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  1. I bought a samsung snc-550 ip camera so i need a network camera host What is a good network camera hosting service Idealy, i'd want to be able to set a password before some one could view the camera over the internet Thanks in advance
  2. Is any one familiar w/the EverFocus Polestar II? The youtube video i saw of it used a 4w light and it saw everything in detail How would i connect it to the internet though? Also, is any one familiar with the Panasonic WV-CP500? Is it good for low light?
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    VERY low light camera

    We need a camera to moniter a disabled family member who is 4'3" tall and weighs 651bs while she is asleep to make sure she does not get tangled up in her blankets. The camera needs to be able to see in a room w/the lights turned off w/the light that there will be coming from the living room lights kept turned on all night We need to be able to access the camera over the internet We'd like to be able to set up a camera as cost effectively as possible Any and all help is appreciated