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    Board lens removable IR-Cut

    On box cameras then the ICR is attached to the board. But on domes and bullets then the ICR is usually built into the lens. You Need this Chip to control the ICR one input is for CDS sensor and voltage and the other plug is for controlling the ICR lens This is a box camera with the ICR attached to the board. This is the Lens with built in ICR. One controls the ICR the other controls the IRIS.
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    Board lens removable IR-Cut

    Well you need a ICR chip along with an ICR lens.
  3. If you look at the specs then you will see Sens-Up x ## that means its using DSS
  4. The Super HAD one probably uses DSS to achieve that lux level
  5. Hello all, I need help on figuring out why the video is giving me distortion. We have changed power supplies and cameras and tried ground loop isolators. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfxdI4t5c3E http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuhypGzHLCM Any one have any ideas?
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    Need Help Image Distorting

    LOL thats what the installer told us, until i did some further digging on the subject. All he did was change the camera channel on the power supply to a different channel. So when i asked him did he try changing the power supply he said yes. Wanted to make sure our cameras weren't at fault. Because i hate RMA's on perfectly good cameras.
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    Need Help Image Distorting

    Might be power supply. As the installer called today after i told him to power one camera individually. With the main power supply off and only the single camera powered from a different source the camera was fine. But as soon as the main power supply switched on the camera from the different source started having the same problem.
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    Need Help Image Distorting

    That might be it. Video and power are bundled together.
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    Need Help Image Distorting

    LOL im not the installer. We are the manufacturer of the cameras and we are trying to help the installer trouble shoot the cameras.
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    Hi guys

    Hello and welcome
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    Hi Everybody

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    Hello And Welcome
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    Need Help Image Distorting

    monitor at the camera source does the same thing longest run is 150 ft AC 24V worked in the beginning 5 of 8 cameras having the problem all of a sudden
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    Sun Damage?

    Not sure if the above post was a question. But if your camera has sun damage to the image sensor than there will be pink spots or streaks where the sun or sun reflection has hit the sensor over a time period.
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    Input for Solar job

    If your place already has power and you want to use solar as a backup then it might work. You need a lot of solar panels and lots of batteries and a charge controller for each device.
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    what dvr is good for me ?

    With that budget you can get a really good DVR
  17. vin2install

    Remote Viewing

    And you must forward your ports too
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    Remote Viewing

    Using the laptop from home is totally different than using it at work. Security settings will be changed to internet rather than local
  19. Hello everyone. I need to test a ground loop isolator product that my company will introduce. I was wondering how do i induce a ground loop into a line?
  20. vin2install

    Question over night image

    Street light is causing the ICR (Infrared Cut-Filter Removal) to think its still in the daytime. So your camera is thinking its in day mode therefore it is not removing the cut-filter so your camera can be sensitive to IR lighting
  21. vin2install

    Inducing Ground Loop

    dont have a 1000' of coax lying around. Can i do it with 10' coax with the camera ground on a water pipe?
  22. vin2install

    Question over night image

    Take off the dome cover at night and test to see if it still having problems. If it clears it up then clean your dome cover and make sure rubber shroud is completely up to the dome. If it does not then it is because your LED's are not strong enough or some other lighting in the area is affecting ur camera
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    Looking How to Build a Power Supply

    Easy to build your own no need to be qualified. Parts needed: 1. 12vdc or 24vac transformer (>3A) since you will be splitting them $5.00-10.00 2. Metal Equipment Enclosure $5.00 3. Power Distribution Board $5.00-10.00