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  1. Does that 40.00 camera have built in analytics? Is it made to operate 24 hours a day? There is more to IP cameras than just the image sensor, that is why it cost more.
  2. Why are you using an IP camera with the encoder? Why didnt you use a regular analog PTZ instead.
  3. vin2install

    Axis and iPhone

    So why dont you use the IP cam viewer for the iphone, it is from the same developer
  4. If the system has two routers it would be best to connect to the first router so it would be easier. You can connect to the second router but you would have to port forward twice. If you connect to the second router you would have to first port forward from the first router to the second router than you would port forward the second router to the DVR.
  5. Well nightvision should be terrible, its not a day/night camera.
  6. Maybe you are using aluminum braided coax, make sure its 95% copper braid and solid copper core.
  7. I just help designing a casino system, it is mostly just following regulations. Do you have the requirements for your state?
  8. vin2install

    Please help me with this scenario :)

    This would be doable, the only problem is your upload bandwidth. You can either send out the RTSP stream and convert it to RTMP offsite and have ustream or justin.tv etc to host it and embed it into your website. Or you can convert it to RTMP onsite and send it straight to get hosted on a streaming server. Your bandwidth is very limiting since one HD video will require at least a meg of upload speed. You can probably send lower resolution streams with that though.
  9. It might be outputting from the HDMI at a lower resolution and the tv doesnt support it. Monitors are a little more flexible on that matter.
  10. vin2install

    Removing IR Filter

    If you remove the IR filter, during daytime when there is sunlight, you will get black and white images.
  11. Unless that RG6 is aluminum braid which wont work on certain distances. Just use video baluns and the other pairs for power.
  12. New camera firmware can break integration. It might not be entirely NUUO's fault. What they tested at that time could have been changed sometime in the future.
  13. vin2install

    HD-SDI Installation Nightmare

    Try using a HDCCTV compliant camera. The everfocus DVR is HDCCTV compliant but the Digital Watchdog is HD-SDI.
  14. From the looks of your pictures, it looks like it isn't a true day/night so it doesn't have a ICR. That is probably why you see the green colors as brown. The last picture was probably taken when it was overcast, that is why the picture has green in it. Try using it inside the house when it is dark.
  15. Check the camera settings with a web browser, there might be a place to adjust how the ICR will react under certain conditions.
  16. Yes manufacturers can fix it, but it wastes their time and money doing so (shipping, testing, fixing etc. If you don't know what you are doing and you brick the camera with an unauthorized firmware, you shouldn't be doing it.
  17. This is not CSI, you cannot capture license plates with that field of view.
  18. vin2install

    CheckPoint P/N 705433

    Why dont you power down the camera and power it up. Most PTZ will display the ID and Protocol when it does it's self check.
  19. vin2install

    Public view monitor with IP camera

    Get a Google TV http://www.lg.com/us/lggoogletv/index.jsp Run this app with the Axis cameras and you can still record on your NVR since the apps usually dont adjust any camera settings. http://tinycammonitor.com/
  20. vin2install

    Software for DVR H264

    There is never a universal software especially with embeded DVRs. The CMS software is usually restricted to the one manufacturer only. Can you take a snapshot of the web browser interface, maybe we can find what brand it is and find the right Client software.
  21. vin2install

    Using CCTV to create Timelapse

    Depending on the camera you can have it send on schedule every 15 minutes a jpeg image to an FTP. Than you can do a time lapse with the images you have collected.
  22. It is very rare that you will be able to use one CMS to combine DVRs from different manufacturers. You usually have to use the same manufacturer to use one CMS to control both.
  23. Does it even support the Axis cameras?
  24. vin2install

    Generic DVR password reset

    The password is 12888. After getting in go to utilities to do a system recovery and that will bring it back to the default password of 123456
  25. Does your cameras have an option of viewing the VGA Mjpeg stream through the browser? It also could be your NVR having problems transcoding and displaying the lower quality stream for live views.