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    Lightning protection for wireless network camera?

    BONDING very important. As there is no guarantee against lightning strikes.
  2. vin2install

    Camera voltage tolerance?

    It depends on how long your wire runs are.
  3. vin2install


    Not necessarily because the original Pixim say a 1500 series would need a separate chip to control the ICR. The 2500 series can operate the ICR without the separate chip.
  4. vin2install

    Is ICR = IRCut?

    ICR (Infrared Cut-Filter Removal) works in two ways. On box cameras the the filter sits in front of the CCD module. The filter is rectangular in shape and is split into two parts. One side is IR sensitive the other blocks out IR to achieve the correct colors. It is powered by magnets to switch it on or off. When there is an electric field it will slide the correct side over. This is controlled by the separate ICR chip. The chip is activated by an external CDS sensor. So when it gets dark then the ICR is activated. Its kinda like the ones that turn on the LED's. I work for a camera manufacturer and i repair these all day. These are the first things that go bad on day/night cameras. I'm guessing because of the mechanical nature of the ICR.
  5. vin2install

    IR cam's with technique like in the movies

    Extreme CCTV has em too
  6. vin2install

    12v ac adapter reads 18v?

    Make it easy on yourself. Buy a regulated 12 volt power supply
  7. vin2install

    Camera voltage tolerance?

    You can tell if there is too many volts going to your cameras are if your IR's are on even if it is in the daytime
  8. vin2install


    The Pixim is a CMOS imager. The 2500 Pixim chip has the ability to be a true day/night with an ICR Lens. So it can be IR sensitive at night.
  9. vin2install

    Heater and blower when do they come on?

    My company's cameras housing goes like this. Heater & Blower Activates ON:50 deg F +/- 9 deg F OFF: 68 deg F Blower Activates ON:95 deg F +/- 9 deg F OFF:72 deg F
  10. vin2install

    Returning Speco for KT&C

    Yes like the Golden State Instrument GS-7093IRHBH. Those work really well and are in the same price range as the KT&C EXN800NH.
  11. vin2install

    Sunlight, Image Sensor Damage

    hmmm Klingon's and their phasers......
  12. vin2install

    12 vdc to 24vac inverter

    Theres not enough power to hook up many cameras and a heater/blower. You gotta start off with 24vac power from the beginning.
  13. vin2install

    Sunlight, Image Sensor Damage

    Probably was damaged by some sort of power surge.
  14. vin2install

    Best WDR Chips

    I work for a Camera manufacturer and we are trying to design a WDR camera. What is the best chip to use? We would like to get the best bang for the buck. We were thinking about using the Pixim 2500 series. The only thing about the Pixim chip was that it was a CMOS chip. So the picture quality was a little grainy. Is there a cheaper chip that is better than the Pixim 2500? Any help would be great.
  15. You would need a DVR with network capabilites or you can use a TV tuner box for your VGA monitor. Those run about 70.00. Those you can still view your cameras by switching inputs or have PIP too.
  16. vin2install

    New Home System Design Recommendations Needed

    Advantages of a PC based DVR is that you can use a mouse. That's about it.
  17. vin2install

    Any advise on a cctv camera and what to buy

    Position the camera higher so it won't hit the sun to reduce the glare. Get a true day/night camera with ICR and IR LED's for night time to eliminate the noise in the picture at night.
  18. vin2install

    white banding lines at night

    Check your video and power wires.