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  1. this will just be a waste of money.

    The dual techs are kick azz.

    Just put 2x 80' Rokonet Dual Techs in a warehouse.

    Those suckers pick you up no matter what, and at distances of 50-70 feet no less, even being mounted fairly high in a hot warehouse. Got 2 of them covering a warehouse of 150' length approx, maybe 30 feet wide .. cant get by them for nothing. Also got a PIR at the roll up door, but if you are hot and its hot .. lucky if that one ever triggers.

  2. Btw we were a bit vague earlier; to be precise, there were minor signs on the doors/locks, but on almost all doors; it looks like they try to make chaos by damaging everything a bit, but just very small damage so it cannot be called damage "legally", and police is really useless here by the way. So surely it was lockpicking, the question is that now after the CCTV system was installed, how they could do those three minor manipulations (including a change in a drawer in the bedroom, and the bedroom is only accessible from another room and through windows -- both are covered by a CCTV camera).

    If your DVR is set to record continuous, you will see something.

    It might be time to consider that your "security company" may be involved, and seek outside help.

  3. Thats not the standard Optex beam though.


    this will just be a waste of money. if you want sensors then use beams two transmmiters is all you need to cove all round a house.



    PIR. work by detecting heat and movement so you will get some bad alarms. Beams need a fisical break. (by the way you cant see the beam) thats just to show you how they work.


    also were are you based. if you think they have your phone monitored most phone companies have a test number to see if its tapped. in the uk its 1707 i wont give the last number. but this can tell you alot about your phone. and even if they are next door and they have linked to yours you can make that phone ring.



  4. Why don't you just get some dogs? Everyone so far has responded with some form of technology.. Put a nasty dog on the inside of your house.. when you come home to half eaten burglars then you will have solved the problem and saved the next guys house from being robbed.

    I agree that would work here, the locals hate dogs .. scared crapless of them.

    But i guess the kind of culprits this chap is up against might just poison them?

  5. Gadspot has 650tvl 1/4" with 4.8mm for $39.99

    Stay away from 1/4" if you can. Its not really for anything else but the FOV. Take that 4.8mm 1/4", thats more like a 6mm 1/3". Your FOV is very small, fine for some apps, but doubt its what you want to see.


    Also in the case of a $50 Color IR camera, forget TVL totally, its just a budget camera.

    Sure it may be better than a $20 camera .. but not by much.

    Not all cameras are made the same, even from the same brand while there could be a few good cameras, there can also be dozens of crappy cameras. No way to know without actually testing it, specs mean little to nothing these days.

  6. Ofcourse, that too

    Yep 98 came with IE4 integrated.

    I used ME though for years after that, which in my case worked better than 98, even ran PWS on it which MS claimed would not work. Some I heard hated it and had issues, but I never had any issues and it worked better than all the 98 machines I have used, had dozens of clients with ME that never had problems. I didnt even switch to XP until SP1 was released, and not fully until SP2 was released which then made it worth it. Since then the rest is history.


    That said I deal with a client now who uses Azbar for their nightclubs and bars, but all their stuff are old boards from like 20 years, its pure DOS software for the programming and reports. Wont run on XP without a chip upgrade and then its still the DOS software. For them to replace the machines its I think $6K each, some clubs have dozens of them, and they just wont do it. But now they are gonna have to, they cant find anyone that can still work with 98 like me LOL .. and im declining to work with that anymore, just too much headache at least when it comes to drivers and hardware.

  7. Stop worrying about TVL, there's far more to cameras than TVL... even IF you assume that the TVL numbers are accurate.


    You get what you pay for in this industry, and a $45 camera is going to give a $45 camera's worth of quality.

    Agreed. I used a 700TVL $60 KT&C Mini dome ..

    Sent them all back ... replacing with the CNB DFL/DJL-20s.

    The KT&C $60 dome may have the pixels as it claims, but the rest of it was crap and full of noise in ANY kind of low light even shade indoors (eg. areas which were not 100% full light), and it was nothing close to even their 700TVL 2.8-12mm Sony Effio $120 dome which although is a digital day night has little to no noise and all the OSD features of the Sony Effio.


    Having used the CNBs I dont even care if they are really 600TVL or 480TVL, the fact is they work for < $50 and are a better image than the 420TVL Color IR Turret domes, and the KT&C $60 700 TVL dome.


    We get what we pay for .. none of this is exactly Panasonic either

  8. Thanks. 2 and 3 already in progress. About 4 and 5: as I said, they enter without signs, even though they may be minor lockpicking traces (unless they already made an own key).


    With security screens or iron bars, there will be a considerable trace if they were to break through those.


    Also, you can have your regular window screens alarmed - it would be re-screened with alarm mesh. So if the screen is cut or pushed through, the alarm goes off. This can tie into your existing alarm in most cases - cost should be somewhat minimal, maybe the cost to re-screen a window, plus the contacts/magnets/wireless transmitters, depending on the alarm.