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  1. You probably put in a lens with a built in IR filter(non-removable) so the camera can no longer see IR light. If you tell us what the replacement lens make/model is we can confirm.
  2. Bean00

    visca to pelco d/p

  3. Check your PMs too while your at it
  4. Probably have the lens set to the widest fov(3.3mm). Though it shouldn't fisheye too much at that.
  5. I missed your comment about higher than D1 resolution. While HDcctv is starting to launch products, the offering is still small and it's somewhat unproven technology. IP is pretty much your only option for higher than D1 resolution.
  6. Regarding power backup. This is usually done via a UPS system. There are many manufacturers of these including Tripplite, APC, and Minuteman. If they want backup, its a good idea to qualify how long they want the backup to be able to run for. The price can get pretty high if they want hours of backup time.
  7. Yeah sounds about right. And now since the GVI & Samsung relationship is over there won't be anymore confusion.
  8. The Main output will. Some DVRs spot monitor will(the one your looking at won't) however you should use HDMI or VGA main monitor outputs anyway if you want decent resolution
  9. Looping: Generally refers to a video output for each video input. If you have an application where you need to run the individual video feeds to a second device, looping is useful Spot: A secondary, viewing only output that does not show menu controls. There are a number of ways that the spot can work. Sequential, or multiplexed views. The capabilites of the spot monitor output vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. For applications like a monitor at a receptionists desk, this can be useful. Please note that Dahua has some limitations on spot monitor capabilites. Multiplexed, for your reference is a multiple image display on a single screen. Say 2x2 or 4x4 or some such.
  10. Bean00

    PC screen recording

    Vitek has one. Well, the spec sheet says input 1 HDMI, output 1 HDMI. The picture doesn't show the HDMI port however. http://www.vitekcctv.com/Sections.asp?SectionID=1024#75
  11. Bean00

    PC screen recording

    Get an HDMI encoder with a looping output and put it in between the PC and the monitor(assuming your using HDMI for your video connection.). I'm trying to remember which CCTV manufacturer has them... I know a few Pro Video companies make HDMI encoders.
  12. Quick google search turned this article up... http://www.cable360.net/ct/video/BROADBAND-Chemistry-Class_27344.html
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    Need 8 channel dvr my house

    If it has a fan, it will make some noise... but no most of them make around the same as a standard PC.
  14. At least it's a Droid. I still feel safe with my EVO - though it's been acting a bit funny lately... hmmm Getting my new 3500mah third party battery for it today. If anything makes it blow up, that will lol. Actually I'm more worried about this antique Linksys 16 port hub sitting on my desk(used it for a demo cause it was just sitting around unused). That thing sounds like it could blow up at any moment... so if you stop hearing from me you know what happened!
  15. Not without modification, no. They sell the complete dome drive assembly, not the zoom mod.
  16. Pretty easy to tell... all of Toshiba's a came out way after vivotek .
  17. Samsung still makes their own cameras. Well, not the GVI branded ones.
  18. Bean00

    ActI vs Axis

    The 3511's have some IR feedback issues I've seen as well. Not all the time, but far too often for most. The cameras I did best with were the ACM7411 and ACM1231. Still had the issues I mentioned previously, but those models(and the newer TCM versions) generally didn't have design problems that caused real issues. The ACTi software lost me my biggest customer, especially since ACTi was never able to fix th issues(I believe it's actually still in limbo now, most of a year later.)
  19. Bean00

    ActI vs Axis

    I'd say I was at about 1 in 10 failure rate on ACTi. However they were nearly all DOA, so if you bench test first before installing you should be pretty good. Some of the other guys might have other experiences though. Certainly ACTi claims a much lower RMA rate than that. Axis is exceptionally better at quality control so there are less DOA products - though if your not an Axis partner getting ahold of tech support is a heck of a task. They want you to use a dealer so they make it hard to talk to tech support. Which makes sense in a way, a giant portion of RMAs are from user error rather than bad product so they prefer certified dealers work with their product. Btw, are you a dealer or enduser?
  20. Bean00

    Enclosure for weird shaped Toshiba IKWB15A

    Toshiba made an outdoor enclosure for that camera. Give them a call and they might be able to direct you to someone who has them in stock. Failing that, I believe their older housings(not the new ones) came from a canadian housing manufacturer who makes low-temp no heater housing... can't remember their name right now.
  21. whats the camera make/model? Do you have a picture of the camera? Armed with either/or, I may be able to find another company who has that camera who has a mount for it.
  22. Bean00

    ActI vs Axis

    From my previous distribution sales experience regarding ACTi: Customer are usually content with the image quality - but not impressed by it. QC and Support for ACTi need to be worked on. Generally considered the best bang for your buck IP camera line. I personally no longer recommend ACTi except in certain situations. I've been burned one too many times by that Support issue I mentioned. However I also sold an absolute ton of the stuff and had a lot of customers happy with it.
  23. Bean00

    What is on the horizon for High Speed Internet

    Sprint uses WiMax and Verizon uses LTE but Sprint wins with the unlimited data plan in my book. I have seen 4G speeds of 8 Mbps down and 5Mbps on my phone with speedtest but I have been reading Verizons LTE has speeds up to 30 down and 15 up but they don't have an unlimited data plan. I have the EVO 4G on sprint, greater LA area just launched 4G on the first, ~ 6-8mbps down, 3-4 up - and I've never had more than one bar on 4G. Loving it... though I still say that "premium data charge" on top of the unlimited data plan is absurd.
  24. Either. Flood lights work better for the camera than IR and you can get a color picture(after the camera switches back to color of course). If your going with separate IR, your probably going with a Dome camera then - for ease of installation.
  25. If you go IP, remember the higher the resolution the less capable it is in low light. IR cameras aren't too common yet in IP either(and usually max at 2MP). IF you go megapixel, you should be able to hit all three vehicles and some of the surrounding though. You will probably need additional exterior lighting(unless you get one of the few IR type). If you already have a NAS that can record IP cameras, use that to whittle down your list. What cameras does it support? http://www.synology.com/support/faq_show.php?lang=enu&q_id=381 I'm going to ignore the ONVIF and PSIA pieces. Of the rest, the following have IR MP(or HD) cameras: ACTi Hikvision Messoa Sony Toshiba Vivotek Of those, the support suffers except on Sony and Toshiba - though the price goes up. If your budget allows for it, the SNCCH160 / SNCDH160 are sweet cameras. The Toshiba IK-WR12A is somewhat reasonably priced. If you go with separate lighting then the field opens up some more again.