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  1. Axis makes it easy, but if interested in RTSP check my article here, written for a DVR but it would be similar, the command would differ. http://www.bahamassecurity.com/articles/dahua-rtsp-stream.asp And if you get an RTSP stream going you could test it here http://www.bahamassecurity.com/stream/jw-stream.asp just enter the full RTSP URL and hit go.
  2. viewtopic.php?t=23345 viewtopic.php?t=7026
  3. Ah you are straight then. Those type of weapons here would land me in a 3rd world prison for the rest of my life. All we have to defend ourselves with are machetes and conch shells
  4. Send me a PM/Email and I can take a look at what they sent you. Sometimes there is a way around everything.
  5. You sound a little more paranoid than me. Should invest in some weapons instead
  6. Alarm systems have backup batteries.
  7. rory

    board camera

    For us poor folks, 2nd hand used cameras can work out great .. Every camera I have at my appt was used or dead ..
  8. rory

    board camera

    All True Day Night cameras will have a removable Infrared Cut Filter - when placed over the chip it blocks out Infrared for true colors - doesn't matter if it has built in Infrared or not. It removes the filter when the camera switches to BW for better low light sensitivity and sensitivity to Infrared. Some cameras do better at the colors than others and so indoors or when its cloudy you may not notice it as much - it really matters when dealing with foliage such as green leaves and bushes, and especially under full sunlight. So something like the back alley of your house, or a car park, wont be as noticeable. Some cameras can be really bad though and a blue shirt could look purple or a black shirt could look blue etc. If your Day Night camera has no IR cut filter, then its considered a Digital Day Night camera - they tend to cost much less. If its a Digital Day Night camera with built in Infrared, we generally refer to them as a Color IR camera.
  9. rory

    board camera

    The switchover from Color to BW always happens in the camera but uses either a photocell or video to switch. Its the IR Cut filter I am talking about which is typically in the lens with those type of cameras.
  10. rory

    About Sony Effio microcontroller

    Wouldn't one need a separate cable for that in addition to the video and power?
  11. rory

    board camera

    Typically if your dome is a varifocal lens it would be M13 lens size, and normally a TDN dome would have the IR cut filter built into the Auto Iris mechanism. The problem is your camera is only a color camera to begin with and those typically have fixed IR cut filters, so you need a DN camera, one that switches to BW and has no fixed IR cut filter. Plus then you need the IR cut filter to be removable by a photocell or video light level. So really there is no cheap cheap way to do it, something like that could be cheaper just to buy a ready made TDN dome like the CNB VBM-24VF or VCM-24VF which is one of the cheapest TDN dome in the market. One DIY option though would be to physically remove the IR cut filter - depends where it is, color only cameras I dissected before that had fixed IR cut filters, it was glued right over the camera chip, and was a piece of glass that I broke in pieces to remove (accidentally). But then your colors could be out of whack in the day time, especially when the sun is out. It would then let you add IR and the camera would see it, how well depends on the camera - might not do all that great so would need to really blast the area with IR. Could pick up a cheap IR bullet and use that just for the IR, some cheap CMOS IR cameras actually have alot of IR but their camera is just awful. If you wanted to add a TDN lens to that after removing the IR Cut filter, then you would need a way for it to know when to switch over, which wont be built into your color only camera. Ofcourse the AI normally uses a controller built onto the camera board as well, and the lens would also need power. All this depends on the camera and current lens size etc. Other cheap option is a BW only module. In fact that would be the cheapest route.
  12. rory

    board camera

    edit, the varifocal model http://www.123securityproducts.com/ace-edr380nuv18.html But its expensive as its a double scan (true WDR), as well as true day night.
  13. rory

    board camera

    I couldnt find that exact model nor do I know of any dealers in the UK, but found the step up to it here: http://www.123securityproducts.com/ace-edr380nup4.html Might email them and ask them if they have the other model as it would be cheaper than the above WDR one. Also not sure if the above has the IR Cut filter built in the lens or the base, must be the base as they mention it comes with a fixed lens in that case (ask for the varifocal AI version though) and they still claim TDN. They dont always list everything on the site though, as long as KT&C make it they should be able to get it. Thats in the US though, I dont know of any UK dealers, but KT&C is a well known brand.
  14. rory

    Dahua DVR's and Blackberry

    There are a couple versions of the DMSS for Blackberry, have you tried all of them? http://www.bahamassecurity.com/downloads/dahua-downloads.asp
  15. Likely XQuartz was replaced by the MAC version. Which would probably cause PSS not to work. Have you tried to apply the XQuartz patch again, and verified it is the correct version? http://xquartz.macosforge.org/trac/wiki/X112.7.0
  16. T connector could be getting some ground coming from the TV. If Cable TV is also connected to the TV remove that and see what happens - that was the cause of lines on one TV I had a DVR plugged into, could present other issues. Could just be a cheap or bad T connector also. And the fluctuating light, if that is indoors its likely the type of lighting, happens with some cameras.
  17. rory

    board camera

    You could see if something like this would fit inside it This is a TDN module. http://www.ktnc.co.kr/english/viewtopic.php?t=950 although its probably almost the same price just to buy a ready made dome
  18. rory

    Dmss questions

    I havent used these directly but .. Android gDMSS-T 2.5 - for 2.1 and above This is a downloadable version, as it was removed from the Android Market for the new version below. Android gDMSS 2.6 - ($4.99) for 2.2 and above This is the latest one, with Playback. Also the compatible list of phones is from last year, so it could be missing new models. And it should mean you need at least that version of Android (or higher) for it to work.
  19. Yep, awesome show. Yep they do go all out on it. I can see their fireworks from my beach
  20. You were shooting fireworks? Also hawaii is mountainous/volcanic, we are not. They have huge waves, we dont.
  21. rory

    PSS Remote Software

    With PSS, no. There is the 4-way player though if that helps. Scroll down on this page to find it. http://www.bahamassecurity.com/downloads/dahua-downloads.asp
  22. rory

    Can you help me find a camera?

    maybe look at a PTZ .. thats what some churches use here.
  23. What fun would life be if it didn't, it makes one appreciate life even more
  24. If you came here as a tourist its unlikely you would ever be in the area we locals live in. Tourists stay in lavish hotels with tons of security, most outside of the native areas. Even the cruise ship passengers generally stay on the main street which is covered in police and very few locals other than those working there. Also recall this is the capital city on its own island - the many out islands are pretty much crime free and show the real Bahamas in all its beauty - so I would recommend those any day for a tropical get away.
  25. rory

    TVL or something else

    As mentioned its normal depending on the DVR and Camera. I first saw this with OEM Pano CCDs on GeoVision, since then also seen it with Sony HQ1 on another DVR, and other chips on other DVRs. Something to do with compatibility issue between camera chipsets and DVR chipsets. here is one example: viewtopic.php?t=12504 And some results from GeoVision tech support, which might also help explain your issue even though its a different DVR: viewtopic.php?f=36&t=12377