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  1. I have the Hikvision DS-7604NI NVR and I am able to see live view on my computer, using SADT, I have down loaded the apps IVMS-4500 HD and IVMS-4500 on my ipad, when i dab the centre icon to view number 1 camera I get (no more user can be logged in) so I am unable to view my cameras, has any body any ideas what I am doing wrong

  2. Can any body suggest a really good quality HD IP Poe camera around the £100, Samsung are so expensive, are Hikvision cameras any good, I am trying to get the best picture quality at a reasonable price, I have decided to purchase the Samsung NVR SRN-472S recorder, please help a novice

  3. I hope there is some one out there that can tell me which would be the better DVR to purchase, the Samsung SRD-480D, SRD-476D and the SRD-443p or the ESPuk DVR41p, at the moment I have the earlier ESPuk which gives a good picture, the new ESP is 30fps like the old one, but i have noticed the Samsung DVRs are only 25fps and this is why I am asking these questions. We are in the process of moving and of cause my cctv set up stays with the house

  4. Can any body give me some advise, I have replaced my front 2 cameras to Samsung SCB-2001, my recorder is a ESP DVR-EZPRON, what I am experiencing on motion detection, is that it show me getting out the car from the garage but not driving through the gates and then I suddenly I appear on my drive returned home, this happened to day, the recorder is set the same as for the old cameras, I have not touched these new cameras only to focus them, what am I doing wrong. Colin

  5. I have a ESP DVR-EZPRON recorder, I have changed 2 of my cameras to Samsung SCB-2001P box cameras, I now find that at times ie returning home it does not record us, but has recorded us leaving, also the remote has stopped working the recorder, are these problems down to the recorder or something else. It is permanently on motion detection. Hope you will reply Colin

  6. I am no expert, but I had interference and I fitted BNC ground loop isolators to all my cameras(3), did not solve the problem, so i posted a blog on this site. The answer to my problem was using a cheap mains transformer (you know the one all built in the 13 amp plug top), I replaced it with a separate trans former 12 volt DC and it solved my problems. I get lovely pictures now with no interference, hopefully this is your problem

  7. I have installed a Samsung SCB-2001p with a 3.5 to 8mm lens over my garage, the 8mm side of the lens is not quite big enough so is very slightly out of focus, before I had a 2.8 to 12 lens, should I stick to this size lens or should I go larger and would this make it easier to focus, with a larger lens. Will wait your response. Colin

  8. Can any body help, I was lead to believe that box cameras gave a better night vision picture, I have installed a Panasonic WV-CP220/b day time picture good at night no picture, so underneath the camera housing I fitted a 48 Led illuminator, still no picture at night, replaced the camera with a Bosch LTC0455 series Dinion, low light a good picture, when really dark can hardly make out a picture, turned on the illuminator no difference. At this moment in time my old cameras with built in Leds gave a better night picture than i am getting with box cameras. Please help my wife is having a go at me for purchasing so many cameras. Colin

  9. I have this Panasonic WV-CP220/b camera which has no night vision to talk about, this forum suggested an illuminator, so I purchased a 48 LED illuminator and still I do not get any night vision pictures you can see the illuminator is red in the dark, has anybody any ideas, if not I will give up on this camera. Once again thanks to all of you for your help so far. Colin

  10. I have just purchased a Samsung SCB-2001p box camera on your recommendation, will it give me a good night vision picture on its own or will I need artificial light in order to see at night, also I purchased a Panasonic WV-CP220/b box camera no complaint with the day time picture, but at night completely useless, unable to make out anything. Any comments will be grateful Colin

  11. I have taken your advise and returned the camera housing, I am know using conventional housings with 240volt heaters, should I need them, are you able to give me more manufactures and model numbers of box cameras that would suit my situation, residential covering the area in front of my property, once again thank you all so far, o by the way I purchased (cheap)a Panasonic WV-CP220/B, what do you think of this camera

  12. Can any body tell me if there is a digital RF modulator out there, at this moment in time I can watch my cctv cameras on all the TVs in the house through a RF modulator (all of TVs are analogue and digital), what my concern is when I have to replace any of the TVs the new one will only be digital, then what do I do. to watch my cctv cameras. Colin

  13. With your recommendation I have purchased a second hand Samsung SCB-2001p box camera and also a Videotec VERSO Hi-PoE IPM camera housing (new), will it be ok to connect the camera BNC and power leads to a RJ45 socket and then using the Ethernet lead provided, connect the camera to the control panel and then run another Ethernet lead from the control panel to inside my property and using another BNC to RJ45 convertor, reconnect to my existing BNC and 2.5 12volt leads, any advise would be most helpful. Thanks Colin