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    Cat5 Cable + and -

    Price, CAT5 is much cheaper.
  2. G-MEN

    Weatherproof dome ?'s

    This is a Ganz in the front of the house. Screwed it to a plywood platform I made then sealed it with silicone. You like how the paint matches? The new camera will not be as exposed as this one (new camera will be installed under the patio eave) Went ahead and ordered the KT&C, just in case. I hope it gets here soon, they start digging my pool next week. Gonna monitor them from work, make sure they don't have sticky fingers FYI most break ins occur after construction/remodels. Crews look into your house and see what you got, make sure to keep your blinds shut and your security system armed.
  3. G-MEN

    Cabling Questions

    I'd use cat5 and NVT. Check out http://www.nvt.com/ Cat5 is much cheaper and less bulky. All you need is 12 wires of cat5 and you have 48 cameras (I'd pull an extra one or two for future expansion) Plenty of room in six inch conduit for 13 cat5 cables. Good luck!
  4. Has anyone tried those Nuvico's yet? We have used the Samsung SVD-4120A, cameras are OK, expected more for the price. My tech accidently ordered the Nuvico CV-WDR266-AI, after discovering it was a CMOS camera he returned it. Trying to decide between Nuvico and KT&C; would like to continue using the pano 484's but can't... damn budget. Looking for good WDR fixed dome cameras at a reasonable price. Any input is appreciated.
  5. G-MEN

    Cabling Outdoor

    I use a weatherproof junction box and flex tubing to the camera housing.
  6. For a run that long you might have to pull up the carpet off the tack strip, run your wires, then get your self a carpet kicker and put the carpet back on the tack strip. I've done this several times. Make sure you notify your client of your plans of pulling up the carpet. What about wireless?
  7. Yea I know, I'll stop by their booth at ISC West and get the low down.
  8. Been thinking of upgrading to digital cable, but haven't because of modulation issues. Channel Vision came out with the P-0321 Digital Cable Combiner which claims to finally solve this issue. Has anybody used this yet and how are the results? http://www.channelvision.com/index/110/1
  9. I've used that Fisher Price cable caster before and I wasn't pleased with the results; first off it wasn't very accurate and the dart would get tangled around the drop ceiling support wires. Not to mention the 1 pound test line on it. We use this telescoping pole made by Grabbit. http://www.chumbo.com/Info.aspx?id=255983 it has a removable z tip and has a sleek design that doesn't get hung up on existing wires or other obstacles above the ceiling. A real time saver in long runs or runs in tight spaces.
  10. I use the 16 foot grabbit telescoping poles in applications like that. I was on a job site once and I saw these guys using a crossbow with a pullstring tied to the arrow.
  11. Interesting read. http://www.freelanceuk.com/news/2011.shtml Installers in the UK will be busy!!
  12. G-MEN

    Microphone Needed. What is a good one to get?

    Check out Louroe, we use them a lot. http://www.louroe.com/
  13. G-MEN

    Mailman leaves me more than the mail...

    Or maybe install one of those little electric fences that keep animals from eating your plants around your bushes.
  14. G-MEN


    Is anyone going to the Global Gaming Expo in Vegas Nov 14-18th? http://www.globalgamingexpo.com/App/homepage.cfm?moduleid=3400&appname=100490
  15. We changed from analog to digital 3 years ago and updated the surveillance room with a new 4 person work station console and LCD monitors. We got the 20 of the ADMNLCD20RK from American Dynamics. They are nice, but I really miss the clearity of the CRT's.
  16. G-MEN

    winter is here

    92 degrees in Phoenix yesterday..
  17. G-MEN

    Vertical Scrolling

    Check all your connections first, if you do need a ground loop isolator I use Pelco GIT100. http://www.pelco.com/products/default.aspx?id=230
  18. G-MEN

    It's time to replace the camcorder

    Just a thought, have you asked the local authorities to install speedbumps to make those morons slow down?
  19. When you repulled the cable did you use the cable from the same reel? Make a small 5 foot jumper and see if you get video from that. You could have a bad reel, I had a bad reel of 1000ft mini coax before.
  20. G-MEN

    Anyone heard of this zoom camera?

    Check out http://www.covitechnologies.com/ Covi cameras are great you can set up three ZUP (zoom under picture) zones per shot. I've used them several times and they work great. I've also seen them in use at a lot of banks here. This might be what you're looking for.
  21. An urban legend says to use your car alarm for home burglar system http://www.snopes.com/crime/prevent/caralarm.asp I guess it could work; I hope your find it as amusing as I did.
  22. After a few rainstorms our domes are covered with waterspots. Cleaning the domes is a PITA because we need a knuckle boom to reach most of the exterior cameras. I've been thinking of using some Rainex or something on the domes to minimize maintenance. What do you guys use to keep your domes clean?
  23. G-MEN

    Professional Installation of a Dome

    We took a picture of this PTZ at the Speedway casino we stayed at for the ISC show in Vegas. It was in a the parking lot... nice swingarm.
  24. I use these http://www.electronix.com/catalog/product_info.php/products_id/4084 crimp a BNC on the end of your coax and insert the connector.