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  1. The only advantages a PC based has over a stand alone embedded system is: 1-Lower Price 2-Higher Frames Per Second In the new stand alone DVRs, they have all the featiures of the PC based, though like i Said, they cost much more. But for a business, quick and easy installation, no maintenance, and stabiliy, is priority over lower pricing, so I stick to the stand alones. I can build PCs and actually do, and service them, but Id never quote a DVR for one, as I dont want the stress ) But much respect to those guys who do and do it well, its a hard job! Me, im tired of hard time comsuming jobs, so ill stick to the ready built ones with no maintenance.. ) However im willing to sell 1 PC based DVR in my new CCTV store, so ill be looking around in the next month or so. Will keep it geared towards home users. Either way they are both expensive time as they land here in the Bahamas after high customs import tax and shipping costs. Yep, we are tax free, but thats because we pay tax on anything that comes in the country already! For example, we pay 50% duty on cars & 65% on eletronics, of the orginal US price. Cameras are actually only 15% duty, but they change it all the time and make up their own price at time of shipping.
  2. Hi, Welcome. Best weatherproof, corosion resistant and Infrared Cameras I have found, made by ExtremeCCTV.com. They arent cheap, but they work. I had other Infrared 'so called' cameras before but they didnt do the job. I then installed some day night IR EX82 cameras, cost is expensive, but they work ($1250 wholesale) They see 100' in pitch dark outside (150' tops). They are color/BW, the BW version isnt much cheaper, though there are 75' BW versions (50' outside) that ARE cheaper. If you need more info on them, some clips, let me know ill send you a link. I have the EX82 on the ocean side here in the Bahamas, no corrosion what so ever, work perfectly. Previous bullet cameras rusted away! As for recording, id recommend GE Interligix simple to install, maintenance free, stable, STORESAFE DVR. Its stand alone. Pricing isnt cheap like a PCI card though. Depdning on how long you want to recrord for, the price will change. Base price wholesale is approx $2000 for the 10 channel 40 GB. They go up to 250GB. 8 cameras on a 40GB at 2.5pps will give you approx with motion 7 days in a 24 hour enviroment such as a gas station, so youd get more in a home enviroment, 250GB will give you appox 2 months recording at 2.5pps. If you lower the record speed, you get longer. Check out this link: http://www.bahamassecurity.com/ms/dvr/default.asp. Note, cat is not updated recent yet so pricing is lower, plus those prices are retail listed here in the bahams, more than the US. For non Infared I would get some good BW High Res Traditional Digital Cameras, in weatherproof housings, Kalatel has a line called Cam Plus, and housings to go with them. Get an Auto Iris DC CS 3-12mm Lens, Fujinon sells them, or Tamron. Then you can adjust the lens upon installation. Id go with BW if you are primarily concerned with night time, if you have a couple extra dollars, you can get a Day Night (color switches to BW at night), normally about $100 more each camera. A low light color camera can work also, if there is some lighting, but you loose video quality in low light, though you will see colors of cars, shirts, etc, unlike with BW or Day Night. Standard color camera will not see much of anything in low light. For indoor, a traditional high res Color digital camera will give you the best picture, but a mini dome will be more discreet and less need to clean the lens, only the dome cover rarely, i have had some domes in for over a year and they have no dust yet nor need cleaning, indoors. Kalatel also has some for this if you want, or any other high res is nice. To save money you could get a standard res for indoor, but outdoor id recommend high res. Let us know if you need more info, ask some more questions, some others will reply with recommendations also. They are all good, take a lookaround and pick something that fits your budget. Once again i have recommended the NON PC based system, much easier to set up and maintain. But thats up to you and your budget. These Kalatel DVRs can connect to the LAN (or phone) and you can watch live and recorded video remotely over the WAN or LAN, and you can use a router as i recently just did with a couple. I Have some images if you want to see them for review (PM me on that) Ofcourse if your budget is really tight, you could always install BW Bullet cameras all around, add a couple IR LEDs where you want to see in the pitch dark (extreme CCTV or whizkid has some LEDs only that are not too expensive). The BW Bullets range from $90-150 Wholesale, each. IR LEds will depend but may be somewhere in the $300 each range. Then you could just use a PCI card which will also save on cost. I dont sell or install them butsomeone else here can help you if thats the way you want to go. Good luck, and have fun, thats what it is all about to me. Coming over from computer work and alarm work for years, CCTV is actually fun, compared to the rest, especially when it is used remotely over the internet Rory
  3. rory

    pc or all in one unit

    What are people doing wrong in setting up the operating systems. Or are you just talking about certain cards not working right? Any suggestions? Brad Its called WINDOWS, its just not a stable OS, even with win2k or NT. Stand Alone DVRs (non PC based) are machines, using embedded OS's, much more stable, they dont crash and require no maintenance. However, what DVR australie is atalking about (was as this is an old topic) is that you can tweak a windows OS and it will be more than 3 times faster than it is by default. Most people just leave it like it is, or run other programs such as MSN, AOL, instanr messanger, or have 50 other programs on start up, ALONG with streaming video, which just crushes the windows kernel, he doesnt like all that stuff!
  4. rory

    Help with design of 2 camera system

    What is your budget, that really helps in deciding what cameras and system to go with There are so many variations of pricing depending on the product you choose. 2 cameras is sought of not a standard in CCTV, but can be done, but you will see 2 blank screens if using a quad view (4 way). they basically come in 1 way, 4 way, 7 way, 9/10 way, 13 way, 16 way, 32 way. (some others are available like 8 way etc depending on manufacturer and product selected). Muxes/Quads/DVRs etc, come in 1 channel, 4 channel, 9/10 channel, or 16 channel, normally. If you want to record you will need to choose from one of those, If just for observation, that is entirely different. let us know some more and we can help. Is it outside and if so is there sufficient lighting? Do you require vandal proof? Do you need any annunciation inside your home upon motion on a camera? Do you need to see in pitch dark? How long do you want to record for, if you want recording? Do you want a stand alone DVR system, easy to install & stable, or will you prefer to build your own dedicated PC? Price difference is that stand alone DVRs are normally alot more that PC based DVRs. The stand alone non PC DVRs are normally maintenance free and plug and play. Cheapest way would be a couple BW bullet cameras with a BW quad (no a computer of DVR), and plug it into your RCA input on your TV, and record to your regular VCR using a 8-10 hour tape (needs changing every 8-10 hours, a time lapse would spread out the rocording over more hours or days, Kalatel has a VDR which is same price as Time Lapse VCR and is digital recording) Let us know some more info, Rory
  5. rory

    Camera "ghosting"

    Does your camera support 500ma? Alot of smaller 12v DC cameras only require 200ma or 300ma. is it run anywhere near lighting, i found that can cause interference, though Ghosting, dont know if it will cause that. Whats a barral plug? (sorry just wondering) Is it a BNC-RCA adaptor? Have you tested the RG59 to make sure you have good voltage and no interference? Have you tested it direct into a monitor without going into the mux/quad/processor? Like Alan said, sounds alot like a connection issue. Ive spliced some cameras before, Im not sure if what I had was ghosting, whatever it was it caused sideways lines. Turned out to be bad power boards on the micro lens cameras (in other words cheap power boards! in some expensive GBC ceiling mount cameras also!) Ofcourse I have spliced many others without any issues at all (but i only splice when I have no other choice)
  6. rory

    Just A General Price question

    Yes, but you are too far for north for me ) I may want to buy from you anyway, in the near future, to check out those cameras you mention. Do you have them on your site? Thanks Rory
  7. color, cool, what brand is it, indoor/outdoor? price of dome by itself? thanks Also, larry is the creator of this forum
  8. http://www.adome.net/dvr.php Check this out, quality isnt as good as with say the Kalatel DVR over the internet, but it is displaying REAL TIME video, for me on cable at least, which I havent seen on any other Remote Video yet. Any ideas, is this just the type of comression they are using. log in a demo it. Also, anyone here tried this product before? Rory
  9. not in this country. I have a local retailer here recording audio. But our laws arent the same so you may need tocheck with your local laws. Actually video is not yet submissible in court here, its only useful that the police here know all the criminals by face and they are repeat criminals, so they can ID them from that, plus the retail owners can catch in house theft, even if not useful in court. One day they will 'eventually' change the laws here, but .. This christmas, i havent seen a traffic cop yet, ive driven all over the island, back and forth, all day, and not in 2 weeks, 1 traffic cop! People in the past few days have been running red lights like its free. Plus there is no drinking and driving law, so 95% of drivers are drunk!! I thought I was in the twighlight zone today! Still people running lights! (not me, i do 50mph when i see people running the light, i dont mind wrecking this POS car I have now, legitally so I can buy a new one ) PSS - Im not drinking and driving right now
  10. Hi Alan Only 1 channel in and out (i think, would have to check the specs, havent had to use that option on the StoreSafe yet). Yes, you can playback recorded audio on any medium it records to. It will only burn to the CDRW when you select to save a recorded section of video, they are in the WaveLet format specific to the Kalatel DVRs, extension is .RDB. Yep, i wish someone would copy the product design and features, lower the price, AND add to the features, where video can be saved in Mpeg/AVI format for no need for the quickwave software, and it would have a removeable hard Drive also (hot swapping), and send messages like in the DVMRe's to email or cell or pager or PDA. Another good thing would be like what Sony has in their HVR which as a built in Tape Drive for archiving to the tape also, no need for extra hardware, but i guess that would cost too much anyway. I guess in time. Ive been searching but there is nothing like it out there, yet. Ive seen some but they are the slim line style of the Old store safe. Rory PS. If you want to take a look at the WaveReader software (or my software ) working let me know ill send you the IP address. Email me if you want to. Unfortunately though all StoreSafes I installed are not yet online, one is an offshore bank, the other a home user. The others online are all DSR-2000e's with Triplex Multiplexers, which are online. I have another DSR2000e in a local alarm monitoting station that is on the router but not online, they are using the RSM-1600 Phone line device direct to their large screen TV. Another DSR2000 with a triplex mux is also not online, they are using the RSM-1600 to PC connection. Unfortunately I haven't installed as many DVRs as our Australian friend (yet!) But the new year should bring in new business with a new CCTV store I hope to open with new partners and ALOT of new advertising. Ofcourse Im not stuck on any one product or service no matter what you may have seen so far, if any manufacturer or dealer wants to start a type of CCTV business here with me, im ready and willing. This country has no CCTV store as yet, and CCTV is still in the beginning process here, so there is so much need for it, and so much business yet to aquire. EDIT: i just read the specs and they do have email notification on alarm on all Store Safe products. Still both have single channel audio recording. For full specs here is the link to the PDF file: http://www.geindustrial.com/cwc/products/ge-interlogix?pnlid=9&famid=63&catid=1088&id=StoreSafe&typeId=4&lang=en_US Rory
  11. Thats a good price Do you mean a BW Dome though, just by the specs sounds like BW as most color domes dont have 0.01 lux and 420TVl, normally found in BW ?? Ill take a look around your site, looks interesting ROry
  12. Sue, for price and features i would go for the GE Interlogix (Kalatel) StoreSafe, cheaper than the DM products, and unlike DM, Kalatel actually make other CCTV products. up to you though, but ive installed a few StoreSafes and they are soo simple to install, and small and compact, price is more than a PCI card DVR, but lower than the DM.
  13. rory

    Consumers Guide to CCTV

    Yep, im doing that right now, in the hope that I will either have the money to start my own video shop in the new year (like march), or Ill have a partner who will fund it (have 3 possibilities, 1 is serious and has local electronic stores already, and the cash to fund). Im adding the most popular and useful cameras, and not all or too many brands, still working on it, will post a link once its done. One thing I realised is that I cant just use one brand name for everything, as they all have their products that appeal over the others in certain areas. Making just a product catalogue right now, taking forever. Alan, you've been in the biz for a while, do you have any example flyers or brochurs you could spare with us? thanks . Also, a video shop here in Nassau will be a monopoly as there is none here yet.
  14. I know, i want a 40" Plasma with Crystal Clear Crisp Video, Real Time, and if in 3 months i want to view something from then, i want to view it 3 months later, in the same crisp real time image on that plasma - oh yeah, i want ti be able to see the persons wrinkles if they have any, yep, that clear Hey, did you get to view the club yet?
  15. rory

    Router Routing

    hi, no sorry no ICQ, or Instant Mess, just email. PM works ok though so let me know. this is what came back (message excluded) Unknown user: digitalsecurity@westnet.com.au
  16. rory

    Router Routing

    If you are behind a firewall it may not play the video. If you have the time, plz try the manufacturers software, or try the BasicVue basic software I have on myh download page, and let me know what happens. If it doesnt work with the manu soft then it must be a firewall or OS issue, id have to check on that. Id like to know for when I start to work on the software again, upgrading etc. Though i really need a local DVR to test with, which will come in the new year, i did test on XP and ME over the internet, using various computers, that didnt have any previous software installed. Ofcourse, i have changed the set up using the Router, but i doubt that is an issue.
  17. rory

    Router Routing

    Try again if you like. What OS are you running? If it still doesnt work, you can download Kalatel's software and set up a new location in the address book, then connect using that. I have noticed lately that I had to connect using that first. DOnt know why, I need a DVR here in my appt to fully test the issues. Only started having them after our cable company changed their system. The software uses some windows ActiveX controls already on windows, and some new ones that it installs. It 'may' have an issue with Windows 2000, I havent had a copy of that in some time, to test with. WaveReader - manufacturer's software - 30MB (!) http://www.geindustrial.com/ge-interlogix/software/WaveReader_3_0.ZIP Plays live and recorded video, and much more Or try the BasicVue on that same download page from my web site, it has some updated connections and may work better for you, its even smaller in size, 2MB. Info for set up is on the download page, same IP address as i sent you. Rory
  18. rory

    Weatherproof Ceiling Mount Housing

    thanks alan, ill take a look now. Rory
  19. rory

    Details of DVR card

    PCI cards for Computers that accept coax inputs from CCTV cameras, using software installed on the PC to view the video stream, and utilizing internal hard drives for storage
  20. rory

    Router Routing

    Dude your email keeps coming back to me, do you have another email? If not i will try the PM on here. Rory
  21. rory

    Router Routing

    cant get into my main computer tonight to set up the browser control, but here is the link to download my WaveVue Live application, its only 3MB. Email me for the IP Address. Works on all windows versions including XP(except not tested on NT or 2000, but should work fine) http://www.aspbahamas.com/ms/download.asp Select WaveVue LIVE near the bottom of the page. Rory when i get the my browser control back up and running ill send you a link to check it out, so you wont have to download the viewer software. trying to get them to upgrade to high resolution BW instead of the 420TVL BW Bullets. Ganz ZC BW DOmes look good and easy to install/setup, and have a wide angle varifocal lens version, but $450 compared to Kalatel's $300 High Res DOme. All are vandal proof weatherproof. I know there are cheaper ones like the provideo, but been there done that, I want him to have the best. I did want tradional cameras but too hard tofind a ceiling mount weatherproof housing for them, plus they would need to cut the ceiling to install it. Rory
  22. rory

    Router Routing

    when i get the my browser control back up and running ill send you a link to check it out, so you wont have to download the viewer software. trying to get them to upgrade to high resolution BW instead of the 420TVL BW Bullets. Ganz ZC BW DOmes look good and easy to install/setup, and have a wide angle varifocal lens version, but $450 compared to Kalatel's $300 High Res DOme. All are vandal proof weatherproof. I know there are cheaper ones like the provideo, but been there done that, I want him to have the best. I did want tradional cameras but too hard tofind a ceiling mount weatherproof housing for them, plus they would need to cut the ceiling to install it. Rory
  23. rory

    Router Routing

    ok thanks, i got the router working with the DVR and another PC on cable internet, using the port forwardingto the DVR for that port Rory
  24. rory

    High quality CCTV camera

    try www.spytown.com, search by manufacturer, or email them direct, They have wholesale pricing. I 'think' they will sell to non dealers. Rory
  25. rory

    Weatherproof Ceiling Mount Housing

    They only have the housing with cameras built in, i need a full housing for a traditional camera. Thanks Rory