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    DVR controlling PTZ over LAN , WAN

    What device(s) are necessary to complete the schematic if using DVR to control PTZ on a LAN? I have never finished this sort of installation. There must be some sort of controlling device. If I were to use 24vac as the PT power, there must be a PC board that would convert the signal from the DVR to control the PT with 24vac. Would this connection use the rs232 or the rs485 from the DVR? Any help here? The PTZ controllers I have seen installed use a rs495 connection, as far as I have seen . Would that be a more "simpler" way to go (with a controller instead of using the DVR)? Thanks.
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    Satellite Internet Transmission Cameras

    No DSL at location of property. No cable also. SBC did state " ISDN available". Not sure if that would be faster than dial-up or? I guess that is why I was thinking about the Satellite Internet. Have heard about poor upload speed, though, just don't know anyone who has tried and failed, but at least tried. Will definitely purchase and install something though. Just not going to let house and property sit idle and vacant to let local hoodlums take advantage of the place. Too far to drive every day. About 4 hours one way. Have heard of "Construction Cams" on the web, so will check into this a little further. Need to do my homework on that though. Any more suggestions on this?
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    Satellite Internet Transmission Cameras

    Thanks! Sort of stuck here on this one. I am beginning the home building process, and my new home is about 3 hours away. Need to keep an eye on things, as this property is sort of remote. Not too remote, though. Have power and phone lines, but that's all. Checked into different Internet options, but it seems that Satellite is only option. Not worth spending a hundred thousand to build a house (or much more) to have someone come and destroy the home in progress. Or have contract employee steal materials. Any suggestions here? Thanks again.
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    Spam, not sure if intentional or not but deleted for that. -Thomas
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    MDVR G4-4X

    Hello! Yes, I have put in several of these GEN4JPG2000 DVR's in the last few months. No problems yet. I even have one at my own home, a 4 channel model. The one issue I had with all of them, is the space needed for recording at highest view. I ended up installing (on most of them) two (2) 250 GIG hard drives, in order to get a week or so recording. I have yet to get back to anyone on the "remote viewing" capabilities. I need to get mine "online" first, though. I previously had an older model 4 channel DVR Mux, with JPEG . The GEN4JPG2000 is head and shoulders over it. But that is my own personal view. Glad I bought it!!
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    Cheap DVR J2000

    I have put in several of these GEN4JPG2000 DVR's. Love them. I even have one myself at my home. For the price (under $xxx) they are the best I found in their "class". One note, I did have to add two (2) 250 GIG hard drives in most of them, so this original cost went up a couple hundred bucks or so, after the new hard drives. Search around, and you can get one for less than $xxx. Thanks! [edit by mod - please only retail end user pricing]