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    Taiwanese Error Message

    What wrong with message error that?
  2. G-MEN

    2 monitors, 1 camera??

    I would use the looping outputs on the back of the monitor if available. I have had termination issues with T connectors in the past.
  3. G-MEN

    Good Wall Clock Camera Suggestions

    Have had good luck with the covert smoke detectors, you get more of birds eye view. You can capture the theft and identify of the thief all from one camera. I wouldn't worry about the wide angle lens or the resolution, chances are in an office enviornment everyone knows everyone and the perpetrator will be easily identified.
  4. G-MEN

    PIR Cameras

    I need to install a functioning PIR camera. I have used GE (GBC) in the past but after researching I found these http://www.yoko-tech.com/product_4.php?parent_id=42&parent_id2=55&c_id=170&cc_id=55&from=3 The specs look pretty good, has anybody used these?
  5. G-MEN

    ISC West 2006

    Saw some cool new stuff, had a couple of beers, saw some guy make 54 free throws in a row at the Northern booth!! Met cctvqueen and normicgander It is very hard to have a bad time while your in Vegas! Good show.
  6. G-MEN

    Legal Woes -

    CSI and Las Vegas have given the public unrealistic views on CCTV. When clients want something outrageous they saw on TV, I tell them "Unfortunately our equipment does not have a Hollywood button"
  7. What kind of test monitors do you use? I use a tote vision and I'm not real pleased with it. Thinking about getting a ganz PSM-02.
  8. Yes, it protects against condensation and in cold weather prevents freezer burn...No dude i'm just messin around
  9. Those are the new "Ziplock" cameras, I saw them at the ISC show
  10. G-MEN

    ISC West 2006

    We'll be there!! Where is everyone gonna meet/party?
  11. G-MEN

    Best place to get these camera's.

    I think the only way to solve this is a steel cage match in Vegas. "Two men enter, one man leave."
  12. Or you can use these instead of T adapters http://www.channelplus.com/product_detail.php?productId=36
  13. G-MEN

    How does Rory do it?

    He lives really close to Haiti, maybe he ticked off someone down there and they put a voodoo zombie spell on him Ever see the serpent and the rainbow???
  14. Unfortunately I used my debit card. I called the main office and it is the same recording as their 800#. Thanks anyway KJT. Chalk this one up to experience! Only buy from reputable distributors!!!!
  15. Unfortunately I used my debit card. I called the main office and it is the same recording as their 800#. Thanks anyway KJT. Chalk this one up to experience! Only buy from reputable distributors!!!!
  16. I think Digitally Unique went out of business, I returned that cam43 in December and they still haven't reimbursed me for it. Their website is down and I called the 800 number and it says they are closed and my E-mails go unanswered. That pisses me off!! Looks like I'm out 120 bucks Anybody got info on them??[/b]
  17. G-MEN

    Spider proof day / night switching cams ?

    Spiders are annoying, they also like to get inside motion detectors and cause false alarms.
  18. G-MEN

    Casino project

    We have an AD 1024 matrix and we use all AD PTZ's. For cameras we mainly use panasonic but we also have Ganz, Sanyo, Ultrak and ARM in use. Covi cameras are great for detail, we tried several options, but only the Covi cameras could identify the pips and the suit of the cards from a 30 foot ceiling.
  19. G-MEN

    cat5 - bnc???

    Tell him those cameras are garbage and they are not compatible with the DVR he purchased. I am not aware of any converters, if there are any it is not worth it to purchase them for such cheap cameras. He can afford a nice DVR but he can't afford decent cameras?
  20. G-MEN


    I watched Oz the first season but then we downgraded to basic cable. Great show!! Six feet under was good too. I was refeering to American Idol in my first comment, not all the other shows that were mentioned.
  21. G-MEN


    I don't get it, you guys don't watch football but you watch this CRAP.
  22. G-MEN

    Saturdays install

    One time I had a rottweiler trap me in a pantry closet during an install. I saw him walking around, he stopped and stared at me and when we made eye contact he charged. I ran and barely beat him to the pantry door. Scared the hell out of me.
  23. G-MEN

    vda recommendations?

    This is probably overkill for you but we use the Kalatel KTS-250-16 which is 16 in 64 out and rack mountable.
  24. I have to install some fixed cameras and PTZ's in a parking lot on light poles. They do not want to go wireless. The poles are roughly 6 inches in diameter and unfortunately do not have conduit in them to protect my wires. I think the wires will be too close to the power wire inside the poles and I am concerned of interfearance of running video parrallel with power. What is better to use to keep out the noise, coax or UTP? Anyone know of anything I can wrap the wires in to protect them? It is a pretty long run also, about 800ft I have used passive baluns in the past but not active, I heard good things about NVT. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  25. G-MEN

    New H.264 DVR

    me too!!