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    Need Help on Grounding Issues?

    Lightning Rod and surge protect your video and power lines on both sides of equiptment
  2. LAN provides you with more bandwidth so the video quality is better and faster. On WAN you are limited to your upload speed for your ISP so your bandwidth is way slower so image quality and FPS is degraded to make up for it.
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    awwwww how cute
  4. Nuvico is also twice the price.
  5. Wondering what it takes to get access to the Private Forums. My name is Vincent. Work for a Camera manufacturer doing product support. Loves contributing to this forum
  6. vin2install

    Bullet Camera (non IR)--9V or 12?

    If the camera is undervolted it will lower the life of the camera since it will pull more current to compensate for the lower voltage. Ohms Law I repair cameras and see a lot of cameras go bad quickly from power supplies going bad and only outputs like 10 vdc or lower. IR Cams are the ones that are affected most by the higher current draw.
  7. vin2install

    worth it to repair cameras?

    Tell them that the dealer you bought it from went out of business. People say that to us all the time.
  8. vin2install

    cat 6 cable usin

    Yes you can use for power too but you might want to double up 2 pairs for the power. You can also use that leftover pair for audio.
  9. Do the lines show up on a test monitor?
  10. vin2install

    Help please HDD ERROR

    Hard Drive might not be compatible with your DVR.
  11. vin2install

    Cameras won't switch to BW mode

    Try changing your power supply. It seems like when the IR's come on then the camera would be pulling too much current for the defective power supply.
  12. vin2install

    Swann DVR4 no HDD recognised

    Some DVR's only accept certain brands of hard drive only. Or maybe your hard drive is on cable select. Adjust the jumper pins to master.
  13. Production in USA is too expensive and with competition all around then there is really no point since the quality is pretty much the same. The CCD chips are basically manufactured overseas anyways so it all comes down to assembling the camera. And assembling the camera in China or US there is not much difference.
  14. Everything comes from china or korea. The difference is if you buy directly from overseas then you get cheaper prices but literally no support or warranty.
  15. 0.05 Lux should be fine in a parking structure
  16. Does any one have any ideas what kind of battery is the best to use with Solar Panels? My camera specs are 12vdc 500mA. But i would like the battery that would go up to 1A. Thanks Everyone
  17. vin2install

    What is the best Solar Panel Battery to Use?

    Would Lithium Batteries work good?
  18. vin2install

    What is the best Solar Panel Battery to Use?

    Are these the Gel Cell types of battery that you guys are talking about? I am testing out a SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) Type right now.
  19. vin2install

    What is the best Solar Panel Battery to Use?

    Do you guys have any links to point to the kind of battery i should be using?
  20. Maybe your dome cover is dirty.
  21. Maybe your camera has CCD Sun Damage. Hold up a piece of white paper. If you see pink streaks or blotches than your non Auto-Iris camera has been outside too long.
  22. vin2install

    New Business Help

    We have empty boxes if you want to put our stuff on your shelf. LOL
  23. vin2install

    1/3" Sony Double Scan CCD SSIII-WD chipset

    I think this is Sony's Wide Dynamic Chip. Its pretty good but kinda pricey.
  24. vin2install

    Pole mounting bracket help, please

    You can use something like this where it has adjustable straps for 2"-4" poles. It's fairly cheap.