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    rg59u twist on bnc problem

    If any of the wires in the RG59 are touching, you should be able to tell by taking your Volt/Ohm Meter and check on the opposite end. Should be Infinity on non-bnc end.
  2. If you bought this unit in 2004, unless you have downloaded video before, this unit might use the USB port only for "updating" purposes, and not for video capture. Some newer DVR's come with 2 USB ports, 1 for "upgrades" and 1 for video capture download to thumb drive. Check with your instruction manual to make sure.
  3. cachecreekcctv

    Suggest a stand-alone DVR - Home use

    I agree on the JPEG2000 models for residential/light commercial . I have one at my home, been running for years now. Other than the remote view capabilities, I can't knock this DVR. Pretty well built, plus I like the 64X control knob on the front. Just my opinion.
  4. cachecreekcctv


    I am sure you didn't cut the power cable while it was on , right? If you only "cut" the video cable, you can do a temporary splice on the center solid wire, and the outer sheathing wire, in order to troubleshoot. I always carry my Fluke meter with me. Disconnect video cable on both ends, and you should not have any continuity between the inner and outer wire on the video cable.
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    protecting DVR from theft

    I have an old Time=Lapse VCR in my living room, next to the TV, with a big label on it that reads " Security DVR". Most burglars are teenagers, and probably have no idea what a Digital Recorder looks like. Just a thought.
  6. cachecreekcctv

    Pulling Video off AVTech 761

    The only way you are going to get 200G to view, is to get another Avtech DVR and put that Hard Drive in it, in order to view the video. 200 gigs is way too much video to put on anything but a hard drive. A normal DVD is not even 5 gigs. No one could watch 40 DVD's, even in a week. Good luck with that.
  7. cachecreekcctv

    Youtube video

    Just uploaded some new video to Youtube. I also have some older video (2007) on there also. If anyone wants to see. Avermedia EB1504 and OEM IR bullet. Go to Youtube and search for "newspaper thief". Once you find that, you can find the rest of my videos. I have the 4 door Tundra in the driveway, and the Jetskis on the side yard.
  8. cachecreekcctv

    Youtube video

    I have properties in Clearlake Oaks, Lucerne, and Nice. One is right on the Cache Creek just off the 20. Used to hunt Ukiah/Willits area in the 70's. One of my properties overlooks Clear Lake . Fantastic view. Just not too many jobs in that part of the state. Sorry , a little off the subject.
  9. cachecreekcctv

    Youtube video

    Have several. The front of my house, for the last 2 years, has been the "camera test position". Even had 6 cameras, at one time, on my front porch, looking at same shot, in order to field test the differences. That is how I got to what I have on my house today. I am always asked " what do your cameras look like". Since I can't use a customers' video, I decided to use my home "shots". I found lots of differences in all cameras. I found a $99 camera that will outdo a $250 camera anyday. I "stabilized" my residential installs down to 2 or 3 different models of cameras, depending on the environment and placement. Those cameras on my house are $99 and have been going strong over 2 years now. Gave all the other "junk" away to friends, including the $250 model.
  10. Are you using Seagate hard drive in this unit by chance ? One reason I switched to primarily Avermedias, was their tech support. Never had one problem with returning emails or support. Anyway, check your HD and see what make/model it is. If it is Seagate, try changing to another manufacturer such as WD or Maxtor . I don't Seagate HD's in my Avermedias. Got this from Avermedia Tech support.
  11. cachecreekcctv

    averdigieb1504 mpeg4 security dvr

    Bottom line, first step of troubleshooting would be to insure that there is always adequate voltage to DVR. Spend the money and get a quality UPS to back up this DVR. One that will keep input voltage stable. Find an APC, Tripplite, or Ultra UPS, somewhere on the web. At least 1000va or more. One more thing, are you by chance using Seagate HD in this unit? I stopped using Seagate HD's in the Avermedias after I had 2 problems right in a row. I called and spoke with Andy at Avermedia, and he stated that they did not recommend the series of Seagate that I had. Don't ask me why, after I started using the Maxtor and WD drives, never had another issue.
  12. cachecreekcctv

    Youtube video

    I found most of my "paper thieves" by downloading the video to my laptop, then driving around my housing tract , over 400 homes so it takes awhile. Found all of them. One guy was so amazed that I found him, I ended up installing cameras in his fathers' workshop and auto repair business. I didn't put that video on Youtube by the way. Get a lot of business from the Youtube site, as everyone wants to know what the cameras look like during the day and at night.
  13. cachecreekcctv

    AverDigi 1304Net Issue

    You will get that message on the screen right after power has been restored. The unit is still recording, just that message is displayed. The DVR will boot itself back up, it is just that you will get this message right in the middle of the screen. It should read "press any key to continue". I almost always have a UPS behind any DVR, and even the camera power supply. APC, Tripplite, and Ultra are the only ones I have ever used.
  14. cachecreekcctv

    averdigieb1504 mpeg4 security dvr

    When you state "stops recording after a few hours, or a day or so", which is it specifically? A few hours or a DAY or so? Hard to believe Avermedia would not help you. Can always get help from them, here in the USA. Are you losing power to the unit itself possibly? I have installed many of these EB1504's and never once had a problem. Have one running 24/7 at my home. Need a little more specifics on the problem(s). Let me know.
  15. I take a 20 foot length of 1/2" schedule PVC and tape the cable to one end. Open up the first ceiling tile or two, and the PVC bends enough (use schedule 40) to allow the cable/wire to go under ducting, etc. About the cheapest way to do it. The PVC will "skim" across the top of the ceiling tile supports, most of the time. Ceilings are always full of ducts, conduit, piping, etc. etc.
  16. cachecreekcctv

    Anyone ever Heat Shrink RG59?

    Forgot to mention the Rubber-weld tape also. I use it on most High voltage motor connections (nothing to do with CCTV) . Can stretch quite a ways around. 3M makes it . Much easier to take off than regular electric tape, no residue. Can be wound pretty tight and probablty impervious to most non-pressurized water spray. Good alternative choice.
  17. cachecreekcctv

    Too many camera choices, is there a good review site??

    I always am amazed when someone robs a bank , in broad daylight, and the video/photos end up on the evening news, or in the local paper. The photos look so poor, that not even the robbers' Mother could recognize him. Poor camera placement, poor recording , etc. If you expect HD quality video, you would have to hire an entire crew from a movie production facility. I guess I challenge anyone to upload their videos and we will see the difference in equipment.
  18. cachecreekcctv

    are these cables recommended?

    Just remember that you should have an overcurrent device inline with each camera, etc.
  19. cachecreekcctv

    Too many camera choices, is there a good review site??

    The one thing you don't want to do, is go out and spend tons of $$ on cameras that won't work for residential. I need to upload some new video to Youtube, to show a basic residential system. I will send you a PM. Good luck.
  20. cachecreekcctv

    avc760 runs hot

    Not sure about those Avtechs', but my Avermedias also have a "punch slot" for an internal fan, but have none wired in. There is a small 2-pin Molex-type connector on the power supply, and after taking my Fluke meter to measure the voltage, it is reading 12vdc. I did attach a small fan (12vdc) in a couple of my Avermedias. In the field, I like to build my own wire-type shelf to rest them on, along with a UPS unit. The wire shelf allows better air circulation. A couple of years ago, I had bought an entire case (100) of these small (60mm) 12vdc fans , for $30 on Ebay. I use them all the time, in certain projects that I can't get the 120mm fans in.
  21. cachecreekcctv

    Vegas anyone?

    Just finished reading "Lone Survivor", so need to drive down to Boulder City Cemetery one afternoon , and pay my respects to Shane Patton, American hero . If anyone has read this book , and wants to go along, you are welcome.
  22. cachecreekcctv

    GOOO GIANTS!!!!!!!

    Congratulations to the Giants. Nothing against New England, but I was secretly hoping against the odds. As a fan of a team that left California in 1995, un-named of course, the Patriots are not on my "happy list". Wasn't too happy though, when they cut Kurt Warner.
  23. cachecreekcctv

    Suggested Camera Positions

    On a customers' store, I took a metal "ruler" that is used by machinists and attached it to the incoming door frame. I set one camera to look directly at the door, and people coming into the store. Shows height and side profile of customers entering and leaving store.
  24. cachecreekcctv

    Vegas anyone?

    Ghostbar at the Palms , and the restaurant at the top of the Stratosphere have the best views ! Still trying to get passes to Ghostbar for 6 or more. Those casinos are on the other side of the highway. Did anyone go see Fremont street last year?
  25. cachecreekcctv

    Anyone ever Heat Shrink RG59?

    I normally use shrink tubing after I get the BNC connector on , and insure it works correctly. Power connections also. I always use 3M brand only.