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    HD PTZ options

    Where do you work? Best, Christopher Mace Security Products | Mace Pro Sales Our IP line isn't launching till the end of the month, so theres nothing up about that yet.
  2. Bean00

    HD PTZ options

    For your reference the pelco info is here: http://www.pelco.com/sites//global/en/products/camera-solutions/range-presentation.page?p_function_id=9501&p_family_id=10250&p_range_id=60623 I haven't seen the Pelco yet - not sure it's out yet. The Sony seems to have the best low light of the other three IMO. It's probably the most expensive of the three though. Panasonic is dropping two different HD PTZs soon from my understanding. My product team mentioned we're working on one, but I don't have any info on it yet - so that probably doesn't help much.
  3. Bean00

    Quick question about cameras in rain

    Your fine if it's IP66. No housing needed. IP Ratings and what the numbers mean
  4. Thats what I was told by an Exacq rep as well. What it probably is, is whether the encoder defines a unique IP address for each camera. If it does, each channel is a license. If it doesn't, each encoder is a license. That would mean that the ACD2000Q from acti would be a single license, as well as the Axis models previously mentioned. My guess anyway...
  5. Thats the box camera... are you asking about the WV-NW502 - which is the dome camera version? If so then yes. It's the PWM484S gooseneck mount.
  6. Bean00

    Hard Drives for DVRs

    I've had it from two different storage solution manufacturers. SSD drives can't handle the continuous writing to the disk 24/7. They burn out rather quickly(I had estimates for an application recently where they said they won't guarrantee more than 6 months.).
  7. I can only think of two known, reputable, manufacturers who do allow others to install harddrives. And on the flip side of that coin: Panasonic, GE/UTC, Toshiba, Dedicated Micros, Bosch, Pelco, American Dynamics, Honeywell, ARM, Mace, Speco, Everfocus, Vitek, Nuvico, Digital Watchdog, etc. Do not allow it.
  8. Dedicated Micros Closed IP is fully plug and play. Not 100% on the mac compatibility but their other units are so I would assume so. They don't have a huge compatibility list, but enough to make most any application work. No Andriod app No user installed harddrives They definitely have a large install base. Mght be worth checking into.
  9. For your reference, Max bitrate per stream is 3mbps on that device. 16x3Mbps = 48Mbps.
  10. I don't think I've ever had an issue with an ACTi encoder... well there was one, but it was a "refurbished" unit. All in all, I think ACTi's encoders are where there product shines. I've had plenty of camera issues and their recording software has been nothing but problems, but nothing really on the encoders to complain about. This is from a distribution perspective. My years working as Technical Sales for a major distributor, feedback from customers, and return rates. Side note: you can get a higher density solution with the AXIS rackmount solution and 6CH blade solution.
  11. Bean00

    Samsung SRD-470D

    Samsung(or at least GVI) does allow you to upgrade the drive yourself. So no warranty issue there.
  12. Amazing, they advertise twice the performance of any wireless company that promotes in the surveillance market, and are about 1/5 the cost. I'll have to take a more serious look at them.
  13. Bean00

    Layout and suggestions

    Unfortuantly, this kind of crap is far to common here in Cali.
  14. Yep, that snow is caused by the camera trying to adjust for the lack of light in the scene. You'll notice your IR cameras aren't doing it. The IR halo on 1,2,5 is because there is too much IR shining back into the camera.
  15. Come on... really? Your going to steal a laptop at ASIS? How dense can you be? http://www.milestonesys.com/news/videos/viewVideo?Title=Crime_ring_busted_at_security_event&id=4881
  16. Bean00

    not sure what's wrong

    I was thinking it might be the DVR playback software... many dvrs require it. But apparently this isn't the case. To gifted1: n89fq is the item code from maplin... I was hoping for the part number from the manufacturer. Should be on the back of the unit somewhere. Soundy may be correct though. It may only be viewable on the DVR.
  17. Bean00

    not sure what's wrong

    Probably uses a proprietory player for their video clips. Try using that PC viewer software with the exported video clips on the thumb drive. DO NOT format when you put the thumb drive into the PC. I don't see a combo monitor/DVR from panacom. Do you have a part number?
  18. Bean00

    Power supply for CNB 24VF cameras

    I like that calculator... though whats with the 300ft ethernet restriction lol. Only reason you would use this for a POE calcs is if your not using standards based equipment.
  19. Bean00

    Power supply for CNB 24VF cameras

    Voltage Calculater I put that link in my first post.
  20. Bean00

    Power supply for CNB 24VF cameras

    yep... though if you plan to use CAT5, remember to use the voltage calc. And I'd use 0.5 amp at current, not 0.3 amps for the calc. Always good to be on the safe side. that 10% is a guideline, not a firm rule. Especially since equipment can spike over what the MFG says it uses.
  21. Bean00

    Power supply for CNB 24VF cameras

    Oh and premade cables are usually junk. I'm suprised you haven't had issues in the past related to cabling.
  22. Bean00

    Power supply for CNB 24VF cameras

    The Basics: 24VAC works better for long distances and the powersupplies tend to be cheaper(though the cameras usually cost more - which more than offsets this.). Technically, you can run 12VDC over cat5, but only for VERY short runs. The issue isn't amperage(though that is a factor in the overall issue), it's voltage drop. Amperage effects voltage drop, which is why it is a factor. You usually have an approx 10% tolerance in electronics to work with. That means using 12VDC you need to remain within 10.8v-13.2v. 24VAC however, that same 10% gives you 21.6-26.4v range. That gives you a substantially larger drop in voltage to work with. CAT5, being a very small gauge cable(24awg), has a very large voltage drop. Match your cable to your distance. 18-2 is good most of the time, but sometimes you need a larger gauge cable for really long runs. Useful - Voltage Calculator
  23. Ubiquiti scares me just because it's so low cost. I'd like to hear about some of your experiences with it. But yes, if you've used ACTi products in the past it's no more difficult than any other ACTi setup.