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  1. No documentation as its from the SDK, any documentation in that is limited to broken english and basic code talk. Its built from C++ code. And yes it does overwrite as its just a demo. There might be a way to change that in the C++ code though to be honest right now I am tied up on some jobs, and not being 100% knowledgeable with C++ it might take some time.

  2. Plus, you can't use twist-on BNCs with UTP, so that's a non-starter right there.

    Actually you could use BNCs with UTP if you need to >> from balun BNC end, RG59 out to cameras with .. BNC connectors on the end. You could use twist on, crimp on, compression .. whatever tickles your fancy.

  3. You asked a BS question you already knew the answer to.

    So says you. I asked because nowhere in the specs does it mention the answer. It just says you can run 12VDC up to X amount of feet - seems the specs are total BS.


    You do whatever makes you happy.

    I will do whatever is the cheapest and easiest.


  4. three pairs of 24AWG, you should only see 0.4V loss at the load.

    3 pairs are needed? I would only have 1 pair free.

    See, now I KNOW you're trolling - you know as well as anyone that you can't power 1.65A worth of cameras over a single 24AWG pair. Hell, you'd have trouble powering all that over a single 18/2. I also know we've discussed the VPS units around here before and you should be perfectly aware of what type of device they are. Stop confusing the OP with your trolling.


    Trolling? I asked a question.

    Based on your answer I am better off running RG59 siamese.

  5. I hate these cameras, there are better in this price range.

    What others have you found in the price range? Im still looking.


    I don't fight so much with the Arm Electronics cameras and they are in the same price range. I have the issue as you though which is why I have so many of these CNB cams out there. Last two jobs I used Arm and it was so much easier without all the frustrations.

    Yeah but I dont think my supplier sells those, but I guess I could try their generic TDN dome, its 600TVL also with 2.8-12mm, OSD etc .. couple dollars more but if it has a photocell then I guess good to go - its the video switchover on the VBM/VCMs that get to me. Id rather use something from the actual manufacturer though. KT&C has some but they are $50 more, and not the kind of design that can really be wall mounted (stick out too much) which some clients need.


    Ill search down the Arm though .... thanks

  6. Normally its the other way around from the manufacturers, but these might be 2 totally different actual manufacturers. Normally when prices are given from the actual manufacturer CMOS is the cheapest price, and you pay more for the CCD model - which is normally better. Basically, I would never knowingly pay for a CMOS camera for CCTV (I cant speak for IP video). Most are Sharp CMOS and the overall images normally are horrible, at least compared to the CCD models. CMOS typically will not be as sensitive under low light (although adding IR helps), have a washed out look to it, and just be difficult to get a good focus.


    But not all cameras are made alike so ... it could vary.

  7. I totally forgot another thing. Power. How can I send power to the cameras?

    The RG59 siamese cable has 18awg cable built in, you send power over that.

    Power supply will depend on your needs, can either use a single adapter for all if on an extreme budget (eg. Laptop cord with built in 3-5A 12VDC adapter), or get a better multi output fused box (eg. Altronix).

  8. Layout: Small, square, 600sq ft office space (think nail salon)

    Cameras: 1-2 indoor IR dome cameras no ptz needed. one/two way audio would be nice. tamperproof too. nice but not necessary. wdr nice too.

    DVR: Enough to record for a week which should not be asking too much for a 2 camera setup. Remote viewing neessary.

    Buget: I want decent cameras. Not low end, not high end, something in the middle.

    Look for 2.8-12mm Vandal Color IR Turret Dome (Eyeball) approx $100 retail.

    Avg 30' usable Infrared. Not good for pointing at doors.

    Some now come with Sony Effio which may have BLC settings in an OSD.

    The rest are normally non OSD though and automatic settings.

    Its the step up from the basic color IR 3.6mm dome.


    For WDR use a WDR Dome, eg. CNB has some reasonable priced Blue-i domes, approx retail $130-160. Depends if you get the Digital WDR or the Double Scan True WDR. Neither are Panasonic type WDR, but the price is 4 times less.


    Audio would be separate, can pick up any mic for CCTV apps.


    DVR, Dahua LE-A 4 channel, or on an extreme budget their LE-AS/AN.

    Sold under various brands such as QVis.

    4-channel with 4 cameras and 500GB should give approx 3-4 weeks recording continuous (depends on size of images, determined by eg. Resolution size, Color or BW, etc).


    CNB and KT&C are decent mid range brands, and the actual manufacturers.

    The 2.8-12mm Turret IR dome though would be a rebrand/OEM.