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  1. Quad will display all four cameras in one image - really only giving you (4) Cif images. Sequential will sequence 1, then 2, then 3, then 4. Then they have an option on that encoder to do (4) channels at 7FPS @ D1 each. Which is the advisable option for THAT ACTi encoder.
  2. Actually it's 240FPS @ CIF. I believe it's this unit http://computarganz.com/product_view.cfm?product_id=731
  3. As far as I'm aware, and I looked around many times for this in my previous position, there aren't any worth mentioning. Well.... there is always this: http://www.mobotix.com/eng_US/content/view/full/37540
  4. Bean00

    Spotted PTZ Wireless Install

    My friends just look at me like I'm crazy or tell me to get a life lol.
  5. Yo uare right about the PoE switch, it communicates with device, but some PoE injectors are passive and, they just inject power to the cable so it is possible to fry camera. I am gonna have to disagree with you here.. I have used many POE switches and injectors and I have never fried ANY network device with them. I have even accidently used Non-standard devices with POE devices and never fried anything. This includes POE+ injectors and network devices. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_over_Ethernet There are some companies using "dumb" injectors that just push power regardless of whether the device needs it. Look at the new outreach max from veracity for instance.
  6. Bean00

    AXIS P3346

    Well two issues with ONVIF currently: a) You have a number of companies that only partially integrate ONVIF and then it only works sometimes. Any company that can display ONVIF compliancy documents should work just fine - and it's easy to test. b) Until the recent release of ONVIF 2.0 only Video/Audio was supported. No I/O or additional features. I know we are ONVIF compliant and have tested with three ONVIF compliant VMS companies and work just fine. Sorry I don't believe it till I see it. Sent you a PM regarding this.
  7. Bean00

    AXIS P3346

    Well two issues with ONVIF currently: a) You have a number of companies that only partially integrate ONVIF and then it only works sometimes. Any company that can display ONVIF compliancy documents should work just fine - and it's easy to test. b) Until the recent release of ONVIF 2.0 only Video/Audio was supported. No I/O or additional features. I know we are ONVIF compliant and have tested with three ONVIF compliant VMS companies and work just fine.
  8. Bean00

    Pelco to Cyberdome

    Thats the one! It never really came up so I couldn't remember the part number.
  9. Bean00

    AXIS P3346

    Office buildings, in and out. Test bed in my 50' driveway. Interesting. On the cam page it says domes are indoor only. Thanks for the info. It's ridiculous that Axis doesn't have better low-light performance. Adam I'm not clear why certain cameras are not compatible with ZM, because there is simply not enough info available in the time I have to dedicate to this. I suspect that the URL is basically a web interface, which denies many of the special features of a camera maybe like remote zoom, auto-iris, etc. Is ZM -only- compatible with cameras that have a web interface? Surely Exacq can manipulate some cameras at a more hardware level, to reach extended features? I am not an expert and do not pretend to be, but am open to information. (... directed to the person who said I don't know what I'm talking about... no ****. I am a developer, not a security camera technician) The reason Zoneminder doesn't support a huge list of manufacturers cameras is: Untill recently, there was no standard for IP Video No one is pushing it into a job that needs to work with a specific camera so no urgency to get integration done. No drive from Dealers(who don't use it for the most part) to get it working with their favorite cameras. Zoneminder could triple their compatibility by integrating ONVIF.
  10. Bean00

    Play back is very bad :(

    Agreed. Basically your going to pay 3x as much for 30FPS(realtime) per CH D1 recorder as you would a 7FPS Per CH D1 recorder. Take a look at this example and then decide if 3x the money(and 1/4 the storage time) is worth it. http://www.panasonic.com/business/security/demos/PSS-recording-rates.html
  11. Bean00

    Play back is very bad :(

    Frame = 4CIF Thats old VCR terminology.
  12. Bean00

    Play back is very bad :(

    Well you don't want QCIF either lol. 2CIF/4CIF/D1 is what you want, with D1 being the highest of those options. RES = Pixels QCIF (160x120) CIF (320x240) 2CIF (704x240) 4CIF (640x480) D1 (720x480)
  13. Yeah, my second link points to GEM's version of this. Didn't see that.
  14. The actual ethernet limitation is 100m or 328ft. Can you push this? Sometimes Do I recommend trying? No Soundy, they also make IP over UTP convertors that work at around the same distances as the coax ones and only require a pair(basically a IP to Coax converter with built in Balun). But yeah, I thought it was pretty funny too.
  15. Bean00

    IR Illuminators for Parking lot

    Yeah I have both the 183 and the 940 on my desk right now. I'm going to check it out on my 1080p Box later this week. Took Theia long enough though... they were talking about these lenses over a year ago.
  16. Bean00

    IR Illuminators for Parking lot

    I believe thats the Senko 7.5-50mm - though I can't tell for sure since Stardot doesn't list it on their website. It's a nice lens though it's technically it's not Megapixel. It's an Aspherical IR lens. Again this is only if I'm right about what lens it is. I'd recommend dishing out the cash and getting a Theia 9-40mm. It's one of the few 5 Megapixel lenses on the market - and the only long range varifocal 5MP lens I'm aware of. It is also IR corrected. note: After doing a google search on "Stardot 7.5-50mm" it appears Stardot rates this as a 1MP lens according to the various online shops I'm looking at. Oh and I'm purposely not commenting on the IR Illuminators... there are others here who can give much better recommendations than I can there.
  17. Bean00

    Pelco to Cyberdome

    http://www.sennetech.net/ Call these guys. They make translators for virtually anything. I think your looking for a Pelco-D or Pelco-P to Kalatel-422 - but I can't guarrantee that. I also think GE actually makes one... might call their tech support for a part number.
  18. Is there cell reception? You may want to consider contacting a Videofied dealer. Videofied is a video alarm system. It's not designed to record someone there. But instead, notify and verify that someone really is there. The cameras are acting primarily as a PIR, with the video only to verify the event. Low-res - cause you don't need more for what it is supposed to do. Capable of emailing clips via GSM to upto 5 email address. http://www.videofied.com The wireless works very well, and it's all battery operated. It's not really that cheap, but it's cheaper than most of the solutions you need to cover your situation.
  19. Bean00

    Test monitors?

    I knew about the Pano 101" Plasma... didn't know they launched a 150". I need THAT in my living room.
  20. Bean00

    CIF v Frame v Field

    CIF (320x240 pixels) - also occasional typed as SIF Field (2xCIF 720x240 pixels) - also known as 2CIF or Half D1 Frame (2xField 720x480 pixels) - also known as 4CIF or D1 There are minor differences between Field/2CIF/half D1, and Frame/4CIF/D1, but this is a basic understanding and will give you reference point.
  21. Nope it's a free client software - actually a Central Management Software designed to handle multiple units. One you setup remote viewing, drop the info into GE Nav and use that to view/control/export/etc It's free off their website. http://www.gesecurity.com/portal/site/GESecurity/menuitem.11620ebca5cc0a06574efe10140041ca/?vgnextoid=d0b56e992c81e110VgnVCM100000592d7003RCRD At my previous company I was a GE/UTC product specialist, so whenever I had someone complain about using this unit, I'd direct them to this software and they (usually) were satisfied.
  22. Why those two units? Well, I believe that Sanyo unit is quite old. And actually proves a point Tomcctv made to me about IPS being half of FPS. This unit is a 60FPS unit vs. the newer GE TVR1004 being a 120FPS unit. Specwise, the GE outperforms the Sanyo. That being said, I never liked the TVR1004. It's not very user friendly and somewhat more limited than the specs make out. The TVR3008/TVR3016 are much better units. If you do go with the GE, at least use GE Nav as a PC client. Much more user friendly interface. The Sanyo I haven't ever used. So I can't give you any real opinions there.
  23. My personal opinion: stay away from ACTi's software. Milestone has a free software for this size of an application: http://www.milestonesys.com/go/product+information 8CH software free from one of the largest VMS companies.
  24. Bean00

    Anyone used U-verse internet

    I've got Time Warner and getting similar results. I've peaked at 25Mbps, never dropped below 20Mbps that I've seen. Gotta love the speed. Your upload is better though. They got me capped at 2Mbps. My PHONE does better than that lol(8-10Mbps down 3-5Mbps up... gotta love 4G ).
  25. I've been following it closely for a little over a year. Mostly had to due with Techwin's failure to impact the market signifiantly, and GVI's increasing dependance on non-Samsung equipment. Samsung thinks they should be another Sony or Panasonic(hence the Frank Defina hire), and they simply were not getting the market penetration they expected/wanted. Reinvesting in a one true "Samsung" seemed the best way to accomplish it. As far as I can tell it was a fairly amicable parting. Everyone involved knew it was coming for about 2 years.