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  1. I have two customers that have 20 & 14 cameras. They all need to move to the Hik - Connect platform. I know that I have to upgrade each ones NVR's firmware first as they are older versions. My question - Is there a way to string firmware upgrades to the cameras or do they all have to be done one at a time? I'm guessing the later. Also, is it imperative to do each firmware version upgrade in succession or can I go right to the newest version? I'm also guessing the later but wanted to check. TIA - Brian
  2. baspinall

    Migrating Hikvision DDNS to Hik-Connect Questions

    Yep, thats what I did Thank you!
  3. I am confused on this. I know Hikvision has done away with the HiDDNS way of doing things. I have customers on HiDDNS and they like to access video from home via browsers. It's getting to be a pain constantly updating plugins and explaining why they have to use Internet Explorer etc. I'd like to move everyone to the Hik-Connect way and be done with it but I emailed Hikvision and they tell me that " the saving of recorded video is currently not supported by Hik connect in the mobile app or IVMS4200 for the desktop. For exporting video, it means you have to do it at the NVR. the mobile and desktop apps using Hik connect do not support exporting video."? I don't get it? So I can no longer pull video remotely for my customers? They don't touch the NVR's and don't want to. Also, Can Hik-Connect be accessed remotely through a browser? I must be missing something.
  4. baspinall

    Migrating Hikvision DDNS to Hik-Connect Questions

    I figured it out. Been a LONG day.
  5. baspinall

    Migrating Hikvision DDNS to Hik-Connect Questions

    I just used my serial number as the name and got in with the url?
  6. baspinall

    Migrating Hikvision DDNS to Hik-Connect Questions

    Ok so I just set up a little 7806 NVR in my house with Hik-Connect. I see it on the app no issues. I didn't set up a Device name when I added this NVR to the Hik connect just the S/N. So where do I input a "name" so I can use the http://Hik-Connect.com/"devicename"? It didn't ask me to set one up. I think I have been staring at this stuff to long tonight lol
  7. baspinall

    Hiddns sites down?

    Anybody else having issues with their Hiddns sites? I know Hik is phasing them out but older ones are supposed to still work. I can't get into any of my customers or my own remotely using Hiddns.
  8. So I have a Hikvision 2132 2.8mm cam on a commercial site. Camera looks at a parking lot and walkway. Last night they had a car stolen from there. A flatbed came and scooped up a Yukon. My question is would an IR Illuminator helped here or should I be looking for a different model camera for this situation. The parking lot is approx. 150-200 ft from camera. 2 snapshots attached. The White Yukon there during the day. Them loading in up that night.
  9. baspinall

    Looking for an IR Illuminator .... I think

    Yes I thought repo as well when I saw flatbed and them driving the car. Besides that fact. Would we be better off with a supplemental varifocal camera for that area to zoom in on the parking area? I know that wouldn't do much different for night but it would help in the daytime there correct?
  10. First off I am a newby to the technical side of the camera world. I have been installing them for years for a company but don't do much past just that. I am new to this NVR. I have only worked with servers for cameras in the past. A couple question if I may. http://www.hikvision.com/UploadFile/...8524985525.pdf 1. Am I correct in assuming that the two LAN ports on this NVR can be used to connect POE switch's? I guess it just stops you at 32 cameras? 2. Can I get two monitors to run simultaneously? I have a spot monitor I need to run and loop four camera feeds to. I also have a monitor that will show all the cameras (17-24 cameras so far). For the second monitor I can't use a PC with the VMS software it has to be a monitor. I was thinking HDMI for one and VGA for the second unless there are distance issues. Both monitors are roughly 120 ft. away from the NVR. 3. I called Hikvision and voiced my concern about bandwidth issues. The highest upload speed we can get here is 12K. They said I should be ok ....... These cameras are all 3 & 4 meg. Seems that if I have three or four people accessing these at the same time I may have an issue. Your thoughts? Thank you for any insight. I have to install this system pretty soon. Brian
  11. I understand keeping the networks separate. I guess another area where I am confused is how to I put one of their existing network PC's on my network so I can put iVMS software on it? It has to stay on their existing network and be on the camera network correct? Yes I'm a bit in over my head LOL.
  12. Can't run a Cat 5E or 6 in it's place?
  13. baspinall

    Fiber Network Design Guidance required.

    If you have a line of sight I would second the Ubiquty solution. If not can you convert the fiber to copper at either end with a converter.
  14. I'd go with the Cat. 6 as well and use POE down the road when the cameras are install (POE IP cameras).
  15. baspinall

    HDMI Splitter

    I'd be interested in knowing how you made out on this as I am going to be trying it soon on an install.
  16. I'd hang a POE switch near the OnQ box. Patch the switch POE ports to the OnQ side and put your router into the same switch.