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    Video or IP over powerline?

    I usually use the ethernet over powerline stuff from Netgear http://www.netgear.com/home/products/powerline-and-coax/high-performance/XAVB5001.aspx that one is up to 500 Mbps There are cheaper ones like up to 100Mbps The work pretty well too.
  2. vin2install

    Anyone used U-verse internet

    It will be WAY better than your hughes net for sure like night and day. Plus now you can forward ports with your modem.
  3. vin2install

    IP Camera Net Viewing

    Its going to be slow regardless since he is on satellite
  4. vin2install

    IP Camera Net Viewing

    That particular modem is locked into dhcp. You cannot do any port forwarding unless you pay 20 dollars a month for static ip from them
  5. vin2install

    Expert opinion needed on selecting between these 2 cameras

    Just give him what he wants because one has IR's the other does not
  6. vin2install

    Controlling Multiple PTZ's with one DVR

    Why don't you just daisy chain it at the DVR and run that one set of wires (+ from PTZ1 and - from PTZ4) into your dvr. You dont actually have to run wires around the house and daisy chain at the PTZ's.
  7. try putting the dyndns account into your router instead of your DVR
  8. vin2install

    Everfocus EDR410H setup help please

  9. vin2install

    Scorpion is alive and well!

    Welcome back!!!!
  10. vin2install

    How about SONY Effio E 650TVL camera?

    The effective pixels on the Effio-P is 1028x508. I am not sure of the Effio-E's effective pixel count as we dont have any of those.
  11. vin2install

    Port forwarding problem

    Bridge your Linksys to your modem/router.
  12. You are probably connecting it wrong. The RJ45 Cat5 of the DVR plugs into your network. i am assuming you have a network keyboard. So that plugs into the network too. The RS485 of the Dome would plug into the controls of the DVR. If you dont want to go through the network you can parallel your RS485 connections from the Dome to the DVR and Keyboard
  13. vin2install

    Which Camera Is Better?

    Out of these two the second one is better. Even if it is only 420TVL. Effective pixel is the same for both cameras. Plus the second camera has a Super HAD CCD which is better than the regular Sony CCD. Plus the second one looks like its PAL only so you have to make sure its compatible.
  14. On camera 3 you just have to be kind of realistic. Look how wide and far of an area that you want to cover with a IR camera with limited IR LEDs. To get that picture clear at night you need an ICR camera and lots of IR LEDs with wide angles and strong ones too
  15. vin2install

    Network Diagnostic Tools

    Leave the device on DHCP if it grabs an IP address then your ethernet cable is ok
  16. vin2install

    american dynamics

    Make sure each ptz is on its own address
  17. vin2install

    24VAC over Cat5 wiring selection

    What problems or visual artifacts did you notice when you did not twist AC power? Best, Christopher I think it keeps it from inducing interference into the video wires
  18. vin2install

    24VAC over Cat5 wiring selection

    I usually still utilize the twist even when doubling up on power somehow in my test here it seems to work better.
  19. vin2install

    Camera that points at bright light / objects.

    You need a WDR camera for those situations.
  20. vin2install

    My router wont recognize my dvr

    Usually you have to select custom ports or have to manually define a new application to use custom ports that are not on the application list. As for the router not detecting it but you know its on the network you can always assign the rule manually to the DVR IP address.
  21. vin2install

    My router wont recognize my dvr

    Maybe you have a bad ethernet cable.
  22. vin2install

    Long distance camera power supply?

    Are you considering the amperage a the source when you are making this recommendation? With a power supply that has 1A at the source with 28VAC and with 16 gauge cable, your voltage drop will be around 9V at the receiving end, which will be around 18-19V available for the camera. I do not think camera will perform correctly. If someone uses 12 gauge cable and pushes 1A with 28VAC at the source, then the camera receiving end could get roughly 24VAC (voltage drop will be roughly 4VAC) according to the chart with Altronix... In the real world this could be slightly different, but not much... Higher amperage power supply will improve the voltage drop per 100' on type of gauge cable... It all depends on the current draw on his cameras. If he is using a 24vac camera that only draws 250mA with 28VAC power supply he should have no problem hitting his distances of 1100ft
  23. vin2install

    Long distance camera power supply?

    Than your current draw will jump up considerably and you might need to go to a lower gauge to compensate.
  24. vin2install

    Max distance...

    RG59 95% Copper Core and copper braid gives you 750-800ft RG6 95% Copper Core and copper braid gives you 1500-1600ft