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  1. Razor Wire, and Electrify it .. that'll teach em
  2. Agreed. I used a 700TVL $60 KT&C Mini dome .. Sent them all back ... replacing with the CNB DFL/DJL-20s. The KT&C $60 dome may have the pixels as it claims, but the rest of it was crap and full of noise in ANY kind of low light even shade indoors (eg. areas which were not 100% full light), and it was nothing close to even their 700TVL 2.8-12mm Sony Effio $120 dome which although is a digital day night has little to no noise and all the OSD features of the Sony Effio. Having used the CNBs I dont even care if they are really 600TVL or 480TVL, the fact is they work for < $50 and are a better image than the 420TVL Color IR Turret domes, and the KT&C $60 700 TVL dome. We get what we pay for .. none of this is exactly Panasonic either
  3. Poor or not it worked, and millions of people used it and loved it
  4. Nothing is impossible, but unless you are wanted by the CIA, I doubt it
  5. rory

    Force Boot 8 channel H.264 DVR

    You would need to find out the exact manufacturer of the DVR before going any further. Each one can have their own methods of repair. But for starters, did this just start, how long was it working prior to this, was the monitor changed at all?
  6. rory

    birds eye view

    Might be a little heavy? Maybe just install several mini bullet cameras instead.
  7. With security screens or iron bars, there will be a considerable trace if they were to break through those. Also, you can have your regular window screens alarmed - it would be re-screened with alarm mesh. So if the screen is cut or pushed through, the alarm goes off. This can tie into your existing alarm in most cases - cost should be somewhat minimal, maybe the cost to re-screen a window, plus the contacts/magnets/wireless transmitters, depending on the alarm.
  8. And oh yeah, I would change the tech company, incase they are involved. Or at least get a 2nd opinion. Its hard for us to tell whats what from this end.
  9. also look at a nanny cam .. or similar. Get a ready made one like a teddy bare that records to SD card. Or make your own. Totally separate from your main DVR. First thing I would do is change the alarm though, get something that works. and not wireless in this case. That said a good wireless alarm is not that easy to jam. I know nothing about DSC, used/installed/serviced Ademco for 12+ years though.
  10. rory

    Force Boot 8 channel H.264 DVR

    This would be a PC DVR card?
  11. rory

    Residential Townhouse Install

    I wouldn't use cat5 and baluns for just 4 cameras.
  12. as for your phone line, check out counter surveillance stores. Eg. Phone Tap Detectors. http://www.ggsmark.com/store/sl100-phone-tap-detector,Product.asp
  13. 1-get a hard wired alarm. they can jam away all day long but it wont do anything. 2-get radio monitoring for said alarm, make radio primary, telco secondary. 3-set recording to continuous record only (no motion, for troubleshooting). 4-get a different locksmith. if there is no sign of forced entry, something is not right. 5-if not already, get security screens/bars for your windows.
  14. like the 2MP camera cant see around corners nor has xray vision **running man**
  15. man .. i hooked up 2x 32 channels in the time since you last posted .. should be watching those cameras by now BTW you can turn the DVR on without a HDD, it will work. I used mine for 6 months like that, recorded over the network instead.
  16. rory

    CCTV wallplate

    Back on topic, went to the local hardware store tonight before they closed looking for a double gang plate or something with a big circular hole in it, or anything like that - not a thing, all single plates with small holes etc. Will check more tomorrow as there are a whopping 4-5 more electric and hardware stores I can check here (closed 1/2 day on Saturdays) ... this might be something that needs to be special ordered. Though the local plastic company here could make up something probably for $50 - In this case doing it mostly to cover the drywall edges and cut back on that dust, as the hole is behind the rack anyway. 47 Siamese cables pretty much covers most of the hole, but larger than a single gang plate, I kept it tight though. And before you ask, they ran the Siamese before I got there, used old cheap cable they had at their main store to cut back on cost (i later found it to be copper clad!) - I just snaked it through the wall to hide it - i actually wanted cat5/multipair on this job! But a job is a job. I spent 3 weeks RE running the cable though, as their in house electrician had run it in and out of high voltage (and being copper clad and all), it was a nightmare waiting to happen. Well it was a nightmare to pull it all back and run it again also, for free no less.
  17. rory

    CCTV wallplate

    At about half way down the wall there is a piece of 1x6 or similar going horizontally across inside the wall, it is just flat against the drywall though, thats what they mounted the drywall too I imagine. From the ceiling I can see the metal grids every 16 inches or so across, instead of wood studs. It looks like they used this metal instead, in fact this is everywhere. Its thin sheet metal though, in a U shape. I guess I can mount to that, or like you said, put a piece of plywood and then mount to that instead. Thanks
  18. Anti-dither explained. viewtopic.php?t=16306 HOWEVER, I just tested and used various seconds for the settings, even manually set off the motion on my camera .. it goes against the explanation in the above link but almost down to the second, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, after the finish of motion, motion detect stopped (i used the icon and the buzzer to test). Eg. from the time motion stops that would be the seconds it continues to record. Never had to use it myself, and the manual says nothing worth while about it. I will email Dahua and ask, unless someone else has an explanation (Sean where are you? ) Supposedly latch is a delay time until it starts detecting motion again. did nothing in my tests, nothing at all LOL. I even set it to 180 seconds but that did nothing. On a busy street with alot of cars passing at 1.30am .. it still had motion every other few seconds. main thing with detect settings is to mask out areas that will cause too much motion, like trees etc. also set the sensitivity higher if needed, 6 being the highest. When I use motion I normally use it to cut back on the recording time, so all I care about is pre record so never had to think about the other settings. If I hear back from them regarding that, I will let you know.
  19. rory

    CCTV wallplate

    On a similar note .. whats the most common way to mount heavy Altronix Power Supply boxes to drywall? Say if there is no wood inside it anywhere in the area where it needs to be mounted. Maybe toggle bolts? Was thinking about wall plugs but not sure they would be safe enough, this particular dry wall likes to crumble easily. Or is there some other trick you drywall pros use? My experience is mostly with cement block.
  20. that looks like the same one i was dragging around this warehouse all heavy duty plastic or whatever its made out of it weighs a ton!! the one here was maybe 3 steps lower than that, I think, or the same.
  21. You cant get rid of it for the settings. You can make the password blank for user 888888 But it will still show to login to settings. The default user on bootup is "default". Give that user access to the control panel and search/playback under account privileges. So it wont keep asking for login to search/playback - however the minute you go to settings, it will ask for login.
  22. eyeglass cloth. q-tips. rubbing alcohol. or get alcohol wipes and use q-tip to press it into corners.
  23. rory

    CCTV wallplate

    And these ...