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    cheap 10-15" monitor

    Just buy a cheap LCD and use a converter that converts a composite signal (RCA/BNC) to a VGA signal. You can find those at most distributors.
  2. vin2install

    Camera picture unstable

    Might be your power supply.
  3. If you go directly in the walls without using conduits it will probably look a lot nicer. Either way will work however.
  4. Try a test monitor at the camera source to trouble shoot. That should narrow down if it is the camera or DVR.
  5. vin2install

    Camera Pic problem

    Bad camera
  6. vin2install

    Outdoor camera with Reverse Image

    Most high end cameras have this, especially the ones with OSD (On Screen Display) controls.
  7. vin2install

    speco htintb8 htintd8 blurry

    Looks like it is out of focus.
  8. vin2install

    ExView HAD CCD sensor query

    Just dont use the camera near any sunlight or your images will be washed out without the IR Filter.
  9. vin2install

    ExView HAD CCD sensor query

    It seems like that camera doesn't have an mechanical ICR (Infrared Cut-Filter Removable) device therefore not making the camera sensitive the IR Lighting. The specs on that camera stated that the ICR is optional so you probably have the version without the ICR.
  10. vin2install

    Swann maxi day/night cameras

    The damage is already done. Time to get a new camera.
  11. I've always wondered how the InPro cameras work. What port does it use to bypass the router? How does it communicate? Does Speco have some sort of Private DNS server kinda like Dynamic DNS servers that direct you to the correct WAN address? Does anybody know?
  12. vin2install

    look at this

    I would say you are 100% accurate.
  13. vin2install

    Swann maxi day/night cameras

    The CCD sun damage is common among cameras that don't have auto iris lens. Since cameras without it cannot compensate for the brightness from the sun over a long period of time.
  14. vin2install

    Swann maxi day/night cameras

    Your IR's on those two cameras are out. Look at night time to see if the reddish glow from the IR LED's are still working. You probably have CCD sun damage. If your camera is facing the sun at all or sees sun reflection during the day caused by reflections off glass. Over time you will have a pinkish/reddish tint.
  15. vin2install

    Camera for smoke environment

    Well whatever you do dont get IR Cameras
  16. Or setup a computer at the office with Remote Desktop or VNC to test it from the site. Thats what i usually do. ISP's will block you for accessing your WAN address directly sometimes.
  17. What does the 4 video mean?
  18. vin2install

    16C Channel Stand alone DVR Advice

    Scorpion has spy stuff on his website. http://scorpiontheater.com p.s. I like the hidden camera in the tree bark. LOL
  19. vin2install

    Need help choosing an 8 channel DVR

    Almost all DVR's Nowadays can monitor online For 8 channel at 30fps is about 1TB, 15fps is about 500gb. If it's motion record you can get away with 250gb. Depends on what is in the package. If you buy in a package the priced gets reduced by a lot.
  20. vin2install

    Time for a vacation!

    Where do i sign up??????? Are you going too?
  21. vin2install

    indoor cameras

    Is your home completely dark at night, if it is do you want to see at night?
  22. vin2install

    Looking for specific lens...

    It's hard to find these mini varifocal auto-iris lens. People don't usually sell it by itself. These lens only come from Domes or bullets. You cant find them easily because there is no market for these mini lenses.
  23. vin2install

    480TVL Vs 550TVL

    It's not the TVL where you can tell the difference by eye, its the effective pixels.
  24. Those people who make warranty policy are real good. Almost like Vegas.
  25. You are right. Even though our company only cover 3 years we will usually carry parts up to 5 years. Warranty is a particularly tricky topic though. Most of the times its the customers fault though. We will usually cover even though they say it wasn't their fault but clearly it was . Sometimes they will get their polarity all mixed up on a 12vdc camera. Or they wouldn't ground or surge protect their cameras and wonder why right after a lightning storm their cameras would burn up. But people like the longer warranty even though it might cost a lil bit extra. Thats why sometimes if we have the parts we will cover past the 3 years we state because we have extra parts that are lying around.