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    Hi. Yes you need a analytics camera and if recorder which attributes your looking for but if your looking at buying wizsense (Ai) I would not buy just yet ….you could be wasting your money
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    Hi. Not a problem ….. we all learn everyday hold you to the beer I have a few customers there …… church wine bar and a few petrol stations
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    No it’s because you have wired your rj45 wrong I would also say get a new tester ….. because 12345678 will show two faults how many testers did you use
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    Hi. Which colour code did you use on your rj45
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    Hi. Until you wire your rj45 correctly then your not going to fix your problem your camera will not communicate and will not have a IP address assigned all network cables need to be wired correctly
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    Hi. Yes this is a big issue your cameras will not work …. They can’t communicate with the network T-568B is how you must wire your rj45s
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