nvr after the image comes thru. I'm at a loss... Any ideas ?
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  4. Hi, My 2x spotlight cameras just updated to firmware version v1.5.2 Does anyone know what the firmware update actually does? Thank you
  5. Do any installers have tips for improving light leakage from integrated IR on Axis domes? I recently purchased a new P3364-LVE as I only need 1.3 MP in my application. I am getting a nice halo around the view when the camera is in night mode with IR on. I have two other cameras of the same model that don’t have this issue... on those cams the hood is making a nice seal with the dome. I’ve tried repositioning the hood a bit but it won’t seal up tight. Any installer tips? I did install the camera module into an existing camera housing for a P3364 non LVE version, as they appeared to be identical. Could that be an issue?
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  7. Hi Tom, The camera was on 1080p and h264. Indeed I use the Poe from the nvr, could that be the problem ? Also if I buy a Dahua DH-PFT1200 poe injector , can I just hook it up between the poe nvr and camera ?
  8. Hi. You are going to have compatibility problems with the mix of equipment you are using. set all your cameras to 1080p as your nvr can’t run with the mix of 3mp and 4mp cameras also your new ptz has to be set to h264 ..... for your recorder as it will not run smooth on h265 which is what your ptz camera is factory set to from new also are you running the ptz as Poe or separate power supply. a 7 year old nvr has limits and your pushing it too hard
  9. jeromephone

    Miniature Coax Cable for CCTV?

    if cable is the right impedence it will work. many lower cost systems use the smaller cable. i would be concerned with cable quality and length.
  10. Hello, I have a cctv system with a Dahua NVR5208-P and 5 dahua 3mp ip camera's about a month ago I added a Dahua PTZ SD22404T GN camera to the system. I had some problems trying to get the PTZ to connect to the NVR, after looking around I found out that I had to change the IP adres of the PTZ camera. After I did that it came up and worked great, until last week. I noticed that my system kept on rebooting, It would reboot all the fixed v=camera's came up a couple of seconds later the PTZ and then the system freezes, and after 1 or 2 minutes the NVr reboots. I disconnected the UTPS cable from my NVR and everything works great again, no more freeze ups and no more reboots, the moment I plug in the UTPS cable with the PTZ camera it freezes and reboots again. It is strange that everything worked good for a month and then this problem started. I did a reset and formatted the HDD again but the problem stays. What could be wrong here ???
  11. Hello, so I know coaxial cables like RG59 and even RG6 are widely used for CCTV cameras, but what about smaller coax cables like the types used in cars? For example if you take apart a BMW back panel to expose the antenna amplifier, there is a small 1/8" coax cable running the length of the car. Could something like this be used for CCTV video? It would be useful for reducing cable bulkiness, not having to drill such big holes in walls to run cable bundles, etc. Input appreciated, thx.
  12. Hi I was wondering where I could purchase a Replacement remote for Wisenet XR-1610s NVR in the UK? The model number on the remote is EP10-000331A When googling it, a few come up with Samsung printed on the remote, my remote doesn't say Samsung...and the compatibility list doesn't show my recorder.....
  13. tube tech

    Help with remote remote property

    Trail cams. Designed to blend into trees. See trailcampro.com You want a no glow cam
  14. https://www.hikvision.com/mtsc/uploads/product/accessory/UD09611B_Baseline_User_Manual_of_Network_PTZ_Camera_V5.5.7_20180328(22).pdf page 97 restore to default
  15. I have several DS-2CD2332-I cameras mounted and set for VBR, 4096kbit/s bandwidth. They are recorded continuously with a VMS and each minute of video is a little less than 30 megabytes, regardless time of day. I also have one DS-2CD2335-I mounted in a similar environment and with the same settings as much as I can, as there are slight differences between the two. This one generates a little less than 25 megabytes/minute of video during the daytime, but then DROPS to about half that during night and returns to 25 MB/min during daytime. At first this sort of makes sense because night images are not in color, but the information I could find about this behavior (not Hikvision specific) says bandwidth typically INCREASES at night with higher levels of noise. But, then the 2332 cameras do not do this. Is this simply a difference in the h264 codec between each model? The night image looks ok, and it actually would be nice if all cameras did this to save on storage space.
  16. Does anybody know where I can find the reset button on the Hikvision DS-2DE4A425IW-DE PTZ Camera? I removed the dome and found the Micro-SD slot, and the serial (debug) port, but I can't seem to find the reset button?! Any ideas where to look? Thanks!
  17. Hi to all, and thanks for reading this message I bought from a Chinese famous vendor an Ezviz CS-DP1 Smart Door Viewer Camera made by HIKVISION Works but does not work with the EZVIZ APP that must show the camera when someone push the bell or is near the camera/bell and record its video on the internal microSD but also send an alarm on a smartphone and video output through internet wherever we are. Problem are CHINESE servers on it maybe, I need to enter via TELNET or PUTTY and make some mods or hacks Its a very nice DOOR VIEWER MAYBE THE BEST ON THE MARKET BUT THIS CHINESE VERSION HAS THIS LACK THAT I NEED TO SOLVE in order to see video also on my EZVIZ APP ON MY SMARTPHONE. The door camera connects to my local router WiFi without problems but it seems it is locked and not visible by the app that tries to search on the local network. I think it is locked to Chinese servers. I Saw something here in this forum for hacking an EZVIZ Camera, and mybe we can do the same: And I found something usefull here: https://bkeesti.ee/upload/Hikvision/HowTo/x2 How to/How to.pdf EZVIZ1.1 How to find the challenge code of Ezviz CameraStep1: Log in the camera, the User Name is ‘admin’, the Password is ‘12345’ by default. NICE THINGS HERE 😎😎: https://bkeesti.ee/upload/Hikvision Who can help me? Thanks in advance
  18. dc2000

    What happened to this camera?

    Thanks. I couldn't even get to it. It literally "fixed itself" overnight. Would faulty power supply be the culprit?
  19. Hi Tom. Don't be mislead by the change in IP address. I changed it myself as a part of the diagnostic process. The .236 address is what I have used for years and the .10 is the default I reset it to. But I now have it back on .236 and it's been running for nearly 24 hours now without dropout. DHCP is not enabled. It is without doubt that I had a contact deterioration with one of the connectors within the DVR itself. Resolved by taking the connectors off and making numerous reconnects before putting it back together. Anyway, I am obviously interested in the security thing. I did have to change the IP address in the CMS to connect to the dvr. I assumed that meant that I was in fact only connecting within my local network. You clearly know way more about this than I so can you comment on that please. Given that I have deliberately changed the IP and had to search for and add the DVR in the CMS setup, does that mean I am indeed only on my local network? I don't like the idea of any connection to China so even if I am happily on my own network at home I would also like to see the CCTV on my phone from anywhere. Any suggestions on the best Android app and setup there is very welcome. I have used 'vMEyecloud' before but don't currently have that set up and that certainly sounds like a China link there. I guess there are better choices. Comments eagerly invited. Thanks, Les
  20. Hi. Check your log on your router .... then check the ip address the same time you have the problem xmeye monitors your system from China and that slows down your system cleaning your connections won’t change your local IP address .... which means you have DHCP is always active in your dvr network settings which is not good your two images also shows that your network security is a problem your first shows your local ip as your second image shows it as yet it still allows you to login without you having to change anything ....... you should not of been able to of used your CMS you are not connecting to your dvr with your local ip ...... you are always connecting to xmeye cloud server which is China based and not a good idea
  21. Hi. I'm pleased to say that hours later it is still running without disconnects. Clearly one of the connectors inside the DVR was the issue and removing and refitting them all a few times to clear the metal to metal contacts has worked. Yes, I'm using Xmeye on my two PCs . Exact version of CMS as per attached pic. I'd be very interested to know if there are any workable alternatives though!
  22. Hi, Need to install camera to an existing DVR system. Existing system is 14 analog cameras going via Siamese cable to DVR and power source… Trying to add a new camera in the elevator. The Elevator Company has already ran a cable from Elevator cabin to one of the hallways in the building. The cable is a special cable that has the following wires inside… four : 14 AWG two: shielded pairs / 20 AWG one : coax / RG6/U NOTE THAT SINCE THIS CABLE ABOVE IS USED IN ELEVATOR THE COPPER CORE OF THE RG6 IS OF THE STRANDED TYPE….. The total length of this cable is 65 feet. No what I need to do is to make a connection to the R6 so I can attach it to the camera. Camera already has Siamese connections. Rg59/18awg power port. Also I need to connect the other end of this cable which is in the hallway to another regular Siamese cable which will run another 120 feet. (20AWG solid copper core with 18/2 power ) Problem is I can’t find the special BNC connector for Rg6 to be used with Stranded copper core. Can I Use coaxial baluns on both ends of that that 60 feet elevator cable? Do I need to find special BNC that I need to solder the pin to stranded core? Attached is the rough diagram I drew…hope it helps.
  23. Just looks like your up has changed... see what happens in a day or so. i see your unit uses Xmeye software are you using any other devices to view your system and who’s cms are you using
  24. Thanks for your input guys. However, and I'm hoping I haven't spoken too soon but I think I cracked it! Not for the first time I have dragged the DVR out of the cupboard and taken it apart. First time was just to change the battery out for a new one as the date wasn't being held. This time I dragged it out and pulled all the internal connections to the board and hard drive. Worked the connectors on and off a few times before putting it all back together. So far I have only one entry on the log; 'Connect successful'. It's only been fifteen minutes but not a single disconnect!! Previously I'd have had about four or more by now. Time will tell but for now, fingers crossed. It's always possible of course that my misfortune and action to hopefully resolve this will benefit someone else some time. Thanks for being here for me guys, it's been emotional
  25. Hi. Which cms are you using. also are you viewing your system from any other devices like phone or pad.
  26. Hi. Thanks. I thought that might be the case so I have changed the IP address to various others but it makes no difference. This is so driving me mad! I had an old router configured as an access point in my garden office so I took the connections off that and fitted a new unmanaged switch on a new cat7 cable run back to the house where the main router is. I left the old router in the office on the old cat 6 cable back to the main router in the house so I get WiFi for my phone. Nothing else is connected to it now. That didn't help so today I have fitted a new router in the house. That hasn't helped either! The new router (Netgear AC1900 Nighthawk) has a facility to see attached devices. I can see all the IP addresses and there appears to be no obvious conflict. I don't know why this is now a problem. The original setup had been working well for over four years. I have the CCTV display in view as I speak and it freezes and drops out every few minutes. I see someone come to the door, it freezes and then when it reappears the person has gone! I know not where, presumably gone away but who knows lol. I'm grateful for any help on this!!
  27. soulfly83

    hello from scotland

    Sorry vid was set to private, fixed now
  28. is it possible you have a duplicate ip address between the dvr an another device on the network
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