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  1. It's easy enough, just make sure that the company you use for encoders has a decoder too(Axis and ACTi both do.). Traditionally I was selling the ACTi ACD2100(encoder) and ACTi ACD3100(decoder) for this type of applicaiton Who's your wireless company? Some of them(like KBC Networks) have a encoder/decoder kit just for this application. PTZ > Encoder > Ethernet Bridge > Decoder > DVR.
  2. Bean00

    What type of camera connection is this?

    Not gonna guarrantee it will work... there are a lot of possible pinout combinations with 6-pin DIN. Someone is gonna edit out that store link in a moment so for everyones reference the model is a CLOVER CA004 I would try to find one made by the manufacturer of the cameras. Sentinel was it? Not familar with them.
  3. Bean00

    What type of camera connection is this?

    Probably a 6-pin DIN. And while there are adaptors out there, you need to find one that matches your cameras pinout. Otherwise, it will try to send video/power out the wrong connectors on the adaptor.
  4. What adjustments? Via the OSD? Possibly by using the commands to reach the PTZ's OSD, you may be able to reach the cameras OSD. Only thing I can think of.
  5. Bean00

    nvr dahua free

    Not for free, however I believe the Dahua 2MP is ONVIF so any ONVIF compliant software SHOULD work.
  6. Bean00

    VBM-24VF config- Night still in Color

    According to the manual there is no option to adjust the Day/Night switch point in the OSD. So if you have too much light in that location for it to switch, you may need to just set it to B/W.
  7. I'm not 100% positive. I do know my previous company worked with both companies and from what I recall, they operated separetly. I do find it interestly that the RMA address on 123securityproducts is Canal(I think someone actually already mentioned that)... maybe that relationship changed over the last year or so?
  8. Not gonna happen. Maybe through a newer windows mobile phone? Supposedly GE will be coming out with a mobile app for GE Nav - which I highly recommend upgrading to as it's free - but they're saying 6 months for that, which means they have no idea and it's a year or so away. GE Nav, for your reference, supports every DVR wavereader does and actually still has support for it - which Wavereader does not.
  9. For your reference, Panasonic offers two versions of the WVCW484. The WVCW484F(Flush - no backbox included) and the WVCW484S(Surface - Backbox included). The do the same with all of their outdoor vandal domes. With the relatively constant on/off backorder status of the WVCW484S(and now WVCW504S) I often sold people the WVCW484F + WVQ115(Not positive about this number, I think this is the new one for the 504) because the WVCW484F almost never ran out. BTW, I'm fairly certian that 123SECURITYPRODUCTS is not Canal. they probably use Canal as a supplier though.
  10. If your DVR supports either Panasonic or Pelco P(not D) then yes you can. ftp://ftp.panasonic.com/pub/Panasonic/cctv/FAQ/10.RS-485_Configuration.pdf As I recall there are a few features you need the Panasonic Controller for.
  11. Bean00

    Looking for help with new system idea.

    When did GEM change their hubs? I like the new casing... very industrial looking. Not that the insides changed... not really anything to change in a balun lol.
  12. Bean00

    Looking for help with new system idea.

    Ah, that makes more sense. IF you can get 4 CAT5 cables to the current PC then: 1) Get a 8 or 16ch Capture Card 2) Get video baluns for all your camera. Because UTP Video only requires a pair, you can run upto 4 cameras on a single CAT5 cable. So with 4 CAT5 cables that up to 16 cameras. Use a UTP Balun hub or more individuals to bring them back into the capture card on the secure PC.
  13. Bean00

    Looking for help with new system idea.

    If the PC is not in a secure place, then that shouldn't be your recording device anyway. I'd recommend one of the two options I listed, and putting the new device(which will be where the video is stored.) in a more secure location. That will make it so: A) your video is secure regardless of what happens to the current PC. B) You can still do all your viewing/control from the remote client on the current PC. Just make sure that whatever unit you use to record has open channels so you can grow.
  14. Bean00

    what type of sata hard drive

    Seagate SV35 Series Depending on the manufacturer of your DVR, it may void the warranty to put in your own HDD. Most manufacturers that allow you to put in your own HDD list supported HDDs in their manual. The majority of new-ish DVRs use these sata drives.
  15. Bean00

    Looking for help with new system idea.

    You should be able to get 8 or 16ch into the DVR card as long as you purchase a card with that many channels. They usually have a dongal with connector breakouts. IF you can't get it back to the PC due to infrastructure reasons I'd recommend one of two things: a) build another PC with the card in it for where you can put it, and then just connect that to your network and view the cameras over the lan. b) Get an embedded DVR and connect that to your network and view it over the lan. These options can at least give you decent quality video. Since, you can have at least one cable coming to the PC, you should be able to make that an ethernet cable and make the above solutions work.
  16. Bean00

    Looking for help with new system idea.

    Yes though you get basically the same issue. You'll be recording a multiplexed view on one channel of the DVR. Image size will be too small for me to call usable video. And with the difficultly in finding an affordable Mux today, you might as well just buy a low cost DVR. I've sold clearance DVRs as mux's because we could get them cheaper, and just set them not to record.
  17. Bean00

    Help With Old Hardware

    Sorry about that. For some reason I missed your first response. I just shot this to my Techs and the MACE CVCRJ11A doesn't match up. If your willing to modify, then we can make this work... but I think thats a bit of a hassle for a low-end system like this. Just shot a PM to you.
  18. http://www.sti-usa.com/category.asp?Class=Environmental Specifically, the STI-7561AC as it's the only one without a window. http://www.exmweb.com/ This company I think you have to piece it out.... I dunno it's been a while since I used them. If I think of anymore I'll post them.
  19. Bean00

    Which DVR for 600 TVL camera?

    Also keep in mind that if you need any recording at night, the Q24 is not the right camera for the job. Love the camera, but it's a color only camera with a megapixel sensor that wants a lot of light to get the job done. As SEANHAWG mentioned, D1 recording with the right lens selection can usually get the job done quite well. If your sold on the mobotix and recording directly to your NAS box consider the following: Mobotix Q24 + lighting(if you are concerned about night recording) Mobotix D12 With one color and one black/white sensor.(For day and night.) Even with a Black/white sensor in the D12 though you do need some lighting.
  20. Bean00

    Fixed dome Camera = Fixed Lens Camera?

    There are a handful of fixed cameras with zoom lenses but generally speaking they all need to be adjusted by hand.
  21. Thanks for posting this! Great tool for customers! Yep, really shows people what FPS comes out to in actual use. Been using it for years.
  22. Most applications don't need 30FPS. Take a look at the below link and decided for yourself if you really want to pay the extra $$$ for 30FPS @ D1 on all channels. http://www.panasonic.com/business/security/demos/PSS-recording-rates.html
  23. Bean00

    Help With Old Hardware

    If you have info on the pin-out for the camera, the I can see if the MACE CVCRJ11A will work to adapt the RJ11 to the outputs you need. Depends on the pin-out for that samsung camera though. If the pin-out isn't the same it won't work without some modification. To be honest though, thats a very low end system with low-end cameras - and as everyone on here will tell you - you get what you pay for. Spending some money on some real cameras will probably pay off.