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    Long distance camera power supply?

    With that distance if you use a 16gauge wire with 24vac cameras and a 27-28 VAC power supply than you should be fine. Assuming that you aren't using cameras with heater and blower or PTZ. Do not go 12vdc for that distance.
  2. vin2install

    "true day/night", what is it?

    All cameras that have an ICR (Infrared Cut-Filter Removal) is called a TDN (True Day/Night) Camera whether they have IR or not. All IR cameras can be a day/night cameras without having an ICR and will switch to Black and White at night, regardless of being a digital day night because of the IR's. These cameras will look different during the day because of the IR filter in front of the Image sensor. The filter stays in front permanently so it has to find the right balance of being able to filter out barely enough during the day while being IR sensitive at night. That is why you see colors that are not reproduced correctly. Since it has to be IR sensitive at night there are IR rays coming from the sun too. But if you are inside and away from the windows the colors are able to be reproduced correctly since there is no IR's from artificial lighting. Color camera has a IR filter that filters the IR's to produce the correct color but is not IR sensitive so it will not pick up any IR illumination. Digital Day/Night is just a color camera with the DSP taking out the color from the picture to make you believe that it is more sensitive at night. Sometimes these cameras will have an IR filter like the IR cameras without ICR but the DSP will try to correct the colors itself.
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    need help with new tech. and design

    If its only 200ft than use a 802.11n bridge.
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    Sony EFFIO

    Effio-P Color reproduction is the best in the industry. WDR still does not come close to Pixim the 700tvl does make a difference now Effective pixel is a whopping 1028x508
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    Converting a DVRL into an NVR - help anyone?

    What os was it running?
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    rayvision dvr problems

    Yes you can downgrade your firmware. But will lose any fixes or new features
  7. vin2install

    rayvision dvr problems

    Try going direct to the jpeg viewer with your droid (IP Address)/m1.html This DVR works similar to ours.
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    Firmware upgrade ?

    You have to extract the file first.
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    Cams are black and white now

    ICR is broken.
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    Setting up 16 camera Supermarket. Which DVR should I use!?

    Great DVR Awesome tech support
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    Anyone used the CNB BE-4815NVR?

    Hi Rory, It is because of the different type of IR LED's that are used to illuminate the picture. The camera probably has a ring of 15-30 LEDs on the inside. Then on the next ring it uses 45 degree leds. Then go back to 15-30 degree LEDS. Then another ring of 45 degree LEDs. Doing it this way they can achieve the 160' of IR illumination that they are claiming but comes with some drawbacks as you can see the different illumination brightness shown on the rings. They were probably trying to soften the flashlight effect because of the varifocal lens of the camera so they cannot predict what focal length you will be using. If you zoom it all the way in it will be hardly noticeable.
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    600 Dollars for a 8 camera system with installation included????? WOW
  14. vin2install

    Wavey Lines

    use a ground loop isolator and see if that clears it up. What kind of wires are you using?
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    DVR with external recording

    All you need is a decent standalone DVR. You can do the CMS recording route. All you need is another computer somewhere on the network. Than use the CMS software as an NVR. So you will be recording at all times on both the DVR and the computer.
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    lol so true
  17. Does anyone know the correct or accurate way of measuring the 1.0V p-p of the composite video signal with a multimeter?
  18. vin2install

    Distributors of DVR and Surveillance

    I dont think they are hidden at all. There are quite a few distributors out there. You are probably not looking in the right place.
  19. oh my LMAO LOL that is sooooo funny
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    help with remote viewing

    not all modem/router comes with more than one lan port.
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    Double lenses camera

    I think you mean ICR (Infrared Cut-Filter Removal) cameras
  22. vin2install

    Heard of: United Security Alliance ???

    Scorpion Theater is in florida. His installs looks really good
  23. vin2install

    help with remote viewing

    If you have a modem/router than you need to forward those ports twice. Do that on your verizon router to your linksys router. Then do it again on your linksys router to your DVR. or you can just bridge your linksys router to your verizon router than forward the linksys ports to your dvr
  24. vin2install

    Remote log in error

    Looks like your ISP will not let you access your WAN from within the network.