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  1. Almost all my installations required night time viewing, and the last couple we went through a few different cameras. Still use Provideo IR Bullets in a local nightclub application though as they work well at the bars and the dance floor. For outdoor IR though, with color in the day, ExtremeCCTV's EX82 is one of the best. (at my apartment though i use the provideo IR bullets, cheaper and do the job, though i do have some lighting)


    Post your tests / experiences with different day/night cameras, so we can see and maybe test one four ourselves.

  2. General

    1 Kalatel DSR-2000e 320GB DVR @ 5pps - 28 days recording (8 cameras)

    1 Kalatel Triplex Color 10 Channel Multiplexer

    1 Kalatel 14" 650TVL Color Monitor

    1 Cable Modem - Remote Video



    5 Kalatel GBC Color 480TVL Domes, 2.8, 4, & 6mm (store)

    1 Existing COP security Color Dome camera (office)

    1 Provideo Smoke Detector Hidden BW Camera (cashier)

    1 Existing Sony Traditional Camera (storeroom)


    was not too impressed with the GBC domes for their price (using sanyo varifocal AI now and much happier), but they work okay, give a good digital picture over the internet, compared to the Bosch cameras that had been previously installed. The Provideo Smoke Detector camera is sweet . 28 days recording is pretty cool too, originally was doing 13/14 days on 10pps, then went down to 5pps for longer recording, as the actual recorded video was not really any different, to the naked eye.


    6mm installed on door & cashier, 4mm on deli & office door, 2.8mm on wide shot of main store.


    Will soon be adding 2 outdoor cameras.

  3. I got a store which currently uses tapes for monitering. how much work would take to switch it to digital. i am assuming i can keep the cameras and just replace the recorder with a digital one.


    plug and play:


    Kalatel has a few single channel DVRs, ranging from


    1- VDR - around $800 and Retail and up - no LAN (no pc Connection/remote video), no Audio - 40, 80, 160GB

    2- DSR-1000e - around $1400 retail and up - Optional LAN, Optional Audio - 40, 80, 160GB

    3- DSR-2000e - around $2100 retail and up - LAN, Optional Audio, S-VHS Output - Keypad Input - 40Gb - 1000GB.

  4. Here is an Infrared System I installed, originally had Provideo IR Bullets but they didnt work in the pitch dark, OUTSIDE, even with extra IR LED Lighting. So we upgraded, as client has the money for the best, I installed as follows:


    General Cameras

    6 Extreme CCTV EX82 Day Night Cameras 480TVL Color, 420TVL BW (IR to 150+')


    Dome Camera - Front Door

    1 ExtremeCCTV Ex45 Day Night Dome, LXR, 480TVL

    1 WhizKid (ExtremeCCTV Div) IR Dome


    Specialty Camera - Driveway

    1 Sanyo Day Night 4594 520TVL

    1 Extreme CCTV Large outdoor Housing (came in a kit)

    2 Extreme CCTV UF500 IR LEDS (400+' IR)

    1 Extreme CCTV Pole Mount

    1 Extreme CCTV UF500 Dual 24VAC Power Supply Weatheproof Box



    1 Samsung 21" Color Monitor

    1 TimeLapse VCR (not currently used, upgrading to DVR)

    1 Channel Vision TV Modulator (to Cable TV Channel 72, watches on all 5 44 / 50" Plasma TVs, and Big Screen Movie TV, and staff's 13" TV)


    NOTE: The EX82s are the best overall Day Night camera i have seen, after testing many other solutions, from extremecctv's day night traditional camera, sanyo day night, Kalatel, and a range of bullet cameras. Even gives the best outdoor day time color picture I have seen from color cameras of many different brands. Unfortunately the 4-8mm varifocal lens is limiting, but still okay (wouldnt mind 3-16mm). They come with built in fan and heater option.

  5. i am think ing of replacing a tape system with digital. if i do which route should i take. a pc with a card or a all in one unit.


    anyone have any recommendations.




    if you are s witching from tape then I imagine you are looking for maintenance free and ease of use. In that case id suggest an all in one such as the Kalatel StoreSafe, or another brand. They are just plug and play and ready to go. You rarely have to go back to them once they are on a Line conditioner and a UPS.


    Whatever advantages a PC board system has, the biggest drawback is that it is a PC and we all know how reliable windows is! )