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  1. some comparions ...

    approx retail pricing.





    1/4" Cheap Color IR 420TVL - <?>$30



    1/3" Cheap Color IR Brand#1 420TVL - <$40



    1/3" Cheap Color IR Brand#2 420TVL - <$40



    1/3" KT&C 550TVL Mini Color Bullet - >$75



    1/3" CNB 600TVL TDN Monalisa Box Camera, 2.8-12mm Tamron lens - <$100 (+lens)



    1/3" CNB 480TVL 5-50mm TDN IR Bullet - <$350



    1/3" KT&C 700TVL 2.8-12mm TDN IR Bullet (940nm) - >$230






    1/3" Cheap Color IR Brand#1 420TVL - <$40



    1/3" Cheap Color IR Brand#2 420TVL - <$40



    1/3" Cantek (123) 600TVL 2.8-12mm Color IR - >$100



    1/3" XTS 4-9mm Color IR - <$100



    1/3" CNB B2760 480TVL TDN IR - >$120



    1/3" CNB 600TVL TDN Monalisa Box Camera, 2.8-12mm Tamron lens - <$100 (+lens)



    1/3" Exclipse CCTV 600TVL 598HIM TDN IR 2.8-11mm - <>$180



    1/3" KT&C 700TVL 2.8-12mm TDN IR Bullet (940nm) - >$230


  2. What point was Rory's pic making 'exactly'? It's a great shot- 700 tvl with no noise! LOL!


    its a true D/N with no IR. an image you will never get with a gadspot.


    It has IR, but very little due to being short range and 940nm.


    But even with hardly any IR one can see how amazing it handles itself in low light, as the IR beam itself doesnt even go as far as the jeep in the image, in fact to begin with I thought the IR was not even working. Im only using it on a job as a TDN though, as it doesnt need IR in that case. I would like to try their step up with the longer range IR sometime, but it costs $50 more, and can only hope the actual camera is the same but only with the additional 830nm IR instead. But the thing that really impressed me was the color night image, all other TDNs I have tested dont match it, and ofcourse color IR cameras dont even come close to it.


    Even though its a Sony Effio, I used the $60 Sony Effio indoor dome from KT&C also, had to send 17 of them back!! it was a horrible image full of noise. Ofcourse the camera in the image above costs from $230, big difference from $60, and shows that cost really does matter .. sometimes at least


    any camera that states 750tvl is usless when used with white light i.e flood your lucky if you get 580/600tvl


    and then you have the other problem. as seen by 3 new posts just last week 700tvl at night the ops are seeing what they call snow big white dots from the camera to the point you cant see anything and plays hell with alarms set.


    best with low tvl with IR 520-560 is say the limit

    700TVL 960H Sony Effio from KT&C


  4. Okay, I'm not coming in this thread anymore until those pictures are made a reasonable size... every time one loads, the screen jumps, and I lose what I was reading.



    That's really odd, they loaded fine for me.. Must be your internet connection loading them slowly.

    Atom netbook, it does the same on mine.

    Cant handle all those huge images at once.

  5. as for the DVR, i was lucky to get a new demo unit for free to test, but i never bought a hard drive for it yet. if you cant get a demo, least by a new DVR.


    Dahua budget unit with same network software and most of the features of their more expensive units, costs approx $140 retail for a 4 channel (eg. QVis Zeus). Be warned wont be able to upgrade the firmware and it may be a little lower quality in some cases, but hardly noticeable - either way it blows away the cheap DVRs of times gone by. Hard drives are expensive these days, so what I did was at first just recorded it over the network to my PC .... later someone was upgrading their hard drive so I got their old hard drive for free.


    The only thing I ever paid money for was some cable, everything else was free

  6. the poor mans road ...


    just get cheapest best cams you can afford and focus them in on choke points.

    eg the path which someone would enter your property, or front door, etc.


    throw up a couple cams for general overview also.

    you can always switch individual cams out later.

    low res is fine for small field of views like choke points.

    get higher res for larger areas.


    1/4" high lux cameras will help with low noise, but wont see anything in low light.


    if you need extra IR buy a 6mm $20 IR bullet camera off amazon and use just the IR from it.

    if you already have a cheap color IR with alot of IR but crappy camera, and want to upgrade the camera, get a decent day night without IR to save money (eg. CNB VBM-24VF) and then use only the IR from your old cheap color IR for extra light (if needed).


    also consider 2nd hand cameras, eg. where the IR burned up on a TDN IR Bullet, just use the camera without IR or add IR separately as above. Older and some newer IR bullets let you easily disconnect the IR ring and it still works as day night.


    All my cameras at my appt are 2nd hand which were either broken or just old.

    Had to move them around and adjust until i got the perfect shots (best possible with what I had).

    Ofcourse they continue to change as I get my hands on better 2nd hand cameras

  7. True? Not true? Beats me really. I don't mean to push any one place. I just have some of their cameras so I can at least say a little something about them, that's all. Product choice is a personal decision in the end and like I always say about anything- YMMV [your mileage may vary].

    Every American company says that. Fact is nothing much is made in the US anymore, even i-phones are made in China. Cheaper labor.

  8. if you buy 1 optex you get the beams and cover if you need hight in your beams you order just the beams and no cover. and buy a fixing cover to the hight of the beams which work out at the same price


    The optex photobeams consist of a receiver and transmitter - single or dual IR beam.

    And they vary in distance (and size) based on the model you buy.

    How does that relate to the redwall, which is a totally different product?