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    HI...I use a basic ROV (remotely operated Vehicle). I record subsea inspections for clients who vary from boat owners to civil engineering assets. The commercial system we used for recording the rov video failed and is very expensive to replace. All I need need is a cctv dvr that records the rov video in, but be able to type on text to the screen the component being inspected. Any advise would be appreciated.
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    Hello I bought a model VTO2000A Videophone intercom. I accidentally Entered the wrong password three times. Unfortunately I can not get in because i scive blocked user. How can I return to factory reset? very kind people who want to help thank you
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    So what does your link have to do with ring ? cctv company and you don’t know the difference between a smart cam and a cctv cam subscription based cameras are just a waste of money
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    HI John how are you Dear .....
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    Hey everyone! Im newbie. Nice to meet you all in this thread.
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    Hmm... perhaps nobody love me.
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    Hello! My name is Daniel and I've started a corporate youtube channel recently. I'm quite sure the things that my company does can be done in a much more interesting way and that is why I'm in it. I want to ask for your help and advice, opinion. The channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbwFM-MBCq1v_8uL6XgVMJg I'm doing reviews regarding security technologies and surveillance systems, such as IP-cameras, network recorders, various alarms, burglar sensors and etc. As I'm new to all of this, I know there's a lot of things that I can improve and I've recieved reviews saying the videos I've done are boring. What do you think? How do you see it as a person related to these areas? Consumer, an employee? I'm planning the feed widening with a DIY's and Howto's video topics, security news, storytelling, different technologies and techniques explanations, comparisons, pros/cons and the rest of things. What would you like to watch regarding the topic? Suggestions? Grade my work please. I'll be glad to hear your opinion, whether it is negative or positive, a raw criticism, just anything! Thank you.
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    Well since your just using the forum as a advert I’ll be honest again. Its a bad as company that does not know what there selling or a history of a company on products you sell. Ezviz is another hik name and been going 10 years. The camera you demo is not new it’s 4 years old. Also reason why only sold in China is it was withdrawn from most other countries..... another cheap camera that’s only used for China to collect data...... it’s not security it’s a snoop device no recording no sd card .... just footage going off to China 3rd party can watch and hear what’s going on in your home. What’s different in videos ....... all you have done is add graphics and jokes and sunglasses...... nothing that makes reviews better. How is about doing another review on that ezviz camera on were IP address is sending customers data ...... talk about ezviz storage ...... talk about how it punches a hole in customers own network ..... reviews should be honest ........ not just get excited because they sent you one free
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    @tomcctv Thank you actually! I'm getting more and more reviews telling me I'm making boring stuff. The criticism kind of cheers me up and you're tottaly right. That videos were made to "fill the channel with something" and now I see that wasn't a good move. I got a new video released yesterday on a brand new Hikvision's subbrand consumer line camera that is not sold anywhere except in China at the moment. I've tried harder this time and made it more entertaining. What do you think about that one? I've added a lot of new things there. Thank you.
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    Fantastic I have been looking for something to make me fall asleep for years .... your vids do the trick. You are giving so much bad information on at least 3 videos (sorry I started to nod off then) take your vid on dahua 4K mini ...... the audio on the back is not from cameras ..... it’s 1 local mic and 1 local speaker audio on ip systems is based in the camera data with audio enabled cameras. Every man man and his dog are doing cctv YouTube some do it excellent some very bad... yours are more a advert for out of date products ...... 3 weeks ago you did a video of a 1.3 mp camera ....... others did vids on 1.3mp years ago. Need a coffee now to wake up a little
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    An accomplished International B2B Media Sales professional with multi-channel experience (Print / Web / Data / Events) and a passion for product development.
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    Hi, I've worked in the industry for 20 + years before changing career direction about 15 years ago, so I just dabble in cctv at my own home now!
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    You are welcome.Avalonthas
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    I have been a lurker for a few months now, gaining the confidence to dabble in CCTV. Now its time to go to work Looking forward to learning from everyone and hopefully in due time sharing with everyone else
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    I forgot the password for my Dvr and want to reset it. but there is no dvr reset button. I searched on google but no success. My Dvr brand is avtech, Product no ST-DVR7508V. Please help me . thanks in advance
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    Boogieman, this is Dahua , not Hikvision! I suggest upgrading firmware to the latest version, setting strong passwords (mix uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters) and changing ports. Works on Hikvision, hope it works on Dahua too. This happens on systems running with default passwords and ports, no special backdoor needed. Newer versions of Hikvision firmwares do not allow simple passwords, and that's it.
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    Hi. No don’t update Remove your no ip account Your using the Apollo ... good system Delete your no ip and follow the link I have sent to your PM Much more secure and protected
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    Cheers Tomcctv much appreciated I use no-ip and set it up myself Someone advised I set up a vpn but don't know how much money and effort required. Do i need to update firmware on cameras as well as the apollo?
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    Hacked twice Russia and from Argentina
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    Hi. You only need to forward port 37777 and don’t portforward anything else. Also reload your app as another was released Thursday It does not matter re doing ports of passwords if you don’t also change your IP address. If you want someone to phone you at home you give them your telephone number It’s the same with your IP address it’s like the telephone to your Network once someone has it they can use it. A full router reset is also a good idea Which ddns service did you use ...... did you set it up ? Also check your PM I have sent you a message and you need to act on it
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    I have looked at the logs and this is the first time I was hacked. The day before some IP in Russia logged in and out and then the next day was hacked by IP address in Argentina Then hacked again IP address in Ukraine. This time changing names of cameras with message to update firmware? - friendly hacker?
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