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  1. They probably make the TI chips in Asia anyway Like the iPhone ... all made in Asia LOL.
  2. rory

    Sony effio-P

    Check the KT&C brand, look for the 700TVL models.
  3. He sold the Gen IV models (intellicam). thing is the same type of DVR can now be had all over the web under different brand names and for much less.
  4. rory

    Design Software for MAC ????????

    Then you should really like the HP Elitebook. Personally I find slim laptops way too difficult to actually handle in the field, need something to grip on. But if the MAC OS was any good there would be no need to use Parallels
  5. rory

    Dahua DVR's and Blackberry

    Dahua support told me they arent doing much with Blackberry as not many people using them now - i told them well in my country its still very big mostly due to the service roaming or something (clients that travel between countries alot) .. but anywho ... I was asking why they didnt have DMSS on the blackberry market. he would have better luck if he had an android tablet .. looks like that is their priority now and is released before everything else (except PSS). Although they just released an HD app for the iPad, but its not free.
  6. rory

    Digimerge or CNB Camera

    The CNB bullet is not rugged at all, the ring underneath is flimsy and its easy for anyone to turn the camera. Although it costs more check out the 700TVL KT&C models. Much better build and image. they use the Sony Exview 960H Effio.
  7. The US distributors are just starting to get those in stock now so they wont be listed everywhere yet. They cost more than the regular units due to the full D1 each channel, and can hold 2 HDD.
  8. rory

    Cool Virtual PTZ Tool

    Its a little short sighted to think that everyone has or wants .NET installed.
  9. rory

    Cool Virtual PTZ Tool

    BTW .. what if Rory made a tool like this- for FREE ? after all its not rocket science See .. im always thinking outside the box .. but I need to know if its worth the time. Nice thing though about if I made it, it could run on other OS and not just Windows .. Since the one in question is limited to requiring the need for the .NET framework. No I dont write Mac C++ etc but a stand alone app without the .NET framework can very easily be made to run on Linux or Mac with WINE. See .. outside the box .. again
  10. rory

    Cool Virtual PTZ Tool

    BTW i DID say it is nice software .. guess yall missed that part What if Rory could edit his posts ... feature has disappeared
  11. rory

    RG59 or CAT5

    I did a few grocery stores with 64 camera systems with separate 18/2 and RG59, working with the bundle coming out of the ceiling at the head end was like wrestling with an Anaconda! dealing with a 47 cam install, client had existing wire so wanted to use that, in fact they ran it before we got there (copper clad no less, plus some kinked up regular siamese), their in house electrician ran most of the wire in and out of high voltage, through holes in beams, and over and under lighting .. it was a wiring nightmare, literally looked like a spaghetti junction .. so pulled it all back and re ran it at least together and away from high voltage .. just pulled the last part today. Fiberglass insulation was no fun either! And yes I met that anaconda today and it was heavy as hell
  12. rory

    Cool Virtual PTZ Tool

    What if Soundy is not a programmer who thinks outside the box on a daily basis.
  13. Day 1 - God said let there be light.
  14. rory

    Cool Virtual PTZ Tool

    BTW it does look like nice software.
  15. rory

    Cool Virtual PTZ Tool

    Again, why not just use the software that comes with the system? Over the wireless network, troubleshooting out in the field? Instead of messing around with serial ports.
  16. I cant recommend ebay. Check the a QVis (dahua).
  17. Why are you sifting through ebay at all for a DVR??? Buy from a legit source and you will encounter less false marketing.
  18. rory

    RG59 or CAT5

    RG59 Siamese is heavy as hell and a PITA to run when you are dealing with 30+ wires!
  19. rory

    Geovision GV-600 public streaming question

    Also here is a custom example of their ActiveX control, but its only for IE or browsers with the IE plugin. http://www.bahamassecurity.com/webcam/
  20. rory

    Geovision GV-600 public streaming question

    If you can find the RTSP command then you could use VLC to connect with RTSP and then Re-stream it to flash or other. here is the Mac setup guide for geo which shows some RTSP port stuff, but does not show the actual full command for login and camera. http://www.mediafire.com/?4297aawavt12co7 I dont have an active Geo system at this time to test myself.
  21. rory

    Cool Virtual PTZ Tool

    Just curious, why would you use this over the software that comes with your system?
  22. here is the manual http://www.cnbusa.com/common/filedown.php?code=prod_menual&key=en&fn=s_D2_D4_1.pdf But I would return it as is and not even power it on.